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All abstracts by Richard Pattrick in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Bio-Extraction of Cobalt & Nickel from Laterites at Near-Neutral pH
Newsome L, Pattrick R & Lloyd J

(2017) Extraction of Co and Formation of High-Value By-Products from Laterite Ore
Mulroy S, Pattrick R, Coker V & Lloyd J

(2017) Response of Bentonite Microbial Communities to Stresses Relevant to Radioactive Waste Disposal
Haynes H, Pearce C, Pattrick R, Boothman C & Lloyd J

(2017) Biomineralization of Copper Nanoparticles: Mechanistic Insights and Application in Cu-Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition
Kimber R, Lewis E, Parmeggiani F, Figueroa-Garcia A, Pattrick R, Turner N & Lloyd J

(2016) Characterising Legacy Spent Nuclear Fuel Pond Materials Using Microfocus X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Bower W, Morris K, Mosselmans F, Thompson O, Banford A, Law K & Pattrick R

(2015) Impact of Heat, Gamma- and Alpha-Radiation on the Clay Barrier in a Geological Disposal Facility for Radioactive Waste
Pearce C, Bower W, Pattrick R, Mosselmans F, Sims A, Devine J & Rosso K

(2015) Examining Radiation Damage Effects in Phyllosilicates with Applications to Radioactive Waste Geodisposal
Bower W, Pearce C, Mosselmans F, Haigh S, Pimblott S & Pattrick R

(2012) Enhanced Radionuclide Capture by Bioreduced Biotite and Chlorite
Brookshaw DR, Morris K, Lloyd JR, Pattrick RAD, Law GT & Vaughan DJ

(2012) Mechanism of Microbial Hydroxyapatite Manufacture and its Application to Radionuclide Remediation
Handley-Sidhu S, Renshaw J, Stolpe B, Lead J, Pattrick R, Charnock J, Baker S, Cuthbert M & Macaskie L

(2011) Bioreduction of Biotite and Chlorite: Effects on Mineral Reactivity
Brookshaw D, Pattrick R, Lloyd J & Vaughan D

(2011) Bioengineering Nano-Magnetite for Contaminant Clean-Up
Coker V, Crean D, Cutting R, Telling N, Byrne J, Pattrick R, van der Laan G, Vaughan D & Lloyd J

(2011) Using Bacteria to Produce Tailored Magnetic Nanoparticles
Byrne J, Coker V, Telling N, van der Laan G, Vaughan D, Pattrick R & Lloyd J

(2011) Radiation Damage in Biotite: Defined by Micro XAS and XRD
Pattrick R, Geraki T, Charnock J, Pearce C, Mosselmans F, Pimblott S & Droop G

(2009) Reductive Microbial Transformations of Iron Oxides; Engineering Biominerals for the Remediation of Metals and Organics
Lloyd J, Coker V, Cutting R, Hofstetter T, Mosberger L, Telling N, Pattrick R, Pearce C, van der Laan G & Vaughan D

(2009) Microbial Reduction of Toxic Metals: From Pristine to Extreme
Lloyd J, Coker V, Cutting R, Geissler A, Handley K, Law G, Livens F, Morris K, Pattrick R, Pearce C, Polya D & Vaughan D

(2008) Bio-Nano-Engineering: From Clean up to Catalysis
Pearce C, Coker V, Cutting R, Pattrick R, Lloyd J & Prakash T

(2007) Nano-Spinel Synthesis Using Fe(III)-reducing Bacteria
Coker V, Pearce C, Pattrick R, van der Laan G, Telling N, Charnock J, Arenholz E & Lloyd J

(2007) Investigating the Biogenic Synthesis of Chalcogenide-Based Nanomaterials
Pearce C, Coker V, Pattrick R, Law N, Charnock J, Lloyd J & Zuckermann R

(2006) Dating Ore Deposits using the Te-Xe system.
Thomas H, Pattrick R & Gilmour J

(2005) An Investigation on the Extreme Silver Enrichment at Tennantite Surfaces in Alkaline Solutions: An XPS-Based Study
Hobson E, Wincott P, Vaughan D & Pattrick R

(2004) Spectacular Silver Segregation on the Surface of Sulfides
Hobson E, Wincott P, Vaughan D & Pattrick R

(2001) Structural Evolution of Amorphous Transition Metal Sulfides
Moyes LN, Pattrick RAD, Vaughan DJ, Livens FR & Charnock JM

(2001) Sulfide Mineral Surfaces: A Key Role in Environmental Geochemistry
Vaughan DJ, Farquhar M, Moyes L, Livens FR, Pattrick RAD & Wogelius RA

(2000) A Novel Radiometric Dating Technique
Gilmour J, Whitby J, Pattrick R & Turner G

Kendrick M, Burgess R, Pattrick RAD & Turner G

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