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All abstracts by Richard C. Price in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Dual Sources for Early Taranaki Magmas; The Sr Isotope Story
Stewart R, Price R, Smith I & Zernack A

(2011) Evolution of Andesite Magma Systems; Egmont Volcano, New Zealand
Stewart RB, Zernack A, Turner M, Price R, Smith I & Cronin S

(2011) The Longwood Igneous Complex of Southern New Zealand: An Intra-Oceanic, Subduction-Related Batholith
Price R, Spandler C & Arculus R

(2009) Crustal Influences on U-Th Disequilibrium at Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu Volcanoes, New Zealand
Price R, Turner S, Cook C, Hobden B, Smith I & Gamble J

(2008) Structural Controls on Changing Differentiation Depths at Mt. Ruapehu Volcano
Lee T, Macpherson C, Davidson J, Price R, Gamble J & Smith I

(2008) Andesites as Mixtures of Crystals and Evolved Melts Derived from Multi-Component Crustal and Mantle Sources: Evidence from Ruapehu, New Zealand
Price R, Smith I & Gamble J

(2008) Making Andesites in a Lower Crustal Hot Zone: Preconditioning the Lithosphere of Taupo Volcanic Zone
Gamble J, Price R, Smith I, Bill M, Gardner M & Cameron E

(2007) Short-Term Geochemical Variation within a Single Eruption Event: Mount Edgecumbe Volcano, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Gardner MF, Carroll LD, Gamble JA, Ellam RM, Troll VR & Price RC

(2007) Magmatic Processes and the Evolution of Crust: Insights from the New Zealand/Kermadec Subduction System
Price R, Smith I, Gamble J, Zernack A & Stewart R

(2006) Manufacturing and recycling crust in oceanic subduction systems of the southwest Pacific: processes and timescales
Smith I, Price RC & Gamble JA

(2006) Slab or Crust – K2O Enrichment at Egmont Volcano, New Zealand
Stewart RB, Zernack A & Price RC

(2006) Mixing, fractionation and crustal assimilation in andesites: evidence from U-Th disequilibrium data, Ruapehu, New Zealand.
Price R, Gamble J, George R, Turner S, Smith I & Cook C

(2006) New Zealand Andesites: Priming the lithosphere for a supervolcano.
Gamble J, Price R & Smith I

(2004) Insights into Andesites from Ruapehu Volcano, New Zealand and Links to Rhyolitic Volcanism in the Taupo Volcanic Zone
Gamble J, Price R & Smith I

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