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All abstracts by Malcolm Pringle in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Isotopic Variability of the Ninetyeast Ridge – Implications for its Mantle Sources
Nobre Silva I, Weis D, Scoates J, Pringle M & Frey F

(2011) Diverse Mantle Sources for Ninetyeast Ridge Volcanoes
Meleney P, Frey F, Pringle M, O'Brien E, Huang S, Nobre Silva I & Weis D

(2008) Geochemistry and Geochronology of the Ninetyeast Ridge, Indian Ocean: New Constraints on Paleotectonics and Hotspot Dynamics
Pringle M, Mervine E, Frey F, Nobre-Silva I, Weis D, Owens H & Gauntlett E

(2005) The Manicouagan Impact Melt Rock: A Proposed Standard for the Intercalibration of U-Pb and <+>40<$>Ar/<+>39<$>Ar Isotopic Systems
Ramezani J, Bowring S, Pringle M, Winslow F & Rasbury T

(2005) Paleocene Timescale Miscalibration: Fact or Fiction?
Pringle M & Chambers L

(2005) New High Precision Zircon Ages from the Carboniferous of Scotland and their Implications for the Systematic Bias between U-Pb and <+>40<$>Ar/<+>39<$>Ar Dating Techniques
Parrish R, Monaghan A & Pringle M

(2005) Temporal Constraints on the Juxtaposition and Exhumation of Deep Crustal Domains, East Athabasca Region, Western Canadian Shield
Flowers R, Pringle M, Mahan K, Bowring S, Williams M, Hodges K & Reiners P

(2000) Ar/Ar Single Crystal White Mica Ages for Himalayan Erosion, Exhumation and Provenance Studies
White N, Pringle M, Garzanti E, Najman Y, Bickle M, Friend P, Ashok M & Burbank D

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