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All abstracts by R. Lee Penn in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Characterizing the Dynamics of Iron Oxide Aggregation and Reactivity in the Presence of Natural Organic Matter
Stemig AM, Arnold WA & Penn RL

(2014) Characterizing Particle Mediated Crystal Formation
Banfield JF, DeYoreo JJ, Dove PM, Gilbert P, Joester D, Michel FM, Murray CB, Navrotsky A, Penn RL, Rimer JD, Sommerdijk NAJM, Wallace AF, Whitelam S & Zhang H

(2014) Protonated Nanoparticle Models of 6-Line Ferrihydrite
Gilbert B, Penn L, Spagnoli D & Waychunas G

(2013) A Disordered Whole-Nanoparticle Model for 6-Line Ferrihydrite
Gilbert B, Erbs J, Penn RL, Spagnoli D, Petkov V & Waychunas G

(2013) Some Examples of Applications of X-Ray Circular Magnetic Dichroism in Earth Sciences
Carvallo C, Guyodo Y, Sainctavit P, Arrio M-A, Penn RL, Ona-Nguema G, Morin G & Lagroix F

(2011) Unexpected Changes in Aggregation and Mineralogy of Goethite during the Reduction of Nitroaromatics
Arnold W, Penn RL, Moore K, Do TA & Stemig A

(2010) Reactivity of Ferrihydrite
Erbs JJ, Berquø T, Banerjee SK, Lowry GV, Reinsch BC, Gilbert B & Penn RL

(2010) Iron Oxide Nanocrystal Growth and Aggregation
Burrows ND, Yuwono VM & Penn RL

(2008) Influence of Ionic Strength, pH, and Cation Valence on Aggregation Kinetics of TiO2 Nanoparticles
French RA, Jacobson AR, Kim B, Isley SL, Penn RL & Baveye PC

(2005) Reactivity of Ferrihydrite Nanoparticles Prepared with and Without Added Carbonate, Arsenate, and Other Oxoanions
Penn RL, Anschutz AJ, Jentzsch T & Erbs J

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