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All abstracts by Michael R. Perfit in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) How Melting, Mixing and Mush Cause 4D Variability in MORB Compositions
Perfit M, Rubin K & Wanless D

(2014) Elemental Discrimination between Peridotite and Pyroxenite Melting in MORB and Hawaiian Glasses
Yang S, Humayun M, Salters V, Clague D & Perfit M

(2014) Petrogenesis and Tectonic Significance of High-Silica MOR Lavas
Perfit M, Wanless D, Lundstrom C, Ridley I & Clague D

(2014) The Plume Source As Characterized by Trace Elements in Olivine
Putirka K, Tao Y, Hari KR & Perfit M

(2014) Assessing Stable Isotope Fractionations during Differentiation Through Spatial Sampling
Lundstrom C, Zambardi T, Gajos N, Huggett N, Kehoe K & Perfit M

(2014) Magma Dynamics from Temporal and Spatial Compositional Variations within and between Eruptions
Rubin K, Michael P, Perfit M & Sinton J

(2012) Siqueiros Transform MORB; Characteristics of a S-Saturated Suite
McNeill A, Danyushevsky L, Klimm K, Ariskin A & Perfit M

(2010) Geochemical Evidence for Crustal Assimilation at Mid-Ocean Ridges
Wanless D, Perfit M, Ridley WI, Klein E, Wallace P, Valley J & Grimes C

(2009) Evolution of MORB at Fast-Spreading Ridges
Ridley I, Perfit M & Wanless D

(2008) Evidence for a Heterogeneous Mantle at 9º30'N EPR
Waters C, Sims K, Perfit M, Blichert-Toft J, Blusztajn J & Fornari D

(2008) Relationships between Mantle and Crust Melt Distribution and Surficial Geology and Geochemistry at the 9° 03'N Overlapping Spreading Center, East Pacific Rise
Klein E, Nunnery A, Perfit M, Wanless D & White S

(2008) Petrogenesis of Dacites from the Southern Juan de Fuca Ridge
Perfit M, Schmitt AK, Ridley WI, Rubin K & Valley J

(2008) Is Plume Shape Variability Real? Evidence from Tristan-Gough-Discovery
Class C, le Roex AP, Rollins N, Long D, Goldstein SL, Cai Y, van de Flierdt T & Perfit MR

(2007) Magmatic Architecture and Geochemical Variability at the 9°N Segment of the East Pacific Rise
Maclennan J, Perfit M, Fornari D, Ridley I & Soule A

(2006) Progressive melting of a heterogeneous mantle source beneath 9-10°N EPR.
Sims KWW, Perfit M, Blichert-Toft J, Fornari D, Blustajn J, Ball L & Waters C

(2002) Vapor Undersaturation in Primitive Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt and the Volatile Content of the Earth‚s Upper Mantle. ("Invited")
Saal AE, Hauri EH, Langmuir CH & Perfit MR

(2002) Degassing & Preliminary Assimilation Histories of Selected on- and Off-Axis EPR MORB Glasses (8-10ºN, 12-14ºN, & 15-16ºN)
le Roux P, Shirey SB, Hauri EH, Perfit MR & Mock T

(2002) An Alternative Hypothesis for the Origin of the High 226Ra Excess in Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts ("Invited")
Saal AE, Van Orman JA, Hauri EH, Langmuir CH & Perfit MR

(2000) Melting beneath the East Pacific Rise, 9-10 N: Implications from Combined Nd-Hf-Sr-Th Isotopic Measurements
Sims KW, Blichert-Toft J & Perfit M

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