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All abstracts by Stephen C Parker in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Modelling Morphology and Surface Speciation of Nanoparticles
Moxon S, Parker SC & Molinari M

(2023) Structure and Stability of Grain Boundaries in Doped Fluorite Crystals from Atomistic Simulation
Underwood TL, Vigorito S, Molinari M, Purton J & Parker SC

(2015) Heavy Metal Asdorption and Transport at Clay Minerals – Water Interfaces Using Atomistic Simulations
Molinari M, Martins D, Zhu R, Gonçalves M & Parker S

(2015) Atomistic Simulation of the Structure and Reactivity of Hydroxylated Mineral Surfaces in Aqueous Conditions
Parker S, Grant J, Molinari M, Pesce G & Ball R

(2012) Computational Study of the most Stable Pyrophyllite Edge Surfaces for Metal Adsorption
Martins DMS, Goncalves MA, Mirao J & Parker SC

(2012) Adsorption of Organics and Nanoparticles at Mineral-Water Interfaces
Parker S, Shapley T, Zhu R & Molinari M

(2011) Molecular Modelling of Carbon Dioxide Adsorption in Zeolites
Crabtree J, Parker S & Purton J

(2011) Modelling the Free Energy of Adsorption of Persistent Organic Pollutants at Clay Mineral-Water Interfaces
Shapley T & Parker S

(2011) Computational Modelling of Water and Amino Acid Adsorption at Corundum Structured Oxide Surfaces
Woronycz L, Shapley T, Arrouvel C, Costa D & Parker S

(2011) Modelling of Nanoparticles: Aggregation of Oxides and Hydroxides
Molinari M, Sayle D & Parker S

(2011) Atomistic Simulation of Oxygen Transport in Actinide Oxides and at their Interfaces
Williams N, Parker S, Devey A & Read M

(2011) Stability of Cu Adsorbed onto Clay Surfaces: An Experimental and Computational Study
Goncalves M, Martins D & Parker S

(2011) Structure and Stability of Mineral Interfaces
Parker S, Molinari M, Zhu R, Smith W & Noguera C

(2009) Using Atomistic Simulation to Study the Interaction of Water and Carbonate with Oxide Surfaces
Allen J, Parker S & Read M

(2009) Atomistic Simulations of the Influence of Aluminium and Solvent on Structure and Stability of Mezoporous Surfaces
Gren W & Parker S

(2008) Computer Simulation of the Interaction of Water & Carbonate with Oxide Minerals
Allen J, Parker S & Price D

(2008) Diel Biogeochemical Processes in Rivers; Stable Isotopes Variations of Dissolved Oxygen and Inorganic Carbon
Parker S, Gammons C & Poulson S

(2008) Atomistic Simulations of Zeolite Surfaces and Water-Zeolite Interface
Gren W & Parker S

(2007) Diel Biogeochemistry of the Rio Agrio, Argentina
Parker S, Gammons C & Pedrozo F

(2007) Diel Iron Cycling in Acidic Rivers of Southwestern Spain
Gammons C, Nimick D & Parker S

(2006) Modelling Structure and Transport at Mineral Interfaces at the Atomic Level
Parker S, Cooke D, Marmier A, Martin P, Spagnoli D, Sayle D & Watson G

(2006) Atomistic Simulations of CO2 Sequestration by Magnesium Containing Minerals
Allen J, Spagnoli D & Parker S

(2005) Diel Cycles in Stable Isotopes of Dissolved O<->2<$> And Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in the Big Hole River, Montana
Parker S, Poulson S & Gammons C

(2005) Atomistic Simulation of the Mineral-Water Interface in Contact with Charged Surfaces
Cooke D, Kerisit S, Marmier A & Parker S

(2005) Non-Stoichiometric Mineral Surfaces: ab Initio Phase Diagrams
Parker S, Cooke D, Kerisit S & Marmier A

(2005) Free Energy of Adsorption of Molecules and Ions at the Calcite-Water Interface
Kerisit S & Parker S

(2004) Computer Modeling of the Free Energy of Adsorption at the Mineral – Aqueous Interface
Cooke D, Kerisit S & Parker S

(2004) Non-Stoichiometric Surfaces of Minerals: ab Initio Phase Diagrams
Cooke D, Kerisit S, Marmier A & Parker S

(2002) Segregation of Isovalent Impurities to the {00.1} and {01.2} Surfaces of Hematite (alpha-Fe2O3) Using Atomistic Simulations
Cooke DJ & Parker SC

(2002) Atomistic Simulation of the Structure and Reactivity of Calcite Surfaces
Kerisit S, Parker S & Harding J

(2001) Atomistic Simulation of Mineral Interfaces
Parker SC, Cooke DJ & de Leeuw NH

(2000) Modelling Proton-Containing Defects in Forsterite
de Leeuw NH, Parker SC, Catlow C & Price GD

(2000) Modelling the Effect of Magnesium and Cadmium Ions on Calcite Growth and Dissolution
de Leeuw NH & Parker SC

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