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All abstracts by Sakura Pascarelli in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Phase Diagram and Melting of NiSi up to 115 GPa
Briggs R, Boccato S, Giampaoli R, Irifune T, Ishimatsu N, Lord O, Rosa A, Torchio R & Pascarelli S

(2017) Analysis of the Structure of Compressed Liquid Ni and Co by EXAFS
Boccato S, Torchio R, D'Angelo P, Trapananti A, Kantor I, Recoules V & Pascarelli S

(2016) Iron Speciation and Iron Isotopes of Neoarchean Ca-Mg Carbonates
Eroglu S, Swanner E, Pascarelli S, Schoenberg R, Taubald H & Beukes N

(2011) Ferric Iron and Water Incorporation in Wadsleyite Under Hydrous and Oxidizing Conditions
Bolfan N, Munoz M, McCammon C, Deloule E, Ferot A, Demouchy S, France L, Andrault D & Pascarelli S

(2011) Monitoring Beam-Induced Radiolysis Effects on Transition Metal Complexes in Hydrothermal Fluids
Anderson A, Mayanovic R, Frank M & Pascarelli S

(2011) X-Ray Spectroscopic Constraints on Complexing of High-Field-Strength Elements in Subduction Zone Aqueous Fluids
Dubrail J, Wilke M, Schmidt C, Appel K, Pascarelli S, Kvashnina K & Manning C

(2010) Experimental Evidence for Perovskite and Post-Pv Coexistence throughout the Whole D" Region
Andrault D, Munoz M, Bolfan-Casanova N, Guignot N, Perrillat J-P, Aquilanti G & Pascarelli S

(2010) Rate Kinetics of Synchrotron Radiation-Induced Radiolysis of Fe2+ and Fe3+ Ions in Aqueous Solutions to 500℃
Dharamgunawardhane H, Mayanovic R, Anderson A, Bassett W & Pascarelli S

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