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All abstracts by Jeanne Paquette in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Geochemical Signatures of IOCG Mineralization and Alteration in Till
Normandeau P, McMartin I, Paquette J, Corriveau L & Montreuil J-F

(2012) Calcrete on Everglades Tree Islands: Human Occupation or Tree Growth?
Paquette J, Graf M, Chmura G & Butler C

(2008) Proton/Calcium Ion Exchange Behaviour of Calcite: Implications for Aqueous Speciation and CO2(g) Sequestration
Villegas-Jimenez A, Mucci A & Paquette J

(2004) A Generalized Surface Complexation Model for Carbonate Minerals in Aqueous Solutions
Villegas-Jiménez A, Mucci A, Paquette J, Pokrovsky O & Schott J

(2004) Crystallographic Controls on Trace Element Incorporation in Auriferous Pyrite from the Epithermal High-Sulphidation Pascua Deposit, Chile-Argentina
Chouinard A, Paquette J & Williams-Jones A

(2002) Re-calibration of Surface Complexation Models for Magnesite and Dolomite Using Brown Valence Theory and a Genetic Algorithm
Villegas-Jiménez A, Mucci A & Paquette J

(2002) The Influence of Ionic Strength and Magnesium Ions on Calcite Crystal Growth Morphology
Chien Y-C, Mucci A, Paquette J & Vali H

(2002) Abiotic Calcites: Crystal Morphology, Zoning and Microstructure
Paquette J

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