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All abstracts by Ian J. Parkinson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Microtextures and their Influence on Molybdenite High-Precision Re-Os Geochronology
Thijssen ACD, Parkinson IJ, Tapster SR & Webster AMJ

(2019) What Controls Titanium Stable Isotope Fractionation during Magma Evolution?
Hoare L, Millet M-A, Lissenberg J, Saji N, Klaver M & Parkinson I

(2019) Reactive Transport Modelling of δ88/86Sr in Himalayan Rivers to Constrain the Mechanisms, Magnitudes and Rates of Secondary Calcite Precipitation
Stevenson E, Bickle M, Parkinson I & James R

(2019) A New Modelling Framework to Investigate Trace Metal Dynamics during Carbon Cycle Perturbations
Adloff M, Greene SE, Ridgwell A, Parkinson IJ, Monteiro FM, Naafs BDA & Dickson AJ

(2019) Earth’s Missing Pb is in the Mantle
Burton K & Parkinson I

(2014) Melting and Metasomatism in the South Patagonian Lithospheric Mantle
Rooks E, Gibson S, Petrone C & Parkinson I

(2013) A Combined Isotopic and XAS Study of Cr Incorporation into Marine Carbonates: Towards Verifying Cr Isotopes as a Palaeoredox Proxy
Dixon S, Peacock C, Parkinson I, Fehr M & James R

(2013) Stable and Radiogenic Strontium Isotope Behaviour in the Subglacial Environment
Stevenson E, Aciego S, Parkinson I, Burton K & Arendt C

(2013) Tellurium Stable Isotope Variations in Chondrites
Fehr M, Hammond S & Parkinson I

(2013) Tracking Changes in Ocean Redox during the PETM Using Cr Isotopes
Parkinson I, Dixon S, Sexton P, Fehr M, James R & Peacock C

(2013) A Low Blank Technique for the Measurement of Iron Isotopes in Seawater and Results from the Tropical Atlantic Ocean
Klar JK, James RH, Parkinson IP, Achterberg EP & Schlosser C

(2013) Oxygen Fugacity vs. Mineralogical Control on Transition Metal (Fe, Cr, V) Stable Isotope Compositions of Mariana Forearc Peridotites
Prytulak J, Bonnand P & Parkinson I

(2013) New Tricks with Old Tracers: Sr Stable Isotope Variations in an Evolved Volcanic System Investigated Using an 84Sr-87Sr Double Spike
Charlier B, Parkinson I & Wilson C

(2013) Cr Isotope Fractionation in Reducing Continental Margin Sediments
Pearce C, James R, Parkinson I, Connelly D & Planquette H

(2013) Coupled Radiogenic and Stable Sr Isotope Variations in Oceanic Basalts
Sutcliffe C, Burton K, Parkinson I, Porcelli D & Halliday A

(2013) Unradiogenic Lead in the Mantle Source of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts
Burton K & Parkinson I

(2013) Rapid Core Formation and an Early ‘Veneer’ on Earth: Highly Siderophile Elements in Pre-Lunar Mantle Domains
Dale CW, Burton KW, Gannoun A, Parkinson IJ, Williams HM & Moorbath S

(2013) The Stable Chromium Isotopic Composition of Lunar Basalts
Bonnand P, Parkinson I & Anand M

(2012) Novel Insights on a Traditional Proxy: Combining the Stable and Radiogenic Sr Isotope Systems to Characterise Continental Weathering
Pearce C, Parkinson I, Burton K, Stevenson E, Gaillardet J, Rudnick R, West J & Hammond D

(2012) Stable Strontium Isotope Behaviour in Himalayan River Catchments
Stevenson EI, Burton KW, Parkinson IJ, Pearce CR, Mokadem F & James R

(2012) Strontium Stable Isotope Variations in Lunar Basalts
Sutcliffe CN, Burton K, Parkinson I, Cook D, Charlier B, Porcelli D, Mokadem F & Halliday A

(2012) Timing the Evolution of Seawater Chemistry during the Neoproterozoic: Case Study of the Svalbard Succession
Bonnand P, Parkinson I, Fairchild I, McMillan E, Condon D & Halverson G

(2012) Characterisation of the Cr Isotopic Signature of Marine Sediments Deposited in the S1 Mediterranean Sapropel
Planquette H, James RH & Parkinson IJ

(2012) Magnesium Isotope Fractionation during Bacterial Mediated Carbonate Precipitation
Parkinson I, Pearce C, Polacsek T, Cockell C & Brady M

(2011) The Strontium Stable Isotope Composition of Seawater during Glacial Intervals
Stevenson E, Burton K, Parkinson I, Anand P, Hathorne E & Mokadem F

(2011) Ancient Lead Trapped in the Earth’s Upper Mantle
Burton K, Cenki-Tok B, Mokadem F, Harvey J & Parkinson I

(2011) Stable Strontium (δ88Sr) Isotopic Fractionation during Hydrological Cycling
Pearce C, Parkinson I, Burton K & Gaillardet J

(2011) Strontium Stable Isotope Variations in Lunar Basalts
Sutcliffe N, Burton K, Parkinson I, Cook D, Charlier B, Mokadem F & Halliday A

(2011) Chromium Isotopes as an Indicator of Redox Conditions in the Cryogenian Shallow Oceans
Bonnand P, Parkinson I, James R & Fairchild I

(2009) Redox State of the Neoproterozoic Oceans: Insights from the REE and Cr Isotopes
Bonnand P, Parkinson IJ, James RH, Fairchild IJ & Rogers NW

(2009) Resolving Changes in Silicate and Carbonate Weathering Using Radiogenic and Stable Sr Isotopes
Parkinson I, Mokadem F & Burton K

(2009) Trace Element and δ7Li Geochemistry of Tonga Arc Submarine Basalts
Hammond S, Rogers N, Parkinson I & James R

(2009) Fe/Mn and 187Os/188Os Ratios in Mafic Lavas from the Ethiopian Flood Basalts
Rogers N, Davies M, Parkinson I & Yirgu G

(2008) Strontium Stable Isotope Variations Accompanying Continental Weathering with Implications for the Marine Radiogenic Strontium Record
Burton K, Parkinson I & Mokadem F

(2008) Deciphering the Sources and Melt Generation Mechanisms of Cenozoic Intraplate Volcanism in Central Mongolia
Hunt A, Parkinson I, Rogers N, Harris N, Barry T & Uondon M

(2008) Ocean Redox during the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event: Constraints from Chromium Isotope Ratios
James R, Karjalainen A-M, Parkinson I, Coe A, Pearce CR & Cohen A

(2007) Glacial-Interglacial Variations in the 87Sr/86Sr Composition of Seawater
Mokadem F, Burton K, Parkinson I, Charlier B & Hathorne E

(2007) <delta>7Li Systematics of Mantle Xenoliths from Kilbourne Hole: Unraveling Metasomatic & Diffusional Processes
Hammond S, Parkinson I, James R, Rogers N & Harvey J

(2006) Lithium isotope fractionation at magmatic temperatures; evidence for diffusional fractionation in phenocrysts
Parkinson I, Hammond SJ, James RH & Rogers NW

(2004) Assessing the Scale of the Osmium Isotope Heterogeneity in Mid- Ocean Ridge Basalts
Gannoun A, Burton K, Alard O, Parkinson I & Thomas L

(2004) Re-Os Behaviour during Subduction of Oceanic Crust
Dale C, Gannoun A, Argles T, Burton K, Parkinson I & Boyle A

(2004) Lithium and Crustal Recycling during Subduction
Hammond S, Parkinson I, Rogers N & James R

(2002) A Lower Mantle Origin for the World‚s Biggest LIP? A High Precision Os Isotope Isochron from Ontong Java Plateau Basalts Drilled on ODP Leg 192
Parkinson I, Schaefer B, Shipboard Scientists OL1 & Arculus R

(2002) Re-Os Isotope Systematics of the British Tertiary Volcanic Province; Multiple Mantle Sources in the Proto-Iceland Plume
Schaefer BF, Parkinson IJ, Hole MJ, Kerr AC, Scarrow JH & Rogers NW

(2000) Composition of the Mantle Wedge: Insights from Osmium Isotopes
Parkinson IJ

(2000) Low 187Os/188Os Isotope Ratios in Icelandic Basalts
Smit Y, Parkinson I, Hawkesworth C, Cohen A & Peate D

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