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All abstracts by Oleg S. Pokrovsky in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Reproducing the Formation of Stromatolites in a Si-Rich Environment
Lamérand C, Petit M, Shirokova LS, Bénézeth P, Rols J-L & Pokrovsky OS

(2020) Biomineralization of Hydrous Mg Carbonates and Silicates
Lamérand C, Shirokova LS, Bénézeth P, Rols J-L & Pokrovsky OS

(2015) Water Cycle of a Subarctic Hydrothermal System
Malov A, Bolotov I, Tokarev I & Pokrovsky O

(2015) The Effect of Riverine Particulate Material on the Growth Rate of Freshwater Cyanobacteria Synechococcus sp
Grimm C, Martinez RE, Pokrovsky OS, Benning LG & Oelkers EH

(2014) The Use of Mosses as Bioindicators for Zn Pollution: Physico-Chemical Characterization and Stable Isotopic Fractionation
González AG, Pokrovsky OS & Viers J

(2014) Basalt Weathering and Plant Recycling in Permafrost-Bearing Watersheds of Central Siberia: A Multi-Isotope Approach (Si, Mg, Ca, Zn, and Cu)
Pokrovsky OS, Viers J, Prokushkin AS, Mavromatis V, Bagard M-L & Chabaux F

(2013) Metal Adsorption on Mosses: Towards a Universal Adsorption Model
González AG & Pokrovsky OS

(2013) Impact of Basalt Weathering and Plant Recycling on Mg Transport from the Soil to the River Under Permafrost Environment: A Stable Mg Isotope Study in Central Siberia
Prokushin A, Mavromatis V, Pokrovsky O & Viers J

(2013) Complexation of Oxyanions by Diatom Cells
Gelabert A, Pokrovsky OS, Schott J & Feurtet-Mazel A

(2013) Use of Uranium, Thorium and Carbon Isotopes for Thermal Groundwater and Travertine Dating
Malov A, Bolotov I, Zykov S, Druzhinin S & Pokrovsky O

(2013) Zn Isotope Fractionation in Pristine Larch Forest Developed on Permafrost-Dominated Soils in Central Siberia
Viers J, Prokushkin A, Pokrovsky O, Kirdyanov A, Zouiten C, Oliva P & Dupre B

(2012) Towards a Consistent Quantitative Description of Mineral Precipitation and Dissolution Rates
Schott J, Oelkers E, Benezeth P, Gautier Q, Pokrovsky O, Jordan G & Saldi G

(2012) Physico-Chemical and Structural Controls on Copper Isotope Fractionation during its Sorption by Benthic Algae and a Phototrophic Biofilm
Coutaud A, Pokrovsky OS, Glatzel P, Pokrovski GS, Viers J & Rols J-L

(2011) Organic Matter Mineralization and Trace Element Post-Depositional Redistribution in Western Siberia Thermokarst Lakes
Audry S, Pokrovsky O, Shirokova L & Kirpotin S

(2011) Copper and Zinc Isotope Fractionation during their Interaction with Phototrophic Biofilm
Coutaud A, Pokrovsky OS, Rols J-L & Viers J

(2011) Numerical Study of Weathering Fluxes at the Catchment Scale in a Boreal Watershed: A Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Geochemical Mechanistic Approach
Orgogozo L, Goddéris Y, Pokrovsky O, Viers J, Labat D, Prokushkin A & Dupré B

(2011) Structural Study of Copper Chemical Status Adsorbed onto and Incorporated by Benthic Algae and Periphytic Biofilm
Pokrovsky OS, Coutaud A, Pokrovski GS & Rols J-L

(2010) Does the Presence of Bacteria Affect Basaltic Glass Dissolution Rates? 2: Live Pseudomonas reactants
Stockmann GJ, Shirokova LS, Pokrovsky OS, Oelkers EH & Benezeth P

(2010) Effect of Heterotrophic Bacteria (Pseudomonas reactants) on Olivine Dissolution Kinetics in the Context of CO2 Storage in Basalts
Shirokova L, Pokrovsky O, Benezeth P, Gerard E, Menez B & Alfredsson H

(2010) Sources of Colloidal and Dissolved Loads over the Hydrological Cycle in Siberian Rivers
Bagard M-L, Chabaux F, Pokrovsky O, Prokushkin A, Viers J, Derenne S & Templier J

(2009) Calcium Carbonate Precipitation in the Presence of Phototrophic Anaerobic Bacteria Rhodovulum sp
Bundeleva I, Shirokova L, Bénézeth P, Pokrovsky O & Kompantseva EI

(2009) Effect of Heterotrophic Bacteria Extracted from Icelandic Groundwater on Ca Silicate Dissolution
Shirokova L, Benezeth P & Pokrovsky O

(2009) Speciation of Fe Adsorbed on and Incorporated into Soil and Aquatic Bacteria: XAS Structural Study
Gonzalez A, Pokrovsky O, Shirokova L, Pokrovski G, Jimenez-Villacorta F, Gonzalez-Davila M, Santana-Casiano M & Emnova E

(2009) Influence of Vegetation on Chemical Fluxes in a Tropical Watershed: Mule Hole, South India
Riotte J, Maréchal J-C, Akerman A, Audry S, Oliva P, Ruiz L, Fraisse F, Pokrovsky O, Lagane C, Muddu S & Braun J-J

(2009) Origin of Chemical Fluxes Carried by Boreal Rivers: Evidence from Major and Trace Element, U and Sr Isotope Data in Two Siberian Rivers
Bagard M-L, Chabaux F, Pokrovsky OS, Prokushkin AS, Viers J, Derenne S, Templier J & Dupré B

(2008) Chemical Weathering of Mafic Rocks in Boreal Environment (NW Russia)
Vasyukova E, Oliva P, Pokrovsky O, Viers J, Martin F, Dupre B & Bychkov A

(2008) The Surface Chemistry of Multi-Oxide Silicates
Oelkers E, Golubev S, Chairat C, Pokrovsky O & Schott J

(2008) Surface Charge and Zeta-Potential of Metabolically Active and Dead Cyanobacteria
Martinez R, Pokrovsky O, Schott J & Oelkers E

(2008) Impact of Cyanobacteria Gloeocapsa sp. On Calcium Carbonate Precipitation Rates
Shirovoka LS & Pokrovsky O

(2008) Contribution of Forest Fire Ashes to Weathering Fluxes in the Moole Hole Experimental Watershed (South India)
Akerman A, Audry S, Riotte J, Muddu S, Oliva P, Maréchal J-C, Fraysse F, Pokrovski O, Lagane C & Braun J-J

(2007) Magnesite Dissolution in the Presence of Organic and Inorganic Ligands
Jordan G, Pokrovsky O, Guichet X & Schmahl W

(2007) Dissolution and Precipitation Kinetics of Magnesite at Conditions Relevant for CO2 Geologic Sequestration
Saldi G, Oelkers E, Pokrovsky O & Schott J

(2007) Characterization of Carbonate Mineral Formation by Cyanobacteria and the Implications in CO2 Sequestration
Martinez R, Pokrovsky O, Schott J & Oelkers E

(2007) Hydrothermal AFM and Mixed-Flow Reactor Studies of ZnS Dissolution
Schlueter C, Jordan G, Pokrovsky O & Schmahl W

(2006) Metal adsorption by diatoms: a surface complexation model
Gelabert A, Pokrovsky O, Schott J & Boudou A

(2006) Si isotopes for tracing basalt weathering in Central Siberia
Reynolds BC, Pokrovsky OS & Schott J

(2004) A Generalized Surface Complexation Model for Carbonate Minerals in Aqueous Solutions
Villegas-Jiménez A, Mucci A, Paquette J, Pokrovsky O & Schott J

(2004) Zinc Interaction with Diatom Cultures: New Insights from XAFS Study and Stable Isotope Fractionation
Gelabert A, Pokrovsky O, Pokrovski G, Viers J, Schott J & Boudou A

(2004) Trace Elements Interaction with Phototrophic Anaerobic Bacteria and Cyanobacteria: A Physico-Chemical Approach
Pokrovsky O, Kompantzeva E, Golubev S & Schott J

(2004) Laboratory Weathering of Ca- and Mg-Bearing Silicates: Weak Effect of CO2 and Organic Ligands
Golubev S, Pokrovsky O & Schott J

(2004) Surface Coordination Theory and the Dissolution/Precipitation Rates of Carbonate Minerals in a Wide Range of T, pCO2 and Solution Composition
Schott J, Pokrovsky O & Golubev S

(2004) Impact of Dissolved Organics on Mineral Dissolution Kinetics: Towards a Predictive Model for Ca– And Mg–bearing Oxides, Carbonates and Silicates
Pokrovsky O, Schott J & Golubev S

(2004) Interactions between Vegetation and Rock Chemical Weathering: A Study with a Coupled Hydrological and Biogeochemical Model
François L, Bureau M, Carignan J, Dambrine E, France- Lanord C, Schott J, Pokrovsky O & Goddéris Y

(2004) Surface Properties, Solubility and Dissolution Kinetics of Phytoliths, from Bamboos of Réunion Island
Fraysse F, Pokrovsky O, Schott J & Meunier J

(2002) Ge-Isotopic Fractionation during its Sorption on Goethite: An Experimental Study
Galy A, Pokrovsky OS & Schott J

(2002) Study of Diatoms/Aqueous Solution Interface. II. Interaction of Trace Metals (Zn, Cu, Cd, Pb, Cr, Al) with Freshwater and Marine Diatoms
Pokrovsky O, Gelabert A, Viers J, Schott J & Boudou A

(2002) Study of Diatoms/Aqueous Solution Interface. I. Testing a Surface Complexation Approach
Alexandre G, Pokrovsky O, Schott J & Boudou A

(2002) The Mechanism of Altered Layers Formation on Wollastonite Revisited: A Combined Spectroscopic/Kinetic Study
Schott J, Pokrovsky OS, Spalla O, Devreux F & Mielczarski JA

(2000) Dissolved Major and Trace Elements in Two Contrasting Rivers and their Estuarine Zones of the White Sea (Karelia, Russia)
Pokrovsky OS, Schott J & Pokrovski G

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