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All abstracts by Lucian Petrescu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Assessment of Geochemical Mobility of Natural Lanthanides, U and Th from a Former Uranium Mine (Bistrita Mountains, Romania)
Petrescu L

(2022) Carbonate Platforms Subducted into the Upper Mantle
Petrescu L, Ducea M, Currie C, Balica C, Lazar I & Mallik A

(2021) A Zircon Petrochronologic View on Granitoids and Continental Evolution
Ducea M, Petrescu L, Balica C, Gehrels G, Triantafyllou A & Roban R

(2020) Adakites in Relatively Thin Crust Above Continental Collisional Zones: Products of Continental Subduction-Related Melting
Petrescu L, Ducea M, Galiceanu R & Barla A

(2020) Remnants of ”nelsonitic” Apatite as a Possible Source of Phosphorous from Epithermal and Porphyry Copper Deposits of Carpathians (Romania)
Pintea I, Udubasa SS, Ghinescu E, Iatan EL, Berbeleac I & Petrescu L

(2019) Evidence of Microbial and Chemical Signatures in Middle Jurassic Ferruginous Stromatolites from the Southern Carpathians, Romania
Gradinaru M, Petrescu L, Lazar I & Ducea M

(2019) Clathrasil Compound Evidence in Fluid and Brine Inclusions by Microthermometry and Raman Spectroscopy
Pintea I, Udubasa SS, Nutu-Dragomir ML, Iatan EL, Berbeleac I, Petrescu L & Ghinescu E

(2018) Impact of an Historic Mercury Mine and Hg Processing Plant on the Surrounding Surface Soils (Apuseni Mts., Romania)
Petrescu L, Jianu D & Udubasa SS

(2018) Micro-Inclusions in Ag-Bearing Sulphosalts Assemblages – Possible Key to Estimate the Ore Fluid Evolution in Dealul Crucii Ore Deposit, Romania
Udubasa SS, Petrescu L & Udubasa G

(2016) Bioaccumulation of Uranium in Shrubs and Spontaneous Flora Grown within Mining Dumps (Crucea Uranium Deposit, Romania)
Petrescu L & Bilal E

(2013) Mercury Speciation in a Historic Hg-Mining and Smelting Area, Apuseni Mts., Romania
Petrescu L, Jianu D & Milu C

(2010) Mercury in Contaminated Soils from the Zlatna Mining District (Apuseni Mountains, Romania)
Petrescu L, Denisa J & Milu C

(2009) Nanoparticles and Bioavailability of Minerals and Metals
Petrescu L, Udubasa SS & Udubasa G

(2009) Natural Actinides in the Sediments Associated with the Crucea Uranium Mine (East Carpathians, Romania)
Petrescu L, Bilal E & Iatan LE

(2009) Assessment of Metal Availability in Mining Dump Soils Using Chemical Extractions (Zlatna Area, Romania)
Petrescu L & Jianu D

(2008) Nanogold and its Bearing on “Invisible Gold” in Sulfides
Udubasa SS, Petrescu L, Constantinescu S, Popescu-Pogrion N & Udubasa G

(2007) Sequential Extraction of Radioactive Metals in Soils from Crucea Uranium Mine (Romania)
Petrescu L & Bilal E

(2006) Speciation of natural uranium and thorium in surface waters around a uranium mine (Bistrita Mts., Romania)
Petrescu L & Bilal E

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