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All abstracts by Rolf Birger Pedersen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Magmatism and Mantle Composition at the Slow-Spreading Mohns Ridge
Bjerga A, Hallås Stubseid H & Pedersen RB

(2017) Microbial and Geochemical Variation in Sediments along the Arctic Mid-Ocean Spreading Ridge System
leth jørgensen S, Zhao R, Roerdink D, Økland I, Baumberger T, Pedersen RB & Thorseth I

(2017) 3He along the Ultraslow Spreading AMOR in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea
Stensland A, Baumberger T, Lilley M, Thorseth I & Pedersen RB

(2013) Cr Isotopic Variations in Neoarchean to Paleoproterozoic Near-Surface Chemical Sediments
Schoenberg R, Kleinhanns I, Wille M, Van Zuilen M, Pedersen R-B, Melezhik V & Beukes N

(2013) H2, CH4 and NH4 Formation Through Low Temperature Water-Rock Reactions in Ultramafic Rock
Okland I, Thorseth IH & Pedersen RB

(2013) Sulfide Sites in the Arctic Ocean: Jan Mayen and Loki’s Castle
Cruz MIFS, Marques AFA, Dias ASCA, Pedersen RB, Relvas JMRS & Barriga FJAS

(2013) Diverse Hydrothermal Venting at the Jan Mayen Vent Fields, AMOR
Baumberger T, Lilley MD, Pedersen RB, Thorseth IH & Stensland A

(2013) The sub-Arctic Upper Mantle, from Jan Mayen to Molloy Fracture Zone
Hamelin C & Pedersen RB

(2012) Atypical Depleted Mantle Components at Mohns Ridge and along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Near the Azores
Hamelin C, Bezos A, Dosso L, Escartin J, Cannat M, Mevel C & Pedersen R

(2011) Cu, Zn and Fe Isotope Systematics of Low-T Hydrothermal Fe-Si Deposits
Moeller K, Schoenberg R, Thorseth IH & Pedersen R-B

(2011) Formation of Barite Chimneys in Hydrothermal Systems
Eickmann B, Peters M, Strauss H, Thorseth IH & Pedersen RB

(2011) Microbial Life Associated with Low Temperature Alteration of Ultramafic Rocks in the Leka Ophiolite Complex
Daae FL, Thorseth I, Dahle H, Jørgensen SL & Pedersen RB

(2011) Low Temperature Alteration of Serpentinized Dunite; A Case Study from the Leka Ophiolite Complex
Økland I, Thorseth I, Huang S & Pedersen RB

(2011) Structure and Function of Microbial Communities Associated with Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Venting and Formation of Barite Chimneys at Loki’s Castle Vent Field
Steen IH, Thorseth IH, Roalkvam I, Dahle H, Stokke R & Pedersen R-B

(2011) Lithium Isotope Perspective on the Iceland Mantle Plume
Hansen HE, Magna T, Kosler J & Pedersen R-B

(2011) Geochemistry of the Artic Loki’s Castle Hydrothermal Vent Products
Cruz MI, Dias Á, Relvas J, Carvalho C, Fonseca R, Pedersen R & Barriga F

(2009) Volatiles in the Loki's Castle and Jan Mayen Vent Fields of the Ultra-Slow Spreading Knipovich and Mohns Ridges
Lilley M, Pedersen R, Thorseth I, Lupton J, Olson E, Freuh-Green G & Baumberger T

(2009) Geochemistry of Rift Valley Sediments and Hydrothermal Fluids at the Ultra-Slow Spreading S. Knipovich Ridge
Baumberger T, Früh-Green GL, Pedersen RB, Thorseth IH, Lilley MD & Bernasconi SM

(2009) Discovery of the Loki’s Castle Vent Field at the Ultra-Slow Spreading Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge
Pedersen RB, Thorseth IH, Lilley MD, Früh-Green GL, Barriga F, Rapp HT, Baumberger T, Flesland K & Joergensen SL

(2009) Microbial Population Structure at Low-Temperature Siliceous Fe-Deposits at the Jan Mayen Hydrothermal Fields
Ovreas L, Johannessen T, Jørgensen S, Thorseth I & Pedersen R

(2008) Evolution of the Jan Mayen Ridge – New Data from the Jan Mayen Fracture Zone
Slama J, Pedersen R-B & Kosler J

(2008) Felsic Magmas Indicate Crustal Recycling during NAIP and FLIP Formation
Viereck-Goette L, Abratis M, Hertogen J, Meyer R, Pedersen RB, Elsner M & Schoener R

(2008) Laser Ablation MC ICP-MS U-Pb Zircon Dating Using Multiple Channeltron Ion Counting Detection
Kosler J, Fliegel D, Slama J & Pedersen R-B

(2007) Crustal-Mantle Melt Interactions during Continental Breakup at the Early Paleocene Vøring Plateau, North Atlantic Igneous Province
Meyer R, Hertogen J, Pedersen R-B, Viereck-Götte L & Abratis M

(2007) Fe Isotopic Composition in Suphides from Hydrothermal Deposits at the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge
Kosler J & Pedersen R-B

(2006) Deciphering metamorphic evolution of rocks by means of Hf isotopes
Slama J, Kosler J & Pedersen R-B

(2004) Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Mounds and Chimneys Formed by Microbial Mediated Precipitation of Fe and Si
Kruber C, Lysnes K, Thorseth I, Kosler J & Pedersen R

(2004) Micobial Communities in Seafloor and Subseafloor Basalts
Thorseth I, Lysnes K, Pedersen R & Torsvik T

(2004) Fe Isotopic Composition of Sulphides from Hydrothermal Vents in North Atlantic
Kosler J, Pedersen R, Thorseth I & Kruber C

(2004) Development of Orthogonal and Oblique Spreading at Slow and Ultraslow Spreading Centres: Example from the Mohns Ridge
Pedersen R & Hellevang B

(2004) Contrasting Liquid Lines of Descent along the Northern Knipovich Ridge: A Result of High- and Low-Pressure Fractionation?
Hellevang B & Pedersen R

(2003) Analysis of Fe Isotopes in Sulphides by Laser Ablation High-Mass Resolution MC ICPMS
Kosler J, Pedersen R & Sylvester P

(2002) Petrogenesis of Plagioclase Phyric Basalt from the Arctic Ridges
Hellevang B & Pedersen RB

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