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All abstracts by Igor S. Puchtel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Os Isotope Systematics of Ru-Os Sulfides and Ru-Os-Ir Alloys from the Verkh-Neivinsk and Kunar Ophiolite-Type Complexes (Russia)
Badanina I, Malitch K, Belousova E, Puchtel I & Murzin V

(2019) Siderophile Element Heterogeneity of the Early Mantle: The Western Australia Komatiite Connection
Puchtel IS, Nicklas RW, Slagle J, Locmelis M, Nisbet EG & Walker RJ

(2019) Insights into Planetary Evolution from Pt Stable Isotopes
Creech J, Baker J, Bizzarro M, Moynier F, Puchtel I, Schaefer B & Turner S

(2019) Atmospheric Redox Evolution and Life
Catling D, Kadoya S, Nicklas RW & Puchtel I

(2019) An Oceanic Subduction Origin for Archean Granitoids as Evidenced by Silicon Isotopes
Deng Z, Chaussidon M, Guitreau M, Puchtel IS, Dauphas N & Moynier F

(2015) Abundances of Chalcophile Volatile Elements in 2.7 Ga Komatiites from Belingwe, Zimbabwe
Li C, Becker H, Puchtel IS, Wang Z & Hoffmann EJ

(2015) A Hadean Enriched Mantle Source Revealed by W Isotopes
Touboul M, Puchtel I & Walker R

(2015) Mantle Heterogeneities in Early Earth
Blichert-Toft J & Puchtel I

(2015) The Oxidation State of Archaen Komatiites Revisited
Nicklas R, Puchtel I & Ash R

(2014) Investigating Terrestrial Mantle Evolution Using Ru Isotopes
Bermingham KR, Puchtel IS, O'Driscoll B & Walker RJ

(2014) Multiple Early Earth Differentiation Events Revealed by 142Nd, 182W, and HSE Abundances in Isua Samples
Rizo H, Walker RJ, Carlson RW, Horan M, Touboul M, Puchtel IS, Boyet M & Rosing M

(2014) Heterogeneity of Calcium Isotopes in Earth’s Mantle
Chen H, Savage P, Valdes M, Puchtel I, Day J, Jackson M, Moreira M & Moynier F

(2013) Early Mantle Composition and Evolution Inferred from 142Nd and 182W Variations in Isua Samples
Rizo H, Touboul M, Carlson RW, Boyet M, Puchtel IS & Walker RJ

(2013) Tungsten Isotope Heterogeneities in Archean Komatiites
Touboul M, Puchtel I & Walker R

(2013) Isotopic and Elemental Evidence of Magma Ocean Processes Recorded in Early Archean Komatiites
Puchtel I, Walker R, Touboul M & Blichert-Toft J

(2013) New Constraints on the Magnitude and Timing of Late Accretion
Walker R, Touboul M, Puchtel I & Liu J

(2012) Combined 182W, 186, 187Os and 142,143Nd Constraints on Terrestrial Differentiation and Mantle Mixing
Walker R, Touboul M & Puchtel I

(2012) Early Earth: An Insight from the Combined Os-Nd-Hf Isotope Systematics of Barberton Komatiites
Puchtel I, Touboul M, Blichert-Toft J & Walker R

(2012) Primordial Mantle Heterogeneities Revealed by Coupled 182W and 186, 187Os Investigations
Touboul M, Liu J, O'Neil J, Puchtel I & Walker R

(2011) Tungsten Isotopic Anomalies in Archean Komatiites
Touboul M, Puchtel IS & Walker RJ

(2011) Evolution of Deep Mantle Sources as Inferred from Os-Nd Isotope Systematics of Archean Komatiites
Puchtel I & Walker R

(2011) Iron Isotopes and Komatiites: Implications for Mantle Oxygen Fugacity
Hibbert K, Williams H, Kerr A & Puchtel I

(2010) Clues to the Formation of the Terrestrial Planets from Highly Siderophile Elements
Walker R, Puchtel I, Day J, Galenas M & Brandon A

(2010) Highly Siderophile Elements in the Early Earth: A Story Told by Barberton Komatiites
Puchtel I, Walker R, Robin C, Arndt N, Nisbet E, Anhaeusser C & Byerly G

(2010) The HSE Budget in Early Mars and Genesis of Shergottites
Brandon A, Puchtel I, Day J & Walker R

(2009) Highly Siderophile Elements in the Mantles of the Terrestrial Planets
Walker R, Puchtel I & Day J

(2009) Highly Siderophile Elements in the Earth’s Mantle: Message from the Archean Komatiite Zoo
Puchtel IS & Walker RJ

(2009) Re-Os Geochemistry of Fe-Rich Peridotites and Pyroxenites from Horní Bory, Czech Republic
Ackerman L, Walker R & Puchtel I

(2008) Re-Os Isotope and HSE Systematics of 3.5 Ga Barberton Komatiites
Puchtel I & Walker R

(2007) Pt-Re-Os Isotope and HSE Systematics of Belingwe Komatiites
Puchtel I, Brandon A, Walker R & Nisbet E

(2007) Re-Os Depth Profile of the Upper Mantle beneath Central Europe
Ackerman L, Puchtel IS, Walker RJ & Jelínek E

(2007) Recycling Deep Cratonic Lithosphere and Generation of Intraplate Magmatism
Gao S, Rudnick RL, Xu W-L, Yuan H-L, Liu Y-S, Puchtel I, Liu X-M, Huang H & Wang X-R

(2005) Pt-Re-Os Isotope and HSE Systematics of 2.8<!s><$>Ga Komatiites
Puchtel IS, Brandon AD, Humayun M & Walker RJ

(2005) Platinum-Osmium Isotope Evolution of the Earth's Mantle
Brandon A, Walker R, Puchtel I & Humayun M

(2002) PGEs in Abitibi Komatiites
Puchtel IS, Humayun M, Campbell AJ, Sproule RA & Lesher CM

(2002) PGEs in Icelandic Picrites
Humayun M, Puchtel IS & Brandon AD

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