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All abstracts by Magali Ader in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Upgrades in the Framework of Nitrogen Isotopes Interpretation in Archean Sedimentary Rocks
Pellerin A, Ader M & Thomazo C

(2022) Extreme Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Signatures Overlapping the Fortescue Excursion Preserved in the 2.7 Ga Carajás Basin, Brazil
Pellerin A, Thomazo C, Philippot P, Ader M, Rossignol C & Rego ES

(2021) Under-Representation of Talents Among Awards in Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry
Riches AJV, Pourret O, Ader M, Anand P, Arndt S, Bots P, Dosseto A, Li Z, Marin-Carbonne J, Middleton JL & Ngwenya B

(2021) The Role of Early Diagenesis in the Shaping of Geochemical Records: An Example from Lake Dziani Dzaha, Mayotte
Jovovic I, Grossi V, Adam P, Ader M, Baudin F, Antheaume I, Arnaud F, Malet E, Bard E, Capano M, Simon L, Mignard S, Cartigny P & Gelin F

(2021) Chlorine Isotopes from Chlorides in Sedimentary Fluids of the Ocean Crust and the Cl Budget of Earth Surface Chlorine
Agrinier P, Bonifacie M, Bardoux G, Giunta T, Lucazeau F & Ader M

(2021) Nitrogen Isotope Variations Across the 3.4 Gyr Buck Reef Chert, South Africa, Question Early Nitrogen Sources and Pathways
Pellerin A, Thomazo C, Ader M, Marin-Carbonne J, Alleon J, Vennin E & Hofmann A

(2021) Biomineralization Against all Odds: Strategies of Bacteria, Foraminifera and Bryozoa to Control Precipitation, Mineralogy, and pH Against Environmental Conditions
Thaler C, Rollion-Bard C, Louvat P, Bartolini A, Paris G, Menez B, Bonifacie M & Ader M

(2020) A Modern Analogue for Superheavy Pyrites?
Cadeau P, Cartigny P, Thomazo C, Sarazin G, Jezequel D, Leboulanger C & Ader M

(2020) Could Proterozoic Positive Carbon Isotope Excursions be Tracking Intense Methane Fluxes to the Atmosphere? An Analogue-Based Hypothesis
Cadeau P, Ader M, Jézéquel D, Fouilland E, Le Floch' E, Sarazin G, Bernard C & Leboulanger C

(2020) Eustatic Control on Superheavy δ34S Pyrite Trends from Late Ediacaran-early Cambrian Carbonate Successions of the West Gondwana: Sulfate Distillation Cycles in Shallow Water Platforms?
Caetano-Filho S, Paula-Santos G, Sansjofre P, Cartigny P, Ader M, Guacaneme C, Babisnki M, Kuchenbecker M, Reis H & Trindade R

(2019) Ion Filtration in Oceanic Clay-Rich Sediments: Evidence from Chlorine Stable Isotopes of Pore Fluid Chlorides
Agrinier P, Destrigneville C, Giunta T, Bonifacie M, Bardoux G, Lucazeau F & Ader M

(2019) Modelling of Early Diagenesis of Lacustrine Carbonates Associated with Mg-Silicates
Milesi V, Debure M, Marty N, Capano M, Jezequel D, Steefel C, Rouchon V, Albéric P, Bard E, Guyot F, Virgone A, Gaucher E & Ader M

(2019) Disturbances in the Late Ediacaran-Cambrian Marine Carbon Cycling Tracked Through Paired Carbon Isotope Evolution of the Bambuí Group, Brazil
Caetano-Filho S, Sansjofre P, Paula-Santos G, Guacaneme C, Bedoya-Rueda C, Babinski M, Ader M, Kuchenbecker M & Trindade R

(2019) Oxygenation: Global Tipping Point, Local Records
Philippot P, Avila J, Bouyon A, Killingsworth B, Siciliano Rego E, Rossignol C, Ader M, Busigny V, Cartigny P, Lalonde S, Tessalina S, Marly B, Trevor I, Zapporeli A, Bacelar Hühn S & Trindade R

(2018) Nitrogen Isotope as Tracer of Biomass Recycling in an Analogue of Precambrian Environment
Cadeau P, Ader M, Jezequel D, Sarazin G, Chaduteau C, Bernard C & Leboulanger C

(2018) Validating a Conceptual Model of Precambrian N-Cycle: Insight from the Dziani Dzaha Lake
Ader M, Cadeau P, Jézéquel D, Chaduteau C, Sarazin G, Bernard C & Leboulanger C

(2017) Analysis of Organic Carbon Isotope Composition: Contamination Issues and New Decarbonation Process
Muller E, Stueeken E, Ader M, Thomazo C, Hallmann C, Buick R, Chaduteau C, Cartigny P, Baton F & Philippot P

(2017) Nitrogen Isotope Evidence for Stepwise Oxygenation of the Ocean during the Great Oxidation Event
Cheng C, Busigny V, Ader M, Thomazo C, Chaduteau C, Abouchami W & Philippot P

(2017) Formation of Mg-Aluminosilicates during Early Diagenesis of Carbonate Sediments in the Volcanic Crater Lake of Dziani (Mayotte – Indian Ocean)
Milesi V, Jezequel D, Guyot F, Debure M, Marty N, Claret F, Virgone A, Gaucher E & Ader M

(2017) Sulfur Isotope Systematics in a Modern Analogue of Precambrian Environments
Cadeau P, Cartigny P, Jézéquel D, Sarazin G, Leboulanger C & Ader M

(2017) Unexpected Nitrogen Isotope Behavior Associated to OM Recycling in the Dziani Dzaha Lake
Cadeau P, Ader M, Jezequel D, Sarazin G, Chaduteau C, Bernard C, Got P & Leboulanger C

(2017) Strong CO2 and CH4 Efflux from Dziani Dzaha Crater Lake: Implications on Carbon Budget
Jézéquel D, Abril G, Cadeau P, Sarazin G, Leboullanger C, Fouilland E, Agogué H, Bernard C & Ader M

(2017) Lipid Biomarkers and Microbial Diversity Associated with Aphotic Euxinic Chemoclines in a Saline Lake
Sala D, Grossi V, Agogué H, Hugoni M, Leboulanger C, Bernard C, Antheaume I, Jézéquel D, Sarazin G & Ader M

(2017) Early Preservation of Sedimentary Organic Matter in an Anoxic, Sulfidic Lake (Lake Dziani Dzaha, Mayotte)
Jovovic I, Grossi V, Adam P, Antheaume I, Sala D, Jezequel D, Leboulanger C, Milesi V, Cadeau P, Cartigny P, Gelin F & Ader M

(2017) Origin of Siderite in Anoxic and Ferruginous Lake Pavin: Clues from C and O Isotope Compositions
Busigny V, Benzerara K, Ader M, Chaduteau C & Jézéquel D

(2017) Δ47 and δ18O Disequilibria in Microbial Carbonates as Tracers of Metabolic Activity
Thaler C, Katz A, Bonifacie M, Ménez B & Ader M

(2016) Solute Transport in Porous Media during Drying: The Chlorine Isotopes Point of View
Bernachot I, Garcia B, Ader M, Peysson Y, Rosenberg E, Bardoux G & Agrinier P

(2016) Experimental Investigation of Kinetic Isotope Effects on Oxygen during CO2 Hydroxylation
Thaler C, Yam R, Shemesh A, Ader M & Halevy I

(2016) Strong 13C Enrichment in Dziani Dzaha Lake (Mayotte, France): Evidence for Methanogenesis Impact in a New Modern Analogue of Precambrian Oceans
Cadeau P, Ader M, Jezequel D, Sarazin G, Alberic P, Abril G, Chaduteau C, Bernard C, Agogue H, Fouilland E, Bouvy M, Got P, Le Floc'h E & Leboulanger C

(2016) Silician Magnetite from the Archean/Paleoproterozoic Transition from the Pilbara Craton, Western Australia: Characterization and Bio-Environmental Implications
Carlut J, Isambert A, Bouquerel H, Guyot F, Phillipot P, Pecoits E, Vennin E, Ader M, Thomazo C & Buoncristiani J-F

(2015) Cl Isotope Fractionation during Drying of Brine in a Porous Media
Bernachot I, Garcia B, Ader M, Bardoux G & Agrinier P

(2015) Out of Equilibrium δ18O and Variable δ13C as a Tracer of Metabolism in Bacterially Mediated Carbonates
Thaler C, Ader M, Guyot F, Aloisi G & Ménez B

(2015) The Dziani Dzaha Lake (Mayotte): An Analogue for High δ13C Precambrian Paleoenvironments
Cadeau P, Ader M, Jezequel D, Sarazin G, Alberic P, Abril G, Chaduteau C, Bernard C, Hagogue H, Fouilland E, Bouvy M, Got P, Le Floc'h E & Leboulanger C

(2015) Chlorine and Bromine Stable Isotope Diffusion Through Natural Porous Media
Giunta T, Maineult A, Ader M, Bonifacie M & Agrinier P

(2015) Direct Evidence for Significant Oxygen in the Late Archean Atmosphere from Paleosols of the Fortescue Group, Western Australia
Teitler Y, Philippot P, Gerard M, Le Hir G, Fluteau F & Ader M

(2015) Paleo-Redox Conditions in the Marinoan Glaciation Aftermath from Rare Earth Element, Araras Carbonate Platform (Brazil)
Sansjofre P, Trindade R, Tribovillard N, Lalonde S, Nogueira A & Ader M

(2015) Paired Carbon Isotope from Three Key Intervals of the Turee Creek Group, Pilbara Craton, Australia
Ader M, Thomazo C, Baton F, Muller E, Chaduteau C, Cartigny P, Vennin E, Buoncristiani J-F, Van Kranendonk M & Philippot P

(2014) Out of Equilibrium δ18O CaCO3 in Microbial Carbonates: A Subsurface Biomioneralization Tracer?
Thaler C, Ader M, Ménez B & Guyot F

(2014) Chlorine Stable Isotope Diffusion Through Natural Porous Media
Giunta T, Ader M, Bonifacie M, Meineult A & Agrinier P

(2013) Nitrogen Biogeochemical Cycling in Ferruginous Lake Pavin
Lebeau O, Busigny V, Jézéquel D, Chaduteau C, Crowe S & Ader M

(2013) N Isotope Geochemistry during Low Grade Metamorphism of Coal and Coal-Related Rocks: Case Study of the Anthracite Field of Pennsylvania
Ader M, Boudou J-P & Daniels E

(2013) Nitrogen Cycle in the Late Archean Ferruginous Ocean
Busigny V, Lebeau O, Ader M, Krapez B & Bekker A

(2013) Biogeochemical Cycling of Nitrogen on the Early Earth
Thomazo C, Papineau D & Ader M

(2013) On the Reliability of Paired Carbon Isotope as a pCO2 Proxy in the Ediacarian Araras Platform, Brazil
Sansjofre P, Ader M, Trindade R & Nogueira A

(2013) Discovery of a "Vital" Bacterial Effect in the Formation of Biogenic Carbonates
Thaler C, Ader M, Ménez B & Guyot F

(2012) Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes Cycling Recorded in Sediments from Anoxic and Ferruginous Lake Pavin
Lebeau O, Busigny V, Jezequel D & Ader M

(2012) The Ediacarian Nitrogen Isotope Conundrum
Ader M, Sansjofre P, Halverson G & Trindade R

(2012) Multiple Sulphur Isotope Evidence for an Oceanic Sulphate Concentration Decrease in the Marinoan Glaciation Aftermath
Sansjofre P, Cartigny P, Ader M, Trindade R & Nogueira A

(2011) Measuring δ13C in Siderite and Organic Matter of Lake Sediments
Lebeau O, Busigny V, Chaduteau C, Jezequel D & Ader M

(2011) Carbon Isotope Fractionation Associated with CaCO3 Precipitation Induced by Ureolysis
Millo C, Dupraz S, Ader M, Guyot F, Thaler C & Ménez B

(2011) Fractionation of Cl and Br Isotopes during Precipitation of Salts from their Saturated Solutions
Eggenkamp H, Bonifacie M, Ader M & Agrinier P

(2011) Extreme 15N-Enrichments in 2.72-Gyr-Old Sediments: Evidence for a Turning Point in the Nitrogen Cycle
Thomazo C, Ader M & Philippot P

(2011) An Attempt to Trace the Redox State of the Post Marinoan Glaciation (≈635Ma) Ocean at the Araras Platform (Brazil)
Sansjofre P, Ader M, Trindade R, Reuschel M & Nogueira A

(2009) Variable 13C Fractionation during CaCO3 Precipitation Induced by Ureolytic Bacteria
Millo C, Dupraz S, Ader M & Menez B

(2009) A Multilayered Ocean in the Ediacaran Yangtze Platform? Insights from Carbonate and Organic Matter Paired δ13C
Ader M, Macouin M, Trindade R, Hadrien M-H, Yang Z, Sun Z & Besse J

(2009) Nitrogen Isotopes Study of the 2.73Ga Mesoarchean Tumbiana Formation (Pilbara, Western Australia)
Thomazo C, Ader M & Philippot P

(2009) Anomalous Δ13Ccarb-org in Marinoan Cap Dolostones
Sans-Jofre P, Ader M, Trindade R & Nogueira A

(2008) CO2 Ionic Trapping by Water-Rock Interactions during a Push-Pull Test in a Basaltic-Metasedimentary Aquifer
Assayag N, Matter J, Ader M, Goldberg D & Agrinier P

(2008) Is There a Common Drive for the Negative Excursion of Organic Carbon and the Attenuated Mass-Independent-Sulfur at 2.7 Ga?
Thomazo C, Ader M, Philippot P & Farquhar J

(2007) Multiple Sulfur and Carbon Isotopic Chemiostratigraphy of the 2.73 Ga Carbonated Tumbiana Formation, New Insights for the Fortescue Excursion
Thomazo C, Ader M, Farquhar J & Philippot P

(2006) The Neoproterozoic carbon isotope excursions of the Doushantuo formation (South China) viewed from organic carbon isotope systematics
Ader M, Macouin M, Hadrien M-H, Yang Z, Zimming S & Besse J

(2006) Anaerobic Oxydation of Methane at 2.73 Ga ? the record of the Tumbiana pristine drill core
Thomazo C, Ader M, Farquhar J & Philippot P

(2006) Origin of carbonaceous matter in 3,525 Myr-old hydrothermally-altered subseafloor sediments from the Dresser Formation, Pilbara Craton
Philippot P, Lepot K, Thomazo C, Ader M & Van Kranendonk M

(2000) Nitrogen Isotopic Composition of Fixed Ammonium in Rocks: Evidence for a Possible Ammonia Stability in Fluids?
Ader M, Boudou J, Roux J, Daniels E & Javoy M

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