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All abstracts by Marc Peters in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Environmental Assessment Using Multiple Stable Isotopes and Heavy Metals in a Chinese Coal Mining Area
Guo Q, Peters M, Strauss H, Han X, Hu J, Bai Y, Kong J & Wang Y

(2016) Tracing Sources and Migration Process of Lake Sediments by Using Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes-- a Case Study of Beijing
Guo Q, Wang C, Peters M, Liu C, Hu J, Zhu G & Wei R

(2015) Substantial Pollution of Drinking and River Water in Beijing, China: Serious Threat for Public Health and Local Ecology
Peters M, Guo Q, Strauss H & Zhu G

(2013) Geochemical and Multiple Sulfur Isotope Study on Tap and River Water Quality in the Beijing Urban Area
Peters M, Guo Q, Strauss H & Zhu G

(2013) Tracing the Sources of Sulfur in Beijing Rain Water with Stable Isotopes
Zhu G, Guo Q, Strauss H & Peters M

(2011) Formation of Barite Chimneys in Hydrothermal Systems
Eickmann B, Peters M, Strauss H, Thorseth IH & Pedersen RB

(2011) A Profile of Multiple Sulfur Isotopes for the Oman Ophiolite
Oeser M, Strauss H, Peters M, Wolff E, Koepke J, Garbe-Schönberg D & Dietrich M

(2009) Sulfur Cycling at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: A Multiple Sulfur Isotope Approach
Peters M, Strauss H & Farquhar J

(2007) Isotopic Evidence for Mid-Archean Anoxia
Farquhar J, Peters M, Johnston D, Strauss H, Masterson A, Wiechert U & Kaufman J

(2007) Multiple Sulphur Isotopes Reflecting Compositional Changes in Earth's Early Atmosphere
Strauss H, Peters M, Farquhar J, Johnston D, Wiechert U & Stögbauer A

(2007) Quantification of Sulphur Cycling at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Peters M, Ockert C, Farquhar J, Masterson A & Strauss H

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