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All abstracts by Gleb S. Pokrovski in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Direct Prediction of Isotopic Properties from Molecular Dynamics Trajectories: Application to Sulfur Radical Species
Blanchard M, Vuilleumier R, Desmaele E & Pokrovski GS

(2021) “Critical” Trace Elements in Major Minerals: Old Questions, New Approaches and Geochemical Applications
Pokrovski GS, Blanchard M, Testemale D & Hazemann J-L

(2021) The Impact of Sulfur on the Transfer of Platinum Group Elements by Geological Fluids
Laskar C, Kokh MA, Bazarkina EF, Desmaele E, Hazemann J-L, Vuilleumier R & Pokrovski GS

(2020) Platinum Speciation and Transport in Sulfur-Rich Hydrothermal Fluids
Laskar C, Pokrovski GS, Kokh M, Hazemann J-L, Bazarkina EF, Desmaele E & Vuilleumier R

(2015) Sulfur Radical Species Form Gold Deposits on Earth
Pokrovski G, Kokh M, Guillaume D, Borisova A, Gisquet P, Jean-Louis H, Lahera E, Del Net W, Proux O, Testemale D, Haigis V, Jonchière R, Seitsonen A, Ferlat G, Vuilleumier R, Saitta M, Boiron M-C & Dubessy J

(2015) The Effect of CO2 on Metal Transport and Fractionation by Geological Fluids
Kokh M, Pokrovski G, Akinfiev N, Guillaume D & Salvi S

(2015) Gold-Sulfur Complexes in Geological Fluids Studied by Means of Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Haigis V, Ferlat G, Seitsonen AP, Pokrovski GS, Hazemann J-L, Saitta AM & Vuilleumier R

(2013) The Effect of Carbon Dioxide on Metal Transport by Geological Fluids
Kokh M, Pokrovski G, Guillaume D & Salvi S

(2012) Physico-Chemical and Structural Controls on Copper Isotope Fractionation during its Sorption by Benthic Algae and a Phototrophic Biofilm
Coutaud A, Pokrovsky OS, Glatzel P, Pokrovski GS, Viers J & Rols J-L

(2011) Zinc and Cadmium Behavior in Low-Density Fluids
Bazarkina E, Pokrovski G, Akinfiev N & Zotov A

(2011) A New View on Sulfur Speciation in Geological Fluids at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures
Pokrovski G, Dubrovinsky L & Dubessy J

(2011) Structural Study of Copper Chemical Status Adsorbed onto and Incorporated by Benthic Algae and Periphytic Biofilm
Pokrovsky OS, Coutaud A, Pokrovski GS & Rols J-L

(2009) Iron Isotope Fractionation between Hematite and Aqueous Fluids: Insights from Hydrothermal Experiments
Saunier G, Pokrovski G & Poitrasson F

(2009) Speciation of Fe Adsorbed on and Incorporated into Soil and Aquatic Bacteria: XAS Structural Study
Gonzalez A, Pokrovsky O, Shirokova L, Pokrovski G, Jimenez-Villacorta F, Gonzalez-Davila M, Santana-Casiano M & Emnova E

(2009) Sulfur Speciation in Aqueous Solution and its Consequencies for Metal Transport by Hydrothermal Fluids
Pokrovski G & Dubrovinsky L

(2008) Gold and Silver in Hydrothermal Fluids and Vapors: Insights from in situ XAFS Spectroscopy
Pokrovski G, Tagirov B, Schott J, Hazemann J-L, Proux O & Roux J

(2007) Impact of Organic Ligands on Antimony Behavior in Aquatic Systems
Tella M & Pokrovski G

(2006) The effect of sulfur on vapor-liquid partitioning of metals in hydrothermal systems: An experimental batch-reactor study
Pokrovski GS, Borisova AY & Harrichoury J-C

(2006) First in situ XAFS determination of gold solubility and speciation in sulfur-rich hydrothermal solutions
Schott J, Pokrovski GS, Tagirov BR, Hazemann J-L & Proux O

(2005) Transport of Metalloids by Low-Density Hydrothermal Fluids: Insights from X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Pokrovski G, Hazemann J, Testemale D, Roux J & Tella M

(2004) Zinc Interaction with Diatom Cultures: New Insights from XAFS Study and Stable Isotope Fractionation
Gelabert A, Pokrovsky O, Pokrovski G, Viers J, Schott J & Boudou A

(2004) Vapor-Liquid Partitioning of Metals at Hydrothermal Conditions
Pokrovski G, Roux J & Harichourry J

(2000) Dissolved Major and Trace Elements in Two Contrasting Rivers and their Estuarine Zones of the White Sea (Karelia, Russia)
Pokrovsky OS, Schott J & Pokrovski G

(2000) Arsenic Speciation and Transport in Hydrothermal Vapour and Low-Density Crustal Fluids
Pokrovski G, Zakirov I & Roux J

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