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All abstracts by Jonathan Prunier in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Minor Impact of Fresh Submarine Groundwater Discharge on Si Budget along Indian Coastline: Inferences from Silicon Isotopes and Ge/Si Ratio
Pullyottum Kavil S, Cardinal D, Riotte J, Chakrabarti R, Sarma V, K.R M, Prunier J & Dapoigny A

(2023) Soil Lithium Isotopic Response to Land-Use in a Dry Tropical Agrosystem (Berambadi, South India)
Mitra A, Misra S, Oliva P, Prunier J, Pradalier H, Jourdan C, Audry S, Ruiz L & Riotte J

(2016) The Fate of Cu-based Pesticides in Vineyard Soils: A δ65Cu Case Study on Contrasting Soil Types
Blotevogel S, Oliva P, Viers J, Denaix L, Audry S, Darrozes J, Courjault-Radé P, Orgogozo L, Prunier J & Schreck E

(2014) Modifications over the Last 20 Years of Weathering Reactions in the Granitic Strengbach Catchment: Evidence from Geochemical and U-Sr Isotope Data in Soils, Soil Solutions and Vegetation Samples
Chabaux F, Prunier J, Pierret M-C, Stille P & Viville D

(2013) Absorption and Fractionation of Rare Earth Elements (REE) by Plants
Steinmann M, Brioschi L, Lucot E, Pierret M-C, Stille P, Prunier J & Badot P-M

(2013) Origin of the Chemical and U-Sr Isotopic Variations of Soil Solutions, Stream and Source Waters at a Small Catchment Scale (the Strengbach Case; France)
Pierret M-C, Prunier J, Chabaux F & Stille P

(2011) Isotope Composition of Iron Delivered to the Oceans by Intertropical Rivers: The Amazon River Case
Poitrasson F, Vieira LC, Seyler P, dos Santos Pinheiro GM, Mulholland D, Ferreira Lima BA, Bonnet M-P, Martinez J-M & Prunier J

(2011) Short-Lived Nuclides of the U and Th-Series Probing Recent Pedogenic Processes in Soils
Rihs S, Prunier J, Thien B, Lemarchand D, Pierret M-C & Chabaux F

(2008) Bio-Geochemical Cycles in Acidic Soils from a Granitic Watershed
Pierret M-C, Stille P, Chabaux F, Viville D, Prunier J & Lemarchand D

(2008) Time Constants of Chemical Transfers in a Forested Ecosystem Inferred from Short-Lived Nuclides (226-228Ra, 210Pb and 137Cs)
Rihs S, Thien B, Prunier J, Lemarchand D, Pierret M-C, Stille P & Chabaux F

(2007) Chemical and Isotopic Variations of Surface Waters at a Small Catchment Scale, Lithological vs Biological Controls (the Strengbach Case)
Pierret M-C, Chabaux F, Prunier J, Stille P, Viville D & Lemarchand D

(2007) U-Th-Ra Fractionation in Soil Horizons of Forested Ecosystem (Strengbach Catchment, France)
Prunier J, Pierret M-C, Chabaux F & Tremolieres M

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