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All abstracts by Iain Pitcairn in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Metal Resource Potential of Modern Sea-Floor Massive Sulfides at Kolumbo Shallow-Submarine Arc-Volcano (Santorini), Greece
Kilias S, Zygouri E, Nomikou P, Chrysafeni M, Ivarsson M, Chi Fru E, El Albani A, Zack T, Pitcairn I, Argyraki A, Polymenakou P & Carey S

(2017) LA-ICP-MS Evidence for Au-Cu Coupling in Modern Sea-Floor Massive Sulfides, Kolumbo Arc-Volcano (Santorini), Greece
Zygouri E, Kilias S, Zack T, Pitcairn I, Chi Fru E, Nomikou P, Argyraki A, Ivarsson M, Polymenakou P & Carey S

(2016) Mobility of Au and Other Metals in Supra-Subduction Zone Oceanic Crust: Insight from the Troodos Ohiolite
Patten C, Pitcairn I, Teagle D & Harris M

(2011) Evidence of K-Fe Metasomatism in the SW Scottish Highlands
Kleine B, Skelton A & Pitcairn I

(2010) Source Area Processes and the Regional Distribution of Orogenic Gold Deposits
Pitcairn I

(2010) Enrichment of Gold in Oceanic Crust by the Iceland Mantle Plume: Constraints from the Reykjanes Ridge
Webber A, Roberts S, Taylor R & Pitcairn I

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