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All abstracts by Caroline L Peacock in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Effects of Mg2+ on the Nucleation and Growth Kinetics of Calcium Sulfate
Rabizadeh T, Stawski T, Peacock C & Benning L

(2015) Phosphorus Cycling in a Euxinic Precambrian Ocean Analogue
Xiong Y, Guilbaud R, Cox R, Peacock C, Krom M & Poulton S

(2015) Reactivity and Cycling of Trace-Metals in Marine Sediments
Peacock C

(2015) Coupled Cycling of Mn and Micronutrients in Marine Sediments
Peacock C, Atkins A & Shaw S

(2015) Manganese Oxides: A ‘Mineral Pump’ Mechanism for Transforming Organic Carbon?
Johnson KL, Peacock C, Purvis G, Lopez-Capel E, Gray N, Wagner T, März C, Greenwell C & Worrall F

(2015) Lysozyme Controls the Character of Biomimetic Silica Composites
Meier DB, Stawski TM, Peacock CL & Benning LG

(2014) Neutralisation of Red Mud Leachate: Mineralogical and Trace Metal Effects
Burke I, Peacock C, Lockwood C, Stewart D, Mortimer R, Ward M, Renforth P, Gruiz K & Mayes W

(2014) Biomineralization of Mn Oxides by Mn(II)-Oxidizing Bacilli from an Extreme Environment
Mayanna S, Peacock CL, Ciobota V, Narayana VKB, Kothe E, Rösch P, Popp J & Büchel G

(2014) Transformation of Ni-Rich Birnessite Nanoparticles: Implications for the Fate of Bioessential Ni
Atkins A, Peacock C & Shaw S

(2014) Coupled Cycling of Iron and Bioessential Trace-Metals
Peacock C, Moon E & van Maldegem L

(2014) Enhanced Uptake of Sr into Calcite via an Amorphous Calcium Carbonate Precursor: An EXAFS Study
Littlewood J, Shaw S, Peacock CL, Trivedi D & Burke IT

(2014) Nano-Scale TEM Imaging of Caesium Incorporation into Illite Interlayers
Fuller A, Shaw S, Ward M, Haigh S, Mosselmans F, Peacock C, Stackhouse S, Dent A, Trivedi D & Burke I

(2013) Tracking Changes in Ocean Redox during the PETM Using Cr Isotopes
Parkinson I, Dixon S, Sexton P, Fehr M, James R & Peacock C

(2013) Protein-Silica Interactions: The Effect of Lysozyme on the Structure of Amorphous Silica
Meier DB, Tobler DJ, Peacock CL & Benning LG

(2013) Post Depositional Transformation of Ni-Rich Birnessite
Atkins A, Peacock C & Shaw S

(2013) Bioessential Metal Sorption at Ferrihydrite-Bacteria Interfaces
Peacock C & Moon E

(2012) Neptunium Biogeochemistry and the Manganese Cycle
Law G, Thorpe C, Shaw S, Atkins A, Peacock C, Livens F, LLoyd J, Denecke M, Dardenne K & Morris K

(2012) Deciphering the Cenozoic Tl Isotope Record of Marine Ferromanganese Crusts- New Evidence from Adsorption Experiments
Peacock C, Nielsen S, Wasylenki L, Moon E & Rehkamper M

(2012) Solution Chemistry Controls Multisite Sorption of 137Cs on Micaceous Soils
Fuller A, Shaw S, Peacock C, Trivedi D & Burke I

(2011) Speciation of Contaminant Metals in Red Mud from Ajka, Hungary
Burke I, Mayes W, Peacock C, Brown A, Jarvis A & Gruiz K

(2010) Modelling Trace-Metal Sorption to Bacteriogenic Iron Oxides: Cu(II) and Bacteriogenic Ferrihydrite
Moon E & Peacock C

(2009) Surface Complexation of Cu on Birnessite (δ-MnO2): Controls on Abundance and Isotopic Composition in the Deep Ocean
Sherman D, Bednarz E, Peacock C & Archer C

(2009) Oxidative Scavenging of Tl by Mn Oxide Birnessite: Sorption and Stable Isotope Fractionation
Peacock C, Moon E, Nielsen S & Halliday A

(2009) Cu(II) Sorption to Bacillus subtilis and Bacteriogenic Ferrihydrite: Insights from XAS Spectroscopy
Moon E & Peacock C

(2008) Investigation of Thallium Isotope Fractionation during Sorption to Mn Oxides
Nielsen S, Peacock C & Halliday A

(2007) Surface Complexation of Uranium(VI) on Fe/Mn (Hydr)oxides
Sherman D, Peacock C & Hubbard C

(2005) Sorption of Ni by Marine Fe-Mn Nodules and Crusts: Surface Complexation and Structural Incorporation of Ni in Birnessite
Peacock C & Sherman D

(2004) Metal Sorption to iron(III) (Hydr)oxides: The First Surface Complexation Models Consistent with Spectroscopy and Quantum Chemistry
Sherman D & Peacock C

(2002) Vanadium (III, IV and V) Sorption onto Goethite a-FeOOH
Peacock CL & Sherman DM

(2000) Mechanism of Cu Sorption onto Iron Oxides: Results from Sorption Isotherms and Spectroscopy
Peacock CL, Sherman DM, Todd E & Heasman DM

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