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All abstracts by Mihály Pósfai in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Roles of Precursor (Mg)-ACC in the Formation of Aragonite
Molnár Z, Pekker P & Pósfai M

(2023) ’Visible Phosphorus’ in Shallow, Calcareous Lake Balaton (Hungary)
Rácz K, Nyirő-Kósa I, Molnár Z, Istvánovics V & Pósfai M

(2022) General Features of Metal Sulfide Biomineralization and Latest Findings About Microbial Copper Sulfide Biomineralization
Park Y, Eyal Z, Pekker P, Chevrier DM, Lefèvre CT, Arnoux P, Armengaud J, Monteil CL, Gal A, Pósfai M & Faivre D

(2021) Properties of Magnetic Nanoparticles in Vehicle-Derived Aerosol
Nyiro-Kosa I, Pósfai M & Ahmad F

(2021) Reverse Osmosis Effluents: Biogeochemical and Mineralogical Investigation
Ruiz-Agudo E, Staicu LC, Wojtowicz PJ, Pósfai M, Baragaño Coto D & Gallego JLR

(2021) Effects of Clay Minerals on the Formation of Mg-Bearing Calcium Carbonate Minerals
Molnár Z, Pekker P, Dódony I & Pósfai M

(2021) Protodolomite: Structure and Formation in Lakes
Pósfai M, Molnár Z, Pekker P, Rácz K, Dódony I, Pálfi I, Kristály F, Meister P, Frisia S & Magyari E

(2019) First Results on Nano-Scale Investigations of Mantle Minerals from Carpathian-Pannonian Region Peridotite Xenoliths
Pálos Z, Kovács IJ, Pekker P, Pósfai M, Lange T, Liptai N, Berkesi M & Szabó C

(2019) Calcium Carbonate Precipitation Induced by Clay Minerals
Molnár Z, Pekker P & Pósfai M

(2019) What Have Magnetotactic Bacteria Ever Done for us?
Pósfai M

(2019) Pathways of Carbonate Sediment Accumulation in a Large, Shallow Lake
Rostási Á, Fodor M, Rácz K, Topa B, Weiszburg T & Pósfai M

(2018) The Role of Clays in Heterogeneous Carbonate Nucleation
Pósfai M, Fodor M, Rostási Á, Molnár Z, Váczi T, Ható Z & Kristóf T

(2017) Templated Nucleation and Growth of Calcite in a Freshwater Environment
Rostási Á, Molnár Z, Fodor M, Bereczk-Tompa É, Váczi T & Pósfai M

(2015) Bullet-Shaped Magnetosomes: Magnetic Properties and Possible Routes of Biomineralization
Pósfai M, Kovács A, Lefevre C & Dunin-Borkowski R

(2015) Synthesis of Magnetic Filaments Using Flagellin-Based Fusion Proteins as Templates
Tompa É, Pósfai M, Nyirő-Kósa I, Tóth B & Vonderviszt F

(2014) Formation of Tar Balls and their Light Absorption: Direct Laboratory Studies
Tóth Á, Hoffer A, Nyirő-Kósa I, Pósfai M & Gelencsér A

(2013) Carbonate Mineralization in Shallow Lake Balaton
Nyirő-Kósa I, Tompa É, Rostási Á, Cserny T & Pósfai M

(2013) Biomineralization and Biomimetic Synthesis of Magnetite Nanoparticles
Tompa É, Nyirő-Kósa I, Uebe R, Schüler D & Pósfai M

(2009) Individual Particles in Atmospheric Dust from Saudi Arabia
Pósfai M, Axisa D, Bruintjes R & Buseck PR

(2009) Structural Variations in Nanocrystalline Iron Oxides and Sulfides
Nyírő-Kósa I, Csákberényi Nagy D, Dódony I, Rečnik A & Pósfai M

(2000) Magnetite and Greigite from Magnetotactic Bacteria and from Sedimentary Rocks: Size Distributions and Microstructures
Arato B, Cziner K, Posfai M, Marton E & Marton P

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