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All abstracts by Sétareh Rad in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Weathered Profiles in Tropical Volcanic Islands by Combined Geochemical and Geophysical Approaches
Rad S, Deparis J, Gadalia A, Chabaux F & Allègre CJ

(2016) Measurement of Free Radium and Thallium with Donnan Membrane Technique: Application to Complexation Study with Dissolved Organic Matter
Martin L, Simonucci C, Viollier E, Lascar E, Tharaud M, Courbet C, Gourgiotis A, Rad S & Benedetti M

(2013) Sedimentary and Diagenetic Features of the Oolithe Blanche Formation (Middle Jurassic): New Contribution from Ca, Sr, C, O Isotopic Compositions
Rad S, Maklhoufi Y, Guerrot C, Flehoc C & Collin P-Y

(2012) Denudation of the Lesser Antilles
Gaillardet J, Lajeunesse E, Rad S, Dessert C, Louvat P, Rive K, Agrinier P, Lloret E & Benedetti M

(2011) Li Isotopes a Powerful Tool to Trace Hydrothermal Impact during Chemical Weathering Processes
Rivé K, Rad S, Garcin M & Millot R

(2011) Chemical Weathering and Erosion Rates in Lesser Antilles: An Overview in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Dominica
Rad S, Rivé K, Cerdan O, Vittecoq B & Allègre C

(2009) Silicium Isotopes as a Proxy of Weathering Processes during the PETM
Rad S, Basile-Doelsch I, Quesnel F & Dupuis C

(2008) Direct Coupling between Chemical and Physical Erosion Rates in the West Indies
Gaillardet J, Rad S, Dessert C & Lajeunesse E

(2007) Tracing the Sources of Carbon in the Rivers of Lesser Antilles
Rivé K, Gaillardet J, Agrinier P & Rad S

(2005) Weathering Process on Tropical Volcanics Islands (Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion) by Using U-Series
Rad S, Gaillardet J, Louvat P, Bourdon B & Allegre CJ

(2004) A Comparison of the Chemical Weathering Rates in the Caribbean Islands Rivers Derived from the U-Decay Series and from the Major Elements
Rad S, Gaillardet J, Manhes G, Bourdon B & Allegre C

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