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All abstracts by Yuri Podladchikov in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) New Developments in Li-Chronometry: Determining Timescales of Fluid-Rock Interaction
John T, Vrijmoed J & Podladchikov Y

(2018) From Chemical Zoning to the Long-Term Stress-State in the Continental Lithosphere
Tajcmanova L, Moulas E & Podladchikov Y

(2016) Focused Fluid Flow in Porous Viscoelastoplastic Rocks
Yarushina V, Räss L & Podladchikov Y

(2013) Self-Organizing Reactive Porosity Waves Allow Large-Scale Fluid Escape from Subducting Oceanic Lithosphere
Plümper O, John T, Podladchikov YY & Scambelluri M

(2012) Grain Scale Pressure Heterogeneity Produced Through Volume Change Associated with Mineral Reaction
Tajcmanova L, Powell R, Podladchikov Y, Vrijmoed J & Moulas E

(2011) On the Duration and Rates of Fluid Release from a Dehydrating Slab
John T, Podladchikov Y, Gussone N, Bebout G, Halama R, Magna T & Klemd R

(2011) Diffusion Induced by Pressure Gradients in Natural Garnets
Floess D, Baumgartner L & Podladchikov Y

(2009) Compression, Reaction Activation and Phase Transitions: How to Form a Basin
Semprich J, Podladchikov Y & Simon N

(2009) Channeled Fluid Flow Through Slabs: Reactive Porosity Waves
John T, Podladchikov Y, Beinlich A & Klemd R

(2009) The Impact of Large Scale Contact Metamorphism on Global Climate
Aarnes I, Svensen H, Polteau S, Connolly JAD & Podladchikov Y

(2008) The Effect of Pressure, Temperature and Composition on Physical Rock Properties
Semprich J, Simon N & Podladtchikov Y

(2008) Metasomatism of the UHP Svartberget Olivine-Websterite Body in the Western Gneiss Complex, Norway
Vrijmoed H, Austrheim H, John T & Podladtchikov Y

(2007) Lithospheric Geodynamics with Thermo-Chemical Density Anomalies and Mineral Phase Transitions Switched On
Simon NSC, Podladchikov YY & Rupke LH

(2007) Interplay of Deformation, Fluid Infiltration and Eclogitization
John T, Austrheim H, Schmid D, Rüpke L & Podladchikov Y

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