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All abstracts by Sylvain Pichat in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Meridional Shifts of the South Westerly Winds over the Southern Atlantic Ocean during Abrupt Climate Events
Pichat S, Gravier B, Lodyga O & Schaaff V

(2018) Glacial Northward Shifts of the South Westerlies Altered Dust Sources to the Atlantic Southern Ocean
Pichat S, Lodyga O, Galer SJG, Alfredo M-G & Haug GH

(2017) Tracing Dust Sources in the Atlantic Southern Ocean during the Last 160 ka
Lodyga O, Pichat S, Martínez-García A & Galer S

(2017) New Constrains on Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Changes during the Past 40 ky from Combined 231Pa/230Th, Benthic δ13C and 14C Benthic-Planktonic Ventilation Ages
Missiaen L, Waelbroeck C, Pichat S, Dapoigny A, Thil F, Foliot L, Wacker L, Hajdas I, Böhm E, Vasquez-Riveiros N & Moreira Martinez S

(2013) New Sedimentary Pa/Th Records from the Northern Brazilian Margin over MIS3
Burckel P, Waelbroeck C, Gherardi J & Pichat S

(2011) Do 226Ra-230Th Isochrons Provide Realistic Crystallization Ages?
Sims KWW, Pichat S, Reagan M, Kyle P, Dunbar N & Blichert-Toft J

(2011) An Atlantic Ocean Pa/Th Survey
Lippold J, Pichat S, Luo Y, Gherardi J-M & Francois R

(2011) Isotopic Fractionation of Cu in Plants
Weinstein C, Moynier F, Wang K, Paniello R, Foriel J & Pichat S

(2009) Stable Zinc Isotope Fractionation between Plant and Growth Water
Aucour A-M, Macnair M, Oger P & Pichat S

(2009) Zn Isotope Variations in Ediacaran Carbonates
Moynier F, Fike D & Pichat S

(2009) Opposite Export of North Atlantic Deep and Intermediate Waters during the Last Glacial Inception
Guihou A, Pichat S, Nave S, Govin A, Michel E, Waelbroeck C & Labeyrie L

(2008) Zn Stable Isotope Variability up the Kruger Park Trophic Chain
Balter V, Moynier F, Pichat S, Pons M-L, Thackeray F & Albarède F

(2008) Localisation and Extent of Zn Isotopic Fractionation in Higher Plants
Pichat S & Oger P

(2008) Tracing Zn Biogeochemical Cycle Using the δ68/66Zn of the Coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi
Pisapia C, Pichat S & Oger P

(2002) Major Change in Pb Inputs to the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Since the Last Deglaciation
Pichat S & Abouchami W

(2000) A High Resolution (231Pa/230Th)xs, 0 Profile from the Western Pacific Warm Pool over the Last Five Isotopic Stages
Pichat S, Albarede F, Beaufort L, Francois R & Sims KW

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