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All abstracts by Robert J. Poreda in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Tiny Tracers Tell Old Tales: Noble Gases Delineate the Source and Transport Mechanisnm of Hydrocarbons in Shallow Aquifers
Darrah T, Jackson R, Poreda R, Warner N & Vengosh A

(2014) The Source and Migration of Natural Gas in Shallow Aquifers: Insights Provided by the Integration of Noble Gas and Hydrocarbon Isotopes
Darrah T, Jackson R, Vengosh A, Warner N & Poreda R

(2012) Noble Gas and C Stable Isotopes Quash Fears over CO2 Storage Leaks at Weyburn
Gilfillan S, Haszeldine RS, Sherk G & Poreda R

(2012) Using Noble Geochemistry to Identify the Genetic Fingerprint of Natural and Fugitive Gases in the Marcellus Play of Northern Appalachian Basin
Darrah T, Warner N, Vengosh A, Jackson R & Poreda R

(2011) Natural and Artifical Noble Gases as Tracers of Injected CO2 Migration within a Deep Reservoir
Gilfillan S, Haszeldine RS, Poreda R & Hovorka S

(2010) Noble Gases in the Natural Gas of Western New York and North-Central Pennsylvania: Natural Analogs for Evaluating Possible Impacts of Carbon Sequestration and Horizontal Drilling
Hunt AG, Laughrey CD & Poreda RJ

(2010) He and Ne as Tracers of Natural CO2 Migration from a Deep Reservoir
Gilfillan S, Wilkinson M, Haszeldine S, Nelson S & Poreda R

(2009) The Incorporation of Gd in Human Bone from Medical Contrast Imaging
Darrah T, Poreda R, Campbel E, Prutsman-Pfeiffer J & Hannigan R

(2005) Dating Water and Solute Additions in Ice-Covered Antarctic Lakes
Lyons WB, Dowling C, Welch KA, Synder G, Poreda RJ, Doran PT & Fountain A

(2002) Fullerenes and Interplanetary Dust (IDPs)in the Phanerozoic
Becker L & Poreda R

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