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All abstracts by Jean-Philippe Perrillat in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Reactive Transport of Carbonatite Melts: Constraints from ex- and in situ High PT Experiments
Perrillat J-P, Giovenco E, Boulard E, Le Godec Y, King A, Henry L & Guignot N

(2021) Migration of Carbonatite Melts: Insights from 4D Tomography Experiments Under Extreme Conditions
Giovenco E, Perrillat J-P, Boulard E, King A, Guignot N & Le Godec Y

(2017) Interaction between Carbon- and H-Bearing Iron Phases in the Deep Earh
Boulard E, Guyot F, Menguy N, Corgne A, Auzende A-L, Perrillat J-P & Fiquet G

(2017) In situ Viscometry of Primitive Lunar Magmas at High Pressure and High Temperature
Rai N, Perrillat J-P, Mezouar M, Colin A, Petitgirard S & van Westrenen W

(2014) Kinetics and Mechanism of Dehydration of Lawsonite and Blueschist
Daniel I, Perrillat J-P & Reynard B

(2014) Kinetics of Serpentinization in Aluminium- and Carbonate-Rich Hydrothermal Fluids
Pens M, Andreani M, Daniel I, Perrillat J-P, Hernandez J-A & Cardon H

(2012) The Density of Carbonate and Silicate Melts in the Upper Mantle
Sanchez-Valle C, Ghosh S, Malfait W, Seifert R, Petitgirard S & Perrillat J-P

(2011) Experimental Investigation of the Stability of Fe-Rich Carbonates in the Lower Mantle
Boulard E, Menguy N, Auzende A-L, Benzerara K, Bureau H, Antonangeli D, Corgne A, Morard G, Siebert J, Perrillat J-P, Guyot F & Fiquet G

(2011) Compressibility Change in Fe-Rich Melt and Implications for Core Formation Models
Sanloup C, van Westrenen W, Dasgupta R, Maynard-Casely H & Perrillat J-P

(2010) Experimental Evidence for Perovskite and Post-Pv Coexistence throughout the Whole D" Region
Andrault D, Munoz M, Bolfan-Casanova N, Guignot N, Perrillat J-P, Aquilanti G & Pascarelli S

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