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All abstracts by Antonino Pezzino in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Making Unusual Granites: Just add Water Under or after Cooking
Fiannacca P, Cirrincione R & Pezzino A

(2009) Identifying Cadomian Events Through SHRIMP Geochronology: Ediacaran Magmatism in the Peloritani Mountains (S Italy)
Fiannacca P, Williams IS, Cirrincione R, Lo Giudice A & Pezzino A

(2007) The Use of Campanian Pumices in the Roman Mortars of Messina Area (Sicily) as Indicator of Technological Tradition
Barone G, La Russa MF, Mazzoleni P, Pezzino A & Tigano G

(2002) Sample Preparation and Multi-Element Analysis of Geological Materials by HR-ICP-MS: An Application to the Building Stones of the Roman Theatre in Catania (Italy)
Punturo R, Censi P, Lo Giudice A & Pezzino A

(2002) Zircon U-Pb Ages of Porphyroids of the Peloritan Mountains (NE Sicily): Constraints on the pre-Variscan Evolution of the Peloritan Microplate
Trombetta A, Cirrincione R, Corfu F, Mazzoleni P & Pezzino A

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