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All abstracts by Birgit Plessen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Sub-monthly δ18O and δ13C Records from Melanopsis of the Upper Jordan River Valley, 25-13ka
Rice A, Bunin E, Riedel F, Plessen B, Sharon G & Mischke S

(2018) High-Resolution Sr Isotope Data of Speleothems by LA-MC-ICP-MS
Weber M, Scholz D, Wassenburg J, Jochum KP, Deininger M, Waltgenbach S, Breitenbach SFM, Hoffmann DL, Richter D & Plessen B

(2015) First Report on Hawaiian Carbonatites
Rocholl A, Jochum KP, Plessen B, Rhede D, Romer RL & Wirth R

(2011) Fluid and Temperature Conditions in an Oceanic Detachment Fault Footwall: Insights from Late-Stage Mineral Veins (ODP Leg 304/305)
Jöns N, Bach W, Rosner M & Plessen B

(2011) The Significance of Rotliegend Brines in Mineralizing Processes and Hydrocarbon Systems in the Southern Permian Basin
Lüders V, Plessen B, Vonhof H & Schneider J

(2010) Carbon Isotopic and Noble Gas Compositions of Quartz-Hosted Gas-Rich Fluid Inclusions from the Lower Saxony Basin, Germany
Lüders V, Plessen B & Niedermann S

(2008) Fluid and Gas Migration in the Southwestern Part of the Lower Saxony Basin (Germany)
Lüders V, Plessen B & Sippel J

(2007) Geochemical and Isotope Geochemical Investigations on Palaeozoic Sedimentary Rocks
Jurisch A, Krooss B & Plessen B

(2007) Carbonate and Anhydrite Veins from Altered Gabbroic Oceanic Crust (Atlantis Massif, MAR 30°N)
Rosner M, Bach W, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Erzinger J & Plessen B

(2006) Nitrogen isotope geochemistry of ammonium during diagenesis and brine events in sedimentary basins
Plessen B, Lüders V, Hoth P & Wemmer K

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