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All abstracts by Henning Prommer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Identification of Physical and Geochemical Controls on the Electrokinetic in situ Leaching of Gold
Ortega-Tong P, Jamieson J, Sprocati R, Sun J, Rolle M, Fourie A & Prommer H

(2020) Large-Scale Geochemical Impacts of Groundwater Replenishment with Reclaimed Wastewater
Prommer H, Sun J, Schafer D, Seibert S, Siade A, Jamieson J & Higginson S

(2020) Model-Based Quantifiation of As Mobility within the Redox Transition Zones (RTZs) Marking the Interface of Holocene/Pleistocene Aquifers
Rathi B, Wallis I, Sun J, Jamieson J, Cirpka O & Prommer H

(2019) Controlling Arsenic Solubility by Iron Mineral Formation in a Heavily Contaminated Coastal Aquifer
Barron A, Passaretti S, Sbarbati C, Sun J, Prommer H, Petita M & Barbieri M

(2019) A Process-Based Model for Iron Mineral Transformation
Jamieson J, Carr J, Sun J, Salmon U, Siade A, Rathi B & Prommer H

(2019) Arsenic Sorption on Holocene and Pleistocene Aquifer Sediments
Rathi B, Sun J, Stopelli E, Barron A, Schneider M, Vu D, Eiche E, Pham VH, Bostick B, Prommer H, Cirpka OA & Berg M

(2018) Interdisciplinary Approach to Understand As Mobilization in the Groundwater of Hanoi, Vietnam
Glodowska M, Stopelli E, Lightfoot A, Schneider M, Patzner M, Kipfer R, Winkel L, Berg M, Cirpka O, Eiche E, Kontny A, Neumann T, Rathi B, Prommer H, Pham Hung V, Vu D, Vi Mai L, Pham T, Kleindienst S & Kappler A

(2018) The Role of Sediment Heterogeneity on Arsenic Mobilization during Managed Aquifer Recharge
Fakhreddine S, Prommer H, Gorelick S & Fendorf S

(2017) Model-Based Identification of Physical and Geochemical Controls of Uranium in situ Leaching
Sun J, Prommer H, Bunney K, Jackson M, Austin P, Li J, Robinson D, Oram J, Rao A & Kuhar L

(2017) Constraining Flow and Reactive Transport Models with Environmental Tracer Data
Prommer H, Wallis I, Underwood S, Salmon U, McCallum J, Adam S & Rolf K

(2017) Multiscale Characterization and Quantification of Arsenic Mobilization during Injection of Treated Coal Seam Gas Co-produced Water into Deep Aquifers
Rathi B, Siade A, Donn M, Helm L, Morris R, Davis J, Berg M & Prommer H

(2017) Identifying and Quantifying the Intermediate Processes during Nitrate Dependent Fe(II) Oxidation
Jamieson J, Yusov A, Sun J, Prommer H & Bostick B

(2016) Remediating Acidic Metal(loid) Contaminated Groundwater Using in situ Biogenic Magnetite
Jamieson J, Sun J, Prommer H & Bostick B

(2016) Model-Based Analysis of Injection Trials in Deep Aquifers to Predict Large-Scale Impacts of CSG Product Water Reinjection
Prommer H, Helm L, Rathi B & Morris R

(2016) Modeling of As Fate Governed by Naturally Occurring Mn-Oxides Under Varying Geochemical Conditions
Rathi B, Prommer H & Sun J

(2016) Identification of the Mechanism for Fluoride and Phosphate Release during Managed Aquifer Recharge
Schafer D, Donn M, Atteia O & Prommer H

(2015) Modelling a Field Experiment of Enhanced Dissolution of Chlorinated Solvents
Atteia O & Prommer H

(2015) Modelling 14C Groundwater Age: Investigating Spatial Resolution Requirements and Impacts of Carbon Reactions
Salmon U & Prommer H

(2015) Quantifying Reactive Transport Processes Governing Arsenic Mobility in a Bengal Delta Plain Aquifer
Rawson J, Prommer H, Neidhardt H & Berg M

(2015) Assessing the Impacts of Chemical and Physical Heterogeneity on Water Quality Evolution during ASR
Deng H, Descourvieres C, Seibert S, Harris B, Atteia O, Siade A & Prommer H

(2015) Determination and Quantification of Arsenic Sorption Characteristics in the Pleistocene Aquifer of Hanoi, Vietnam
Rathi B, Neidhardt H, Berg M, Davis JA & Prommer H

(2015) The Use of Environmental Tracer Concentration Data within the Context of Coupled Flow and Reactive Transport Modeling
Wallis I & Prommer H

(2014) Modeling Reductive Dissolution of Iron Oxides and Associated Arsenic Mobility Under Varying Organic Electron Donor Loads
Rawson J, Prommer H & Berg M

(2014) Modeling of Iron Mineral Transformations and Arsenic Fate Under Sulfate Reducing Conditions
Carr J, Prommer H & Salmon U

(2013) Physical and Geochemical Processes during Groundwater Replenishment with Highly Treated Wastewater
Seibert S, Prommer H, Siade A & Atteia O

(2012) Modeling Reactive Transport of Biogenic Uraninite and its Re-oxidation by Fe(III)-(hydr)oxides
Sengor SS, Greskowiak J & Prommer H

(2011) Physical Versus Chemical Non-Equilibrium Model for Simulating U(VI) Adsorption
Greskowiak J, Hay M, Prommer H, Liu C, Post V, Ma R, Davis J, Zheng C & Zachara J

(2011) Reactive Transport Modelling to Quantify Arsenic Mobilization and Capture during Aquifer Storage and Recovery of Potable Water
Wallis I, Prommer H, Pichler T, Post V & Simmons C

(2011) Tracing Sedimentary Pyrite Oxidation during Managed Aquifer Recharge
Seibert S, Skrzypek G, Descourvieres C, Hinz C & Prommer H

(2009) Identification of Sedimentary Reductive Capacity and Redox Processes during ASR
Descourvieres C, Hartog N & Prommer H

(2009) Coupled Modeling of Biogeochemical and Isotope Fractionation Processes at a BTEX/PAH Contaminated Site
Prommer H, Anneser B, Rolle M & Griebler C

(2009) Numerical Evaluation of Arsenic Mobilisation during Deepwell Injection of Aerobic Groundwater into a Pyritic Aquifer
Wallis I, Prommer H, Post V, Stuyfzand P & Simmons C

(2008) Simulating Transient Redox Zonation and its Impact on the Fate of Micropollutants during Managed Aquifer Recharge
Prommer H, Greskowiak J & Stuyfzand P

(2004) The Importance of Fringe Processes for Natural Attenuation of Phenoxy Acids in Landfill Leachate Plumes
Prommer H, Tuxen N & Bjerg P

(2000) Reactive Multicomponent Transport Modelling of Contaminated Aquifers: Natural Attenuation of a Petroleum Hydrocarbon Plume Under Sulphate-Reducing Conditions
Prommer H, Woolhouse KJ, Barry DA & Davis GB

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