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All abstracts by Eric Pili in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Condensation of the Precursory Elements of Xenon Isotopes Produced by Underground Nuclear Explosions
Bourdon B & Pili E

(2017) Influence of Biogeochemical Reactions on Inert Gas Fluxes in Soil
Alibert C, Pili E, Barre P & Corvisier J

(2017) Oxygen Isotope Fractionation Among Uranium Oxides: A Tracer of Origins and Transformations of Nuclear Material
Dierick M, Pili E, Szenknect S & Agrinier P

(2017) Mo Isotopes as a Tracer of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Bourdon B, Pili E, Fitoussi C & Migeon V

(2016) Oxygen Isotopes in Uranium Oxides from the Front End of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Dierick M, Pili E, Agrinier P & Szenknect S

(2015) Biogeochemical Reactions and Transient Pressure Gradients in the Unsaturated Zone
Pili E, Guillon S & Charlet L

(2015) Molybdenum Isotopic Determination in Uranium-Rich Materials: Constraints on the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Migeon V, Bourdon B, Pili E & Fitoussi C

(2014) Characterisation of Iodine Redox in Borosilicate Glasses by Raman Spectrometry
Grousset L, Neuville D, Pili E & Bompard N

(2012) Fingerprinting Uranium-Bearing Material: Development and Validation of Methods
Salaun A, Hubert A, Aupiais J, Pili E, Pointurier F, Diallo S, Faure A-L & Richon P

(2012) Understanding Gas Dynamics in Unsaturated Fractured Granite Using SF6, CO2, Rn and Other Noble Gases
Guillon S, Pili E, Sabroux J-C & Agrinier P

(2012) Origin, Mobility, and Temporal Evolution of Arsenic from a Low-Contaminated Catchment in Alpine Crystalline Rocks
Pili E, Tisserand D, Casiot C & Bureau S

(2011) A Close Look at the Carbon Cycle from the Roselend Natural Laboratory Using Laser-Based Isotope Ratio Spectrometry
Pili E, Guillon S, Agrinier P & Dellinger M

(2009) Diffusive Parameters of Tritiated Water (HTO) and U in Chalk
Descostes M, Gandois O, Frasca B, Radwan J, Juery A & Pili E

(2009) Transient Geochemical and Hydrogeological Coupling during Weathering and the Carbon Cycle in the Critical Zone
Pili E, Dellinger M, Charlet L, Agrinier P, Chabaux F & Richon P

(2008) U-Isotope Fractionation during Chemical Weathering
Bourdon B, Andersen M, Erel Y & Pili E

(2007) Weathering Rates from Top to Bottom in a Carbonate Environment
Bourdon B, Bureau S, Andersen M & Pili E

(2004) Application of Uranium Series Disequilibria as a Tracer for Radionuclide Migration in an Aquifer
Hubert A, Bourdon B, Pili E & Richon P

(2004) Relating Airborne Gamma-Ray Spectrometry to Chemical Weathering History in a Small Watershed
Carrier F, Bourdon B, Pili E, Truffert C & Wyns R

(2004) The Hydrogeochemical Dynamics of Fractured Porous Media in the Unsaturated Zone
Pili E, Bureau S, Perrier F & Richon P

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