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All abstracts by Olivier Radakovitch in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Characterization of Solid/Liquid Fractionation Dynamics of Radionuclides on Riverine Suspended Particulate Matter for Integration into Numerical Models
Flipo L, Coppin F, Boyer P, Ciffroy P & Radakovitch O

(2021) Biogeochemical Response of New Caledonia Lagoon Sediments to Tropical Events: A Numerical Modeling Approach
Viollier E, Merrot P, Radakovitch O, Morin G, Fernandez J-M, Moreton B, Nmor SI & Juillot F

(2020) Are UV Filters Polluting our Beaches? A Field Study of French Mediterranean Beach from Consumer Survey to Water Analysis
Labille J, Slomberg D, Catalano R, Robert S, Apers-Tremelo M-L, Boudenne J-L, Manasfi T & Radakovitch O

(2020) Cesium Desorption Intensity at the River-Sea Interface
Delaval A, Duffa C & Radakovitch O

(2020) Levels and Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Surface Sediments of Fishing Grounds along Algerian Coast
Inal A, Boulahdid M, Angelleti B & Radakovitch O

(2019) Transit Times of Artificial Radionuclides in a Large Nuclearized River System
Radakovitch O, Antonelli C, Lepage H & Eyrolle F

(2017) Heteroaggregation of Manufactured Nanoparticles with Suspended Particulate Matter Analogues as Compared to a Natural River System
Slomberg D, Labille J, Pariat A, Praetorius A, Ollivier P, Radakovitch O, Sani-Kast N & Scheringer M

(2017) Sediment Oxygen Demand and Nutrient Fluxes during an Experimentally Induced Hypoxia
Grenz C, Rigaud S, Radakovitch O & Deflandre B

(2017) Study of the Chemical Fluxes Associated with SGD in Several Hotspots along the French Mediterranean Coastline
van Beek P, Tamborski J, Bejannin S, Petrova M, Souhaut M, Lacan F, Stieglitz T, Radakovitch O, Claude C, Pujo-Pay M, Conan P, Crispi O, Garcia-Orellana J & Heimburger L-E

(2016) Assessing the Heteroaggregation of Manufactured Nanoparticles with Natural Colloids in Surface Water
Slomberg D, Labille J, Ollivier P, Praetorius A, Sani-Kast N, Ilina S, Radakovitch O, Scheringer M & Brant J

(2015) Estimation of the Air-Sea Radon Exchange Coefficient in Shallow Area
Cockenpot S, Claude C & Radakovitch O

(2011) Pb Concentrations, Stable Isotopes and 210Pb in Seawater, Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, Sardines, Anchovy from the Gulf of Lion
Strady E, Veron A, Chiffoleau JF & Radakovitch O

(2011) Ecological Impact of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in a Mediterranean Lagoon: Correlations between Radon, Radium and Nitrate in the Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain
Claude C, Baudron P, Mayer A, Gilabert J, Martinez-Vincente D, Radakovitch O, Leduc C, Garcia-Arostegui J-L & Cabezas-Calvo-Rubio F

(2009) Heavy Metals and Artificial Radionuclides Records in Floodplain Sediments of the Lower Rhône River (South – East France)
Ferrand E, Eyrolle F, Provansal M, Dufour S, Radakovitch O & Raccasi G

(2007) A Radium and Radon Investigation of the Submarine Estuary Under Venice
Gattacceca JC, Mayer A, Claude C, Radakovitch O & Hamelin B

(2007) Seasonal Variations of Physical and Chemical Erosion: A Three-Years Survey of the Rhône River (France)
Ollivier P, Hamelin B & Radakovitch O

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