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All abstracts by James W. B. Rae in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Eocene pCO2 Estimates Based on δ11B of Larger Benthic Foraminifera Measured by LA-MC-ICPMS
Coenen D, Evans D, Nambiar R, Hauzer H, Jurikova H, Dumont M, Bartolini A, Merle D, Moreau F, Leroy A, Erez J, Cotton L, Rae JWB & Müller W

(2023) Calibrating Timescales and Measuring pCO2 to Test the Role of LIP Volcanism in the Miocene Climate Optimum
Kasbohm J, Jurikova H, Schoene B, Holbourn A, Planavsky NJ, Rae JWB & Hull PM

(2023) Glacial Carbonate Compensation in the Pacific Ocean Constrained from Paired Oxygen and Carbonate System Reconstructions
Trudgill M, Gray WR, Bouttes N, Munhoven G, Roche D, Colle N, Rae JWB, Michel E, Dapoigny A, Rebaubier H, Richard P & Manssouri F

(2023) Coupled Change in Ocean CO2 Chemistry and Global Climate in the Palaeozoic
Trudgill M, Jurikova H, Present T, Burke A, Bergmann K, Evans D, Finnegan S, Gray WR, Hints O, Lepland A, Prave T, Zimmt JB & Rae JWB

(2023) Circulation in the Modern and Glacial Pacific: Oxygen Isotope and Model Constraints
Millet B, Gray WR, De Lavergne C, Wagner AJ, Waelbroeck C, Michel E, Rae JWB, Sikes EL & Roche D

(2023) Secular Evolution of Boron Isotope Composition of Seawater Archived in Evaporites?
Jurikova H, Gázquez F, Branson O, Weldeghebriel MF, Evans D, Dumont M, Sendula E, Bodnar R, Lowenstein TK & Rae JWB

(2023) Reconstructing the Secular Evolution of Lithium Isotope Composition of Seawater from Marine Halite
Weldeghebriel MF, Murphy JG, Jurikova H, Lowenstein TK, Rae JWB, Niespolo EM & Higgins JA

(2022) Fluctuations in Ocean pH Across the Ordovician-Silurian Boundary
Trudgill M, Jurikova H, Present T, Bergmann K, Finnegan S, Hints O, Lepland A, Prave T, Zimmt JB & Rae JWB

(2021) Shallow Calcium Carbonate Cycling in the Ocean Driven by Organic Matter Respiration
Subhas AV, Berelson W, Ziveri P, Dong S, Rae JWB, Gray WR, Byrne R & Adkins J

(2021) Reconstructing the Secular Evolution of Boron Isotope Composition of Seawater from Evaporites
Jurikova H, Rae JWB, Gázquez F, Sendula E, Bodnar R, Weldeghebriel M & Lowenstein T

(2021) Pulses of Ocean Acidification at the Triassic-Jurassic Boundary Recorded by Boron Isotopes
Trudgill M, Rae JWB, Crumpton-Banks J, van Mourik M, Adloff M, Burke A, Corsetti F, Doherty D, Greenop R, Hong W-L, Lepland A, McIntyre A, Neiroukh N, Rose C, Ruhl M, Saunders D, Stüeken EE, West J, Whiteford R & Greene SE

(2021) Interrogating the Cretaceous-Palaeogene Li Isotope Crash with New Records of Foraminiferal δ7Li
Henehan MJ, Kalderon-Asael B, Barnet JSK, Witts JD, Rae JWB, Planavsky NJ, Hull PM & von Blanckenburg F

(2021) Refining Trace Metal Temperature Proxies in Cold-Water Scleractinian and Stylasterid Corals
Stewart J, Robinson LF, Day R, Strawson I, Samperiz A, Burke A, Rae JWB, Spooner P, Etnoyer P, Williams B, Paytan A, Leng M, Haussermann V, Wickes L, Bratt R & Pryer HV

(2021) Cenozoic Evolution of Deep-Sea Temperature from Clumped Isotope Thermometry
Meckler AN, Sexton P, Piasecki A, Leutert T, Marquardt J, Ziegler M, Agterhuis T, Rae JWB, Barnet JSK, Tripati A & Bernasconi SM

(2021) New Measurements and Compilation Provide a 25, 000 Year View of Global Deep-Sea Radiocarbon
Rafter P(, Gray WR, Burke A, Costa K, Gottschalk J, Hain M, Hines SKV, Rae JWB, Southon J & Devries T

(2021) High Resolution Sulfur Isotopes from Ice Cores: New Techniques and Improved Estimates of the Volcanic Forcing of Climate
Burke A, Innes HM, Sigl M, McConnell J, Steele R, Rae JWB, Coath CD, Lewis J & Elliott T

(2021) CO2 Storage and Release in the North Atlantic Ocean during the Last Glacial Period
Littley EFM, Rae JWB, Burke A, Thornalley DJR, Gray WR, Menviel L & Arndt S

(2021) Benchmarking Analysis of δ11B in Low B Mid Ocean Ridge Basalt (MORB) Volcanic Glasses
Paul AN, Stewart J, Agostini S, Kirstein L, De Hoog J, Savov I, Walowski K, Rae JWB & Elliott T

(2021) Coherent Tracer Correlations in Deep-Sea Corals and Implications for Biomineralization Mechanisms Underlying Vital Effects
Chen S, Littley EFM, Rae JWB, Charles C, Guan Y & Adkins J

(2017) Incorporation and Preservation Potential of Boron Isotope Signals in Cold-Water Octocorals
Gutjahr M, Fietzke J, Rae JWB, Foster GL, Vance D, Hillenbrand C-D, Hoffmann DL & Kuhn G

(2017) Fracture-Induced Fluid Migration in an Arctic Deep Water Pockmark: Porewater Geochemistry from the MEBO Drilling (MSM57) in Vestnesa Ridge (Svalbard)
Hong W-L, Schmidt C, Yao H, Wallmann K, Rae J, Lepland A, Torres M, Plaza-Faverola A, Latour P, Bunz S & Bohrmann G

(2017) Multi-Proxy Evidence for Global Cooling during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2: The Plenus Cold Event
O'Connor L, Robinson S, Batenburg S, Jenkyns H, Naafs D, Pancost R & Rae J

(2017) Drake Passage Deep-Sea Coral Records of Southern Ocean Ventilation during the Last Deglaciation
Li T, Robinson L, Chen T, Pegrum-Haram A, Burke A, Spooner P, Rowland G, Samperiz A, Rae J, Prokopenko M & Knowles T

(2017) Determining Changes in North-Atlantic Carbon Cycling Across Abrupt Climate Events
Greenop R, Burke A, Rae J, Nita D, Reimer P, Chalk T, Crocker A, Rees-Owen R, Barker S & Waelbroeck C

(2017) CO2 Storage and Release in the Deep Southern Ocean on Millennial to Centennial Timescales
Rae J, Burke A, Robinson L, Adkins J, Chen T, Cole C, Littley E, Nita D, Spooner P & Taylor B

(2016) Boron Isotope Composition of Methane-Derived Authigenic Carbonates: Tracer for Fluid Sources
Crémière A, Rae J, Lepland A, Millar I, Bau M, di Primio R & Brunstad H

(2016) Improving Estimates of Surface Water Radiocarbon Reservoir Ages in the Northeastern Atlantic Ocean
Greenop R, Burke A, Rae J, Nita D, Barker S & Reimer P

(2016) Circulation Controls on the Biogeochemistry and Climate of the Glacial Pacific
Rae J, Wills R, Eisenman I, Gray W, Schneider T & Taylor B

(2016) Constraints on Deglacial Southern Ocean Circulation and Carbon Cycling from Deep-Sea Corals
Burke A, Rae J, Cole C, Chen T, Spooner P & Robinson L

(2015) The Impact of Seawater pH on the δ11B of Coral Aragonite
Allison N, Cole C, Finch A, Hintz C & Rae J

(2015) Nutrient Limitation in the Subpolar North Pacific during Glacial Climates due to Enhanced Pacific Meridional Overturning Circulation (PMOC)
Rae J, Wills R, Eisenman I, Gray W & Taylor B

(2013) Glacial-Interglacial Changes in Ocean Carbonate Chemistry Constrained by Boron Isotopes, Trace Elements, and Modelling
Rae J, Adkins J, Foreman A, Charles C, Ridgwell A, Foster G, Schmidt D & Elliott T

(2013) Ice Age Carbon Dynamics of the Interior Atlantic Ocean Inferred from a Highly Resolved Sedimentary Depth Transect
Foreman A, Charles C, Rae J, Slowey N & Adkins J

(2012) Insights on Biomineralisation and the Nature of 'Vital Effects' Using Boron Isotopes
Henehan M, Foster G, Rae J, Ries J, Erez J, Bostock H, Kucera M, Castillo K, Martinez-Bota M & Wilson P

(2012) Responses of Deep-Sea Carbonate System to Carbon Reorganization and Sea Level Changes
Yu J, Broecker W, Jin Z, Rae J & Anderson R

(2012) Boron Isotope Constraints on Deglacial Deepwater Formation and CO2 Release from the North Pacific
Rae J, Ridgwell A, Foster G, Sarnthein M, Grootes P & Elliott T

(2012) Direct Magmatic Input in Geothermal Systems of the Taupo Volcanic Zone
Chambefort I, Rae A & Bignall G

(2011) Calibrating the Boron Isotope pH-Proxy in Globigerinoides Ruber by MC-ICPMS
Henehan M, Foster G, Rae J, Erez J, Wilson P & Kucera M

(2011) A Depth Transect of Four 25 kyr 231Pa/230Th Records from the Argentine Basin: Assessing Southern Component Flow Rates
Hickey B, Henderson G, Thomas A, Rae J, Chiessi C & Mulitza S

(2011) Polar Twins? Deglacial Carbon and Circulation Records from the Deep North Pacific and Southern Oceans
Rae J, Foster G, Gutjahr M, Sarnthein M, Skinner L, Schmidt D & Elliott T

(2011) Lack of a Late Deglacial Carbonate Compensation Signal in the Intermediate Depth Amundsen Sea
Gutjahr M, Vance D, Rae JWB, Foster GL, Hillenbrand C-D & Kuhn G

(2011) The Relationship between Ice Volume, CO2 and Climate in the Middle Miocene
Foster G, Lear C & Rae J

(2009) Benthic Boron Isotopes and Glacial CO2
Rae J, Foster G, Schmidt D & Elliott T

(2009) 231Pa/230Th as a Paleocirculation Proxy Outside the North Atlantic
Henderson GM, Hickey BJ, Rae JW, Thomas AL, Mueller SA & Edwards N

(2008) 231Pa/230Th in the Argentine Basin as a Tracer of Past Southern-Source Water-Mass Flow
Hickey B, Thomas A, Rae J, Mulitza S, Chiessi C & Henderson G

(2008) Boron Isotope Measurements of Marine Carbonate Using MC-ICPMS
Foster GL, Rae J & Elliott T

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