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All abstracts by Donald Penman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) A New Perspective on the MECO ‘Carbon Cycle Conundrum’: δ30Si Records from Multiple Sites
. R, Henehan MJ, Frings PJ, Laub O, Penman D, Frick DA & von Blanckenburg F

(2023) Solution Chemical Compositions Modulate Elemental Uptake in Calcite: Potential Implications for Paleo-Proxy Calibrations
Uchikawa J, Penman D, Harper DT, Farmer JR, Zachos JC, Planavsky NJ & Richard Z

(2021) Drivers of Carbon Variations in the Eocene
Anagnostou E, Penman D, Westerhold T, Babila TL & Fontorbe G

(2019) Weathering vs Hydrothermal Activity: A Multi-Proxy Approach to Examining Late Paleozoic Glacial-Interglacial Seawater Chemistry
Legett S, Rasbury T, Wright C, Grossman E, Hemming G & Penman D

(2018) The Global Hydrological Cycle during Early Eocene Hyperthermals: O-Isotope and Other Constraints
Zachos J, Ballaron E, Harper D, Rush W, Babila T, Kiehl J, Bowen G, Kelly C, Kozdon R, Penman D & Huber M

(2018) Contrasting the Response of Marine Calcifiers and Silicifiers during Carbon Cycle Catastrophes
Penman D, Hull P & Ridgwell A

(2018) Uncertainty in the Weathering Feedback: Implications for Earth System Recovery to Carbon Release
Kirtland Turner S, Ridgwell A & Penman D

(2017) Paired B/Ca and δ11B Measurements on Inorganic Calcite: Constraints on Boron Incorporation and Implications for Boron Proxies
Farmer J, Uchikawa J, Branson O, Penman D, Hoenisch B, Zeebe R & Zachos J

(2016) Exploring the Chemical Controls on Boron Incorporation in Synthetic Calcite
Uchikawa J, Penman D, Harper D, Zachos J & Zeebe R

(2016) Hyperthermal-Associated North Atlantic Silica Burial throughout the Lower Eocene
Penman D, Hull P, Kirtland Turner S, Keller A & D'haenens S

(2014) Investigating Long- and Short-Term Trends in Seawater Boron-Based Proxies during the Late Paleocene and Early Eocene
Harper D, Penman D, Hönisch B & Zachos J

(2014) New Observational Constraints on Seawater Carbonate Chemistry during the PETM: Implications for Carbon Fluxes
Penman D, Hönisch B & Zachos J

(2011) Boron Proxy Evidence for Surface Ocean Acidification and Elevated pCO2 during the PETM
Penman D, Zachos J, Hoenisch B, Eggins S & Zeebe R

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