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All abstracts by Anthony R. Prave in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Paleoproterozoic Organic Carbon Burial Events and δ13Corg Excursions: Global or Regional Controls?
Lepland A, Martin A, Prave A & Eichinger F

(2015) Continental Weathering and Earth System Response
Kasemann S, Pogge von Strandmann P, Prave A, Ohnemüller F, Fallick A, Elliott T & Hoffmann K-H

(2015) A Deep Time Perspective on Ocean pH
Kasemann S, Wood R, Ohnemüller F, Clarkson M, Lenton T & Prave A

(2013) Carbonates of the 2.0 Ga Zaonega Formation: REE and Sr Isotopic Indications of their Origin
Crne AE, Lepland A, Kamber BS, Melezhik VA, Prave AR, Fallick AE, Brasier AT & Condon DJ

(2013) A δ13C Record from Marine Carbonates Deposited Below Diamictites between ca. 2430 and 2440 Ma
Brasier A, Martin A, Melezhik V, Prave A, Condon D & Fallick A

(2013) Calcium and Magnesium Isotopes Reveal Earth System Response in the Aftermath of a Cryogenian Glaciation
Kasemann S, Pogge von Strandmann P, Prave A, Fallick A, Elliott T & Hoffmann K-H

(2012) Negative C-Isotope Excursion in Carbonates during 2.0 Ga Shunga Event
Crne AE, Melezhik VA, Lepland A, Fallick AE, Prave AR & Brasier AT

(2011) Controls on Early Biomineralisation: Oxygen and Competition
Wood R, Prave A, Hoffman C, Lyne J, Clarkson M & Kasemann S

(2011) Neoproterozoic Ice Ages, Boron Isotopes, and Ocean Acidification
Kasemann S, Prave A, Fallick A, Hawkesworth C & Hoffmann KH

(2008) Neoproterozoic Carbonates: An Isotopic Archive of Ocean Acidification?
Kasemann S, Abell R, Prave A, Fallick A & Hawkesworth C

(2007) Stable Isotopic Trends in Neoproterozoic Oceans: A Record of Global Snowballs, Global Slushballs, Global Methane, Global Diagenesis, and/Or Palaeogeography?
Prave T, Kasemann S, Fallick T, Hawkesworth C & Hoffmann C

(2006) Stable isotope investigation of palaeo- CO2 levels: Neoproterozoic climatic extremes as a test study
Kasemann SA, Prave AR, Hawkesworth CJ & Fallick AE

(2005) Fe Isotope Composition in Neoproterozic Dolomite Rocks and Banded Iron Formations
Leighton E, Prave AR, Hawkesworth CJ & Elliott TR

(2002) Calcium Isotope Variation in Neoproterozoic Carbonate Rocks
Kasemann SA, Hawkesworth CJ & Prave AR

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