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All abstracts by Thomas Pettke in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Insights into the REE Characteristics and Formation Conditions of Southeastern Mediterranean Seep Carbonates
Weidlich R, Bialik OM, Pettke T, Rüggeberg A, Grobéty B, Vennemann T, Makovsky Y & Foubert A

(2021) U–Pb Geochronology and Isotopic Signatures of Epidote in Hydrothermal Veins: Evidence for Eo-Alpine Fluid Circulation in the Albula Area (Eastern Swiss Alps)
Peverelli V, Berger A, Wille M, Rubatto D, Putlitz B, Pettke T & Herwegh M

(2021) Textural and Geochemical Evidence for Magnetite Production Upon Antigorite Breakdown during Subduction
Vieira Duarte JF, Piccoli F, Pettke T & Hermann J

(2021) Trace Element in Metamorphic Olivine: Implications for Geothermometry in Ultramafic Rocks
Kempf E, Piccoli F, Hermann J & Pettke T

(2021) Molybdenum Isotope Systematics at the Tonga Subduction Zone: The Role of the Metasomatized Forearc Mantle
Ahmad Q, Wille M, König S, Rosca C, Hensel A, Pettke T & Hermann J

(2021) The Fate of Ore Metals with Progressive Magma Evolution
Kaufmann AKC, Pettke T & Baumgartner LP

(2021) Titanium Isotopic Compositions of Bulk Rocks and Mineral Separates from the Kos Magmatic Suite: Insights into Fractional Crystallization and Magma Mixing Processes
Greber ND, Pettke T, Vilela N, Lanari P & Dauphas N

(2021) Molybdenum Isotope Budget of Arc Derived Differentiates and Cumulates
Storck J-C, Greber ND, Tiepolo M & Pettke T

(2021) Improving our Understanding of LIP Emplacement Ages Using Petrology, Thermal Modelling, and Geochemistry of Zircon Crystals: A Case Study from the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province
Davies JHFL, Marzoli A, Bertrand H, Youbi N, Ernesto M, Greber ND, Ackerson M, Simpson G, Bouvier A-S, Baumgartner LP, Pettke T, Farina F & Schaltegger U

(2020) Composition of the Geothermal Fluid at 4500 M Depth in the Hottest Geothermal Borehole in Iceland
Bali E, Aradi L, Szabó Á, Zierenberg R, Diamond L, Pettke T, Guðmundur G, Guðmundur Ómar F & Csaba S

(2019) The Potential Global Contribution of Marine Aerosol to the Mo Cycling in the Critical Zone
Nägler TF, Pierret M-C, Voegelin AR, Pettke T, Aschwanden L & Villa IM

(2019) Redox Conditions Across the Antigorite Dehydration Reaction Constrained by Sulfide-Oxide-Silicate Mineral Geochemistry
Vieira Duarte J, Piccoli F, Hermann J & Pettke T

(2019) Reduced Fluids Released at Sub-Arc Depth from Subducting Ultramafic Rocks
Piccoli F, Kempf E, Viera Duarte JF, Hermann J, Pettke T & Connolly J

(2019) The Influence of Oceanic Oxidation on Serpentinite Dehydration during Subduction
Pettke T, Bretscher A & Hermann J

(2018) Stepwise Brittle Deformation at 80 km Depth by Multiple-Source Fluid Circulation (Monviso Eclogitic Breccias, W. Alps)
Locatelli M, Verlaguet A, Agard P, Pettke T & Federico L

(2018) Element Partitioning at the Magmatic-Hydrothermal Transition in a Shallow Plutonic System
Kaufmann A, Pettke T & Baumgartner L

(2017) Antigorite Dehydration Fluid-Mineral Element Distribution
Pettke T & Bretscher A

(2017) Titanium Isotopic Compositions of Rocks from the Aegean Arc
Greber N, Dauphas N, Ptáček M, Gfeller L & Pettke T

(2016) Experimental Contraints on the CO2 Content of Fluids Interacting with the Subduction Mélange
Tumiati S, Tiraboschi C, Pettke T, Recchia S, Ulmer P & Poli S

(2016) Fluid-Rock Interactions in Serpentinites Subducted to 60-80 km Depth
Peters D, John T, Scambelluri M & Pettke T

(2016) U-Th-Pb Cycling from Ocean to Mantle and the HIMU Endmember Source
Pettke T, Kodolanyi J & Kamber BS

(2015) Fluid Transport and Metasomatism along the Subduction Interface: Insights from W. Alps High-Pressure Ophiolites
Angiboust S, Pettke T, De Hoog CJ, Glodny J & Oncken O

(2015) Evaluation of Bulk Rock Nanoparticulate Pressed Powder Pellet LA-ICP-MS Analysis Employing a Binder
Peters D & Pettke T

(2013) Genesis of Quartz-Rich Geodes from Peculiar Aqueous Fluids in a Cu-Zn-Pb Skarn (Temperino Mine, Italy) and Relations with Ore Bodies
Garofalo P & Pettke T

(2013) LA-ICP-MS: A Success Story of in situ Element & Isotope Ratio Analysis
Pettke T

(2013) Magmatic and Linked Hydrothermal Processes Fractionate Mo Isotopes
Greber ND, Voegelin AR, Pettke T & Nägler TF

(2013) Composition of COH Fluids up to 2.4 GPa: A Multi-Method Approach
Tiraboschi C, Tumiati S, Ulmer P, Recchia S, Pettke T, Fumagalli P & Poli S

(2013) Experimental Partitioning Behavior of MORB in Subduction Zones at 2 and 3 GPa
Luginbuehl S, Ulmer P & Pettke T

(2012) The Geochemistry of Aqueous Fluids and Hydrous Melts in Subduction Zones
Luginbuehl S, Ulmer P & Pettke T

(2012) Extremely High Iodine and Noble Gas Abundances in Forearc Serpentinites
Kendrick M, Honda M, Pettke T & Phillips D

(2012) Using Melt Inclusions to Constrain Magma Evolution and Pre-Eruptive Plumbing System Architecture of Mutnovsky Volcano, Russia
Simon A, Robertson K, Pettke T, Smith E, Kiryukhin A, Selyangin O, Mulcahy S & Walker D

(2011) Marine Mo Isotope Inventory: The Role of Igneous Rock Weathering
Voegelin AR, Nägler TF, Neubert N, Pettke T, Steinmann M & Pourret O

(2011) Chromium Mobility in Hydrous Fluids at Upper Mantle Conditions
Klein-BenDavid O, Pettke T & Kessel R

(2011) Origin of Early Hydrothermal Fluids Associated with the Sudbury Structure Deduced from Individual Fluid Inclusion Sr Isotope Analysis
Hanley J, Oberli F & Pettke T

(2011) Fluid Inclusion Analysis by Laser Ablation ICPMS: How Consistent are Element Ratios?
Guillong M, Pettke T & Danyushevsky L

(2011) LA-ICP-MS Sr Isotope Ratio Analysis of Individual Fluid Inclusions
Pettke T, Oberli F & Hanley JJ

(2010) Experimental and Natural Constraints on the Composition of UHP Metamorphic Fluids
Spandler C, Pettke T & Hermann J

(2010) LA-(MC-)ICP-MS Element and Isotope Ratio Analysis of Fluid Inclusions in Minerals
Pettke T, Oberli F & Hanley J

(2009) The Composition of Serpentinite Dehydration Fluids in Subduction Zones: An Experimental Study
Spandler C, Pettke T & Hermann J

(2009) The Source of Copper, Gold and Molybdenum in Giant Porphyry-Type Ore Deposits from Western North America
Pettke T, Oberli F & Heinrich CA

(2009) Deep Subduction Fluids and their Interaction with the Mantle Wedge
Scambelluri M, Pettke T & Van Roermund HLM

(2009) Trace Element Records of Hydration and Dehydration Reactions in Ultramafic Rocks
Kodolányi J, Pettke T, Spandler C, Scambelluri M, John T, Kamber B & Gméling K

(2009) Gold-Rich Epithermal Liquid by Contraction of Magmatic Vapor
Heinrich CA, Pudack C & Pettke T

(2009) Origin of U-Mineralizing Brines in the Athabasca Basin, Canada
Richard A, Cathelineau M, Boiron M-C, Cuney M, Banks D, Boulvais P, France-Lanord C & Pettke T

(2009) Serpentine Dehydration Recorded by Garnet Peridotites and Chlorite Harzburgites from Cima di Gagnone
Scambelluri M, Rampone E & Pettke T

(2008) New Constraints on the High-Field-Strength Element Concentration of NIST SRM 610 and 612 Glasses
Spandler C, Pettke T, Berger A & Magee C

(2008) Adakite-Like Magmas and Cu-Au Porphyry Deposits Derived from an Inherited Subduction Component, Apuseni Mountains, Romania
Harris C, Pettke T, Kleine T, Heinrich C, Rosu E & Woodland S

(2008) Precise and Accurate Lead Isotopic Analysis of Fast Transient Signals by Laser-Ablation MC-ICP-MS
Pettke T, Oberli F, Audetat A, Wiechert U, Harris C & Heinrich C

(2008) Olivine-Ti-Clinohumite Veins and their Relation to Partial Dehydration of High Pressure Serpentinites
Kodolányi J, Spandler C, John T, Scambelluri M & Pettke T

(2007) Using Pb Isotopic Analyses of Fluid and Melt Inclusions to Trace Sources of Cu-Au Porphyry Deposits
Harris C, Pettke T, Heinrich C & Kleine T

(2007) Melt-Rock Reaction and Late-Stage Melting in Peridotite Xenoliths from Marsabit (Kenya)
Kaeser B, Kalt A, Pettke T & Ludwig T

(2007) The Role of Fluid Immiscibility in the Formation of Magmatic-Hydrothermal Ore Deposits
Audétat A, Pettke T & Heinrich C

(2007) Mass Transfer during Volatile Exsolution in Magmatic Systems: Insights from the Analyses of Silicate Melt and Magmatic Fluid Inclusions
Zajacz Z, Halter W, Pettke T & Guillong M

(2007) Geochemistry of Ocean-Floor Serpentinites: Implications for Subduction Zone Inventory
Kodolanyi J, Spandler C & Pettke T

(2006) Gold and Arsenic Partitioning at Magmatic Conditions.
Simon A, Pettke T, Candela P, Piccoli P & Heinrich C

(2006) Determination of fluid/melt partition coefficients by LA-ICPMS analysis of co-existing fluid and silicate melt inclusions
Zajacz Z, Halter W, Pettke T & Guillong M

(2006) Pb, Sr, and Nd isotopes and geochemistry of Miocene magmas in the Apuseni Mountains, Romania
Harris C, Rosu E, Pettke T, Kleine T, Woodland S, Heinrich C & Seghedi I

(2006) Fluid origin and evolution at the Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Colorado
Lüders V, Romer RL, Gilg HA & Pettke T

(2005) Brachiopod Shell Biomineralization – Structural and Chemical Characteristics
Schmahl W, Griesshaber E, Neuser R, Pettke T & Brand U

(2005) Magma Genesis and Cu-Au Ore Formation (Apuseni Mountains, Romania) in Light of Pb, Sr and Nd Isotopic and Chemical Trends
Harris C, Pettke T, Rosu E, Seghedi I & Heinrich C

(2005) Fluid and Melt Compositions Coexisting with Eclogite at High Pressure and Temperature
Kessel R, Schmidt M, Pettke T & Ulmer P

(2005) High-P-T Fluids in Diamond Trap Experiments Analyzed Frozen with LA-ICPMS: The Technique
Pettke T, Kessel R, Schmidt M & Ulmer P

(2005) The Effect of Volatile Sulfur on Metal Partitioning at Magmatic Conditions
Simon A, Pettke T, Candela P, Piccoli P & Heinrich C

(2005) Bingham: A Mesothermal Cu-Au Deposit Dominated by Vapor Transport of Metals?
Landtwing M, Heinrich C, Pettke T & Halter W

(2005) Ore Metal Transport by Hydrocarbon Vapour in the Footwall of the Sudbury Igneous Complex, Canada
Hanley J, Mungall J, Pettke T, Spooner E & Bray C

(2004) The Chemical Inhomogeneity of Brachiopod Shell Calcite – A Spatial High Resolution LA-ICP-MS Investigation
Griesshaber E, Pettke T, Job R, Veizer J & Schmahl W

(2004) Does Zircon Trace Element Chemistry Monitor the Magmatic-Tohydrothermal Crystallization History?
Pettke T, Audétat A, Schaltegger U & Heinrich C

(2004) Petrogenesis of Cumulate Xenoliths from Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field: Results from Olivine Hosted Melt Inclusions
Zajacz Z, Kovács I, Szabó C, Halter W & Pettke T

(2003) Can Accurate Pb Isotopic Compositions be Determined on Single Fluid Inclusions?
Pettke T, Wiechert U, Audétat A, Günther D & Heinrich C

(2002) PTX Properties of a Natural Au-Bearing Hydrothermal Fluid from a Multidisciplinary Study of Fluid Inclusions (Sigma Deposit – Canada)
Garofalo PS, Heinrich CA, G¸nther D & Pettke T

(2002) Metamorphic Pb-Ag Mineralization at Albrunpass (Central Alps)
Klemm L, Graeser S, Mullis J, Pettke T & Heinrich C

(2002) The Zn-Pb-Ag San Cristobal District, Central Peru: Isotope and Fluid Inclusion Constraints
Beuchat S, Moritz R & Pettke T

(2002) Fluid Evolution at the Bingham Cu-Au-Mo-Ag Porphyry Deposit
Landtwing MR, Heinrich CA, Halter WE, Pettke T, Redmond PB & Einaudi MT

(2002) Sulfide Melts and the Origin of Cu/Au Ratios in Porphyry Deposits
Halter WE, Pettke T & Heinrich CA

(2002) Magmatic Anhydrite in the Cu-Porphyry-Related Magma at Santa Rita, New Mexico (U.S.A.)
Audétat A, Pettke T, Dolejs D & Bodnar RJ

(2002) Boron and Chlorine Cycling in the Subducted Hydrous Oceanic Mantle
Scambelluri M, Muentener O, Ottolini L, Pettke T & Vannucci R

(2002) Advantages and Limitations of Quantifying Melt Inclusion Chemistry by LA-ICPMS, EMP and SIMS
Pettke T, Webster J, Halter W, Heinrich C, Aigner-Torres M & De Vivo B

(2002) Melting and Melt/Rock Reaction in Extending Mantle Lithosphere: Trace Element and Isotopic Constraints from Passive Margin Peridotites
Muntener O, Desmurs L, Pettke T & Schaltegger U

(2001) Microanalysis of Crystallized Melt Inclusions
Audétat A, Pettke T, Thomas R & Bodnar RJ

(2001) Characterization of the Magmatic-To-Hydrothermal Transition in Barren vs. Mineralized Granites
Audétat A, Pettke T, Thomas R & Bodnar RJ

(2001) Laser-Ablation ICP-MS Analysis of Melt Inclusions: Applications to Various Host Minerals
Halter WE, Pettke T & Heinrich CA

(2001) Six Fluids in Ore-Forming Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems
Heinrich CA, Halter WE, Pettke T, Audétat A, Ulrich T, Landtwing M & ̧nther DG

(2001) The Porphyry to Epithermal Link: Preliminary Fluid Chemical Results from the Apuseni Mountains, Romania, and Famatina, Argentinian Andes
Pettke T, Halter WE, Driesner T, Von Quadt A & Heinrich CA

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