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All abstracts by Robert Pidgeon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) 16O1H Signal as an Indication of Metamict O-Contamination in Zircon
Cliff J, Pidgeon B & Nemchin A

(2012) Microstructures in Lunar Zircon: Key to Interpretation of U-Pb Ages
Nemchin A, Grange M, Timms N & Pidgeon R

(2012) Apollo 15 Zircons Reveal Age of Young Impact
Grange M, Nemchin A, Pidgeon R & Meyer C

(2011) Deciphering Mafic and Felsic Lunar Magmatic Events: Insight from Zircon
Grange M, Nemchin A, Timms N, Pidgeon B & Meyer C

(2009) Zircons from the Apollo 17 Breccias: Implications for the Early History of the Moon
Grange M, Nemchin A & Pidgeon R

(2008) Effects of Chemical Weathering on the Chemical and Isotopic Signatures of Ancient Zircons from Jack Hills and Mt Narryer, Western Australia
Pidgeon R, Nemchin A & Geisler T

(2007) Contracting KREEP Magmatism in the Early Evolution of the Moon
Pidgeon R, Nemchin A, Vaughan J & Whitehouse M

(2007) Oldest Terrestrial Diamonds in Zircon from Jack Hills, Western Australia
Menneken M, Nemchin A, Geisler T, Pidgeon R & Wilde S

(2006) Comparative age distributions and internal structures of Archaean zircons from quartzites from Mt Narryer and the Jack Hills, Western Australia
Pidgeon R & Nemchin A

(2006) Nature and timing of Late Archaean arc magmatism along the western margin of the Yilgarn Craton
Wilde S & Pidgeon RT

(2004) 3.9Ga to 4.3Ga Zircons in Lunar Breccia 14321: Evidence for a Complex Source for Ejecta from the Imbrium Impact
Pidgeon R, Nemchin A, van Bronswijk W, Meyer C, Compston W & Williams I

(2003) The Early Evolution of the Earth and Moon: Comparative Chronology
Nemchin A, Meyer C & Pidgeon R

(2002) Detrital Zircons from the Jack Hills Metasediments, Western Australia: Provenance Record of the Earth's Oldest Material
Dunn SJ, Nemchin A, Cawood P & Pidgeon R

(2002) Understanding CL in Natural Zircons
Poller U, Geisler T, Huth J & Pidgeon R

(2002) A Mission to Really Early Earth: When Did the Earth Become Suitable for Habitation?
Harrison M, Mojzsis SJ, Pidgeon RT, Ireland TR, Bennett V & Honda M

(2002) Radiation Damage in >4Ga Zircons from the Jack Hills, Western Australia
Pidgeon RT, Nemchin A, Geisler T & van Bronswijk W

(2001) Problems in the Interpretation of the Origin of Zircon Overgrowths
Nemchin AA & Pidgeon RT

(2000) Fir-Tree and Nebulously Zoned Zircons from Granulite Facies Rocks: Evidence for Zircon Growth and Interaction with Metamorphic Fluids
Pidgeon RT, Nemchin AA & Kinny PD

(2000) U-Th-He Dating of Ironstones – Examples from the Hamersley Iron Province and Darling Range Laterites from Western Australia
Brander T, Lippolt HJ & Pidgeon RT

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