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All abstracts by Richard D. Pancost in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Evidence for Methane Cycling in Paleogene Terrestrial and Marginal Marine Sediments
Rohrssen M, Inglis GN, Badger MPS, Naafs BDA, Kennedy EM, Collinson ME, Singh PK, Singh MP & Pancost RD

(2015) Impact of Oceanic Anoxia and High pCO2 on the Marine Nitrogen Cycle during the Early Cretaceous
Monteiro F, Naafs D, Pancost R, Pearson A, Ridgwell A & Higgins M

(2015) Coupled Model-Data Approach to Terrestrial Methane Cycling during Paleogene Greenhouse Climates
Badger M, Rohrssen M, Inglis G, Naafs BD, Pancost R, Valdes P, Wilton D, Beerling D, Collinson M, Kennedy E, Singh P & Singh M

(2015) Low Sensitivity of Alkenone Carbon Isotopes to Atmospheric CO2 during the Plio-Pleistocene
Pancost R, Badger M, Chalk T, Foster G, Bown P, Gibbs S, Sexton P, Palike H & Mackensen A

(2015) Environmental Changes Prior to the Messinian Salinity Crisis
Mayser JP, Marzocchi A, Sierro FJ, Flecker R & Pancost RD

(2015) First Occurrence of Archaeal Tetraether Lipids with 5 to 7 Cyclopentane Moieties in a Mesophilic Setting
Inglis GN, Naafs BDA, Feakins SJ, Lahteenoja O, Ponton C, Collinson ME, Rohrssen M & Pancost RD

(2015) Towards a Peat-Specific Temperature Proxy, Based on brGDGTs
Naafs BDA, Inglis GN, McClymont E, Huguet A, Vleeschouwer F, Evershed RP, Badger MPS & Pancost RD

(2015) Evidence for Coulpling of Climate and CO2 during the Late Neogene Cooling
Seki O, Schmidt D, Mackensen A, Kawamura K & Pancost R

(2015) Evidence for Euxenia in Two Late Devonian Black Shale Basins
Harris N, Dong T, Poole S, Slowakiewicz M & Pancost R

(2015) Geochemistry and Stratigraphy of an Expanded Section Recording the Early Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event (Carbonero Section, Subbetic Basin, Southern Spain)
Froehner S, Aguado R, de Gea GA, Castro JM, Quijano ML, Pancost RD & Naafs D

(2015) Eocene Seawater pH – Atmospheric CO2 Reconstructions Using Boron Isotopes in Planktonic Foraminifera
Anagnostou E, John E, Edgar K, Pearson P, Ridgwell A, Inglis G, Pancost R, Lunt D & Foster G

(2014) Lipid Preservation in Hot Spring Silica Deposits: Elucidating Geothermal Chemistry and Ecology
Kaur G, Mountain B & Pancost R

(2014) Lignites as Archives of Ancient Climate-Biogeochemistry Dynamics
Pancost R, Inglis G, Badger M, Naafs D, Zheng Y, Collinson M, Talbot H, Bischoff J, Carmichael M & Lunt D

(2013) Tracing the Fate of Endogenous Methane in Water-Logged Soil and Peat
Lim K, Pancost R, Hornibrook E, Maxfield P & Evershed R

(2013) C-Isotope Evidence for pCO2 and Volcanic Forcing during the Early Aptian OAE 1a – The Cau Section (SE Spain)
Castro JM, De Gea GA, Pancost RD, Quijano ML & Naafs BDA

(2013) Eocene pCO2 Reconstructions Using Boron Isotopes in “Glassy” Planktonic Foraminifera
Anagnostou E, John EH, Edgar KM, Pearson PN, Lear CH, Pancost RD & Foster GL

(2013) Multiple Pools of Reduced Carbon can be Released during Hyperthermals
Pancost R, Badger M, Naafs D, Froehner S, Castro J-M, De Gea G, Quijano M-L, Aguado R, Lowson C & Ridgwell A

(2013) Effect of Trace Metals and Light Intensity on Biomarker Isotopic Fractionation
Hernandez Sanchez MT, Stoll HM, Piotrowski A, Milne A, Lohan M & Pancost RD

(2012) Unravelling Plio-Pleistocene Sea Surface Temperature Signals: A Multi-Proxy Latitudinal Approach from the South China Sea
O'Brien C, Pancost R & Foster G

(2012) Delta 11B-Based Atmospheric CO2 Records during the Pliocene at Orbital Resolution
Martinez-Boti MA, Foster GL, Badger MPS, Pancost RD, Schmidt DN & Lunt DJ

(2012) North American Ice Sheet Dynamics Controlled by Obliquity (41 ka) during the Early Pleistocene
Naafs D, Hefter J, Acton G, Haug GH, Martinez-Garcia A, Pancost R & Stein R

(2012) A Critical Evaluation of TEX86 Derived Sea Surface Temperatures in the Paleogene
Pancost R, Taylor K & Hollis C

(2012) The Importance of Accurate and Precise Temperature Reconstruction for Alkenone Paleobarometry
Badger M & Pancost R

(2011) Microbial Controls on CH4 Cycling in Water-Saturated Mineral Soils
Lim K, Maxfield P, Hornibrook E, Pancost R & Evershed R

(2011) A Late Triassic Major Negative δ13C Spike Linked to Wrangellia LIP: The Carnian Pluvial Event Revealed
Dal Corso J, Mietto P, Newton RJ, Pancost RD, Preto N, Roghi G & Wignall PB

(2011) Late Paleocene Sea Surface Cooling in Southeast New Zealand
Taylor K, Hollis C, Handley L, Morgans H, Crouch E, Schouten S & Pancost R

(2011) Response of Continental Biogeochemical Processes to Short- and Long-Term Global Warming
Pancost R, Taylor K, Hollis C, Handley L, Rees-Owen R, Crouch E & Schouten S

(2011) Orbital Scale Alkenone Based CO2 Records Across the Pliocene Intensification of Northern Hemisphere Glaciation
Badger M, Bowler G, Davis C, Hull A, Potts M, Schmidt D & Pancost R

(2010) Diagenesis of Gypsum
Baudrand M, Aloisi G, Martineau F, Fourel F, Lécuyer C, Pancost R, Blanc-Valleron M-M, Rouchy J-M, Aref MAM & Grossi V

(2010) Biomarkers for Methane Cycling: From Marine to Terrestrial Settings
Pancost R, Aquilina A, Talbot H, Lim K, Evershed R, Gill F, Weijers J, Collinson M & Taylor K

(2009) Organic Matter Diagenesis, Methane Oxidation and their Relation to Ikaite Precipitation in Antarctic Sediments
Lu Z, Pancost R, Aquilina A & Rickaby R

(2009) Comparison of Long- and Short-Term Terrestrial Carbon Isotopic Records of the Palaeogene
Pancost R, Handley L, van Dongen B, Pearson P & Schouten S

(2009) PCO2 and Climate – Evidence from Boron Based Proxies of pH and pCO2
Foster G, Seki O, Pancost R & Schmidt D

(2009) The Stanol: ∆5-Sterol Ratio as a Proxy for Palaeoredox Conditions in Mires
Bingham EM, McClymont EL, Childs EV, Pancost RD, Charman D & Evershed RP

(2009) Lipid Biomarkers in Geothermal Sediments: Occurrences, Implications and Applications
Pancost R, Kaur G, Roberts Z, Talbot H, Gibson R, Schouten S & Mountain B

(2008) Integrated Biomarker Records Reveal Complex and Dramatic Changes in High Latitude Climate during the Paleogene
Handley L, Hollis C, Crouch E, Schouten S, Huber M, Morgans H, Pearson P, Sinninghe Damsté J, Burgess C & Pancost R

(2006) Extracting palaeoceanographic signals from a suite of isotopic and biomarker records
Pancost R, Boot C, Maslin M & Ettwein V

(2006) Carbon cycling at cold seeps: biogeochemical processes and benthic methane fluxes
Aloisi G, Wallmann K, Boulooubassi I, Pancost R & Luff R

(2006) Using microbial lipids in ancient sinters to elucidate past geothermal chemistry and microbiology
Kaur G, Hall M, Mountain B, Benning L, Schouten S & Pancost R

(2006) The carbon isotope stratigraphy of the PETM – new records from bacterial and higher plant biomarkers
Handley L, Hawkins E, Steart D, Collinson M, Scott A, Crouch E, Sinninghe Damste J & Pancost R

(2005) The Effect of a Basalt Flow on the Chemical Composition of Sedimentary Organic Matter
Pancost R

(2005) Morphological, Anatomical, Ultrastructural and Macromolecular Preservation of Leaves from the Miocene of Clarkia, Idaho, USA
Collinson M, Rember B, Finch P, Brain T, Gupta N & Pancost R

(2005) How Widespread are Archaeal Lipids in Sedimentary Systems?
Pancost R

(2004) In situ Polymerisation of Labile Lipids as a Source for the Aliphatic Component of Recalcitrant Macromolecules in Sedimentary Materials
Gupta N, Briggs D, Collinson M, Evershed R, Michels R & Pancost R

(2001) The Use of Biomarkers in Peats to Reconstruct Palaeoclimate
Pancost RD, Baas M, van Geel B, Hopmans EC, Schouten S, Allen G & Sinninghe Damsté JS

(2000) Carbon Isotopic Variability between Carbohydrates and Lipids within a Single Organism: An Explanation of the Enriched *13CTOC Values in the Kimmeridge Clay Formation
van Dongen BE, Pancost RD, Schouten S & Sinninghe Damsté JS

(2000) The Mid-Pleistocene Climate Transition: Insight from Organic Geochemical Records from the Tropical Atlantic
Schefuss E, Pancost RD, Jansen JHF & Sinninghe Damsté JS

(2000) Lipid Biomarkers in Carbonate Crusts from Mud Volcanoes of the Eastern Mediterranean Ridge: Implications for Methane Oxidation
Bouloubassi I, Aloisi G, Pancost RD, Sinninghe Damste JS, Pierre C & Medinaut Scientific Party 

(2000) Heterogeneity of Anaerobic Methane-Oxidizing Archaeal Communities in the Mediterranean Inferred from Lipid Distributions and Carbon Isotopic Compositions
Pancost R, Hopmans E, Werne J & Sinninghe Damste J

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