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All abstracts by Nikolai Pokhilenko in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Garnets of Polimict Breccia from Noyabrskaya Kimberlite Pipe (Yakutia)
Pokhilenko L, Pokhilenko N & Afanasyev V

(2013) Melting Phase Relations in Udachnaya-East Kimberlite and Search for Parental Melt Composition
Sharygin I, Litasov K, Shatskiy A, Golovin A, Ohtani E & Pokhilenko N

(2012) Composition Evolution of Peridotites of Siberian Craton Lithosphere Roots: Harzdurgite- Herzolite- Wehrlite
Pokhilenko N, Agashev A & Pokhilenko L

(2012) Stability of Garnets to Chemical Weathering: An Experimental Study
Afanasyev V, Snegirev O, Tychkov N & Pokhilenko N

(2011) Peridotite Xenolith Inferences on the Formation and Evolution of the Central Siberian Cratonic Mantle
Ionov D, Doucet L-S, Carlson R, Pokhilenko N, Golovin A & Ashchepkov I

(2011) Late Metasomatic Addition of Garnet to the SCLM: Os-Isotope Evidence
Malkovets V, Griffin W, Pearson N, Rezvukhin D, O'Reilly S, Pokhilenko N, Garanin V, Spetsius Z & Litasov K

(2010) Ilmenite Ultrabasite UV162/09: The Role of Deep Metasomatism in the Rock Formation
Pokhilenko L & Pokhilenko N

(2010) Evolution of Composition of the Siberian Craton Lithosphere Roots: Evidences from the Udachnaya Xenoliths
Pokhilenko N, Agashev A & Pokhilenko L

(2010) Thickness of Diamond-Bearing Metasomatic Aureoles in the Cratonic SCLM
Malkovets V, Griffin W, Pokhilenko N, O'Reilly S & Mishenin S

(2009) U/Pb Dating of Zircons from the Lower Crustal Xenoliths from Siberian Kimberlites
Malkovets V, Belousova E, Griffin W, Buzlukova L, Shatsky V, O'Reilly S & Pokhilenko N

(2008) Melts in Mantle Columns beneath Siberian Kimberlites
Ashchepkov I, Pokhilenko N, Vladykin N, Logvinova A, Nikolaeva I, Palessky S, Pokhilenko L & Rotman A

(2007) Evolution of Kimberlite Magmatic Sources beneath Siberia
Ashchepkov I, Pokhilenko N, Logvinova A, Vladykin N, Rotman A, Palessky S, Alymova N & Vishnyakova E

(2002) Kimberlite Parental Melts: New Insights from Inclusions in Olivine
Kamenetsky MB, Sobolev AV, Sobolev NV & Pokhilenko NP

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