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All abstracts by Jahandar Ramezani in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Questioning the Evidence for the Hadean Dynamo
Borlina CS, Weiss BP, Lima EA, Tang F, Taylor RJM, Einsle JF, Harrison RJ, Fu RR, Bell EA, Alexander EW, Kirkpatrick HM, Wielicki MM, Harrison TM, Ramezani J & Maloof AC

(2018) High-Precision U-Pb CA-ID-TIMS Geochronology of Tonsteins and Constraints on the Origin of Jurassic Coal Succession in Ordos Basin, China
Wang T, Ramezani J, Zhang Z & Wang C

(2018) Insights into the End-Permian Mass Extinction from High-Precision U-Pb Geochronology: Progress and Future Prospects
Ramezani J, Shen S-Z, Chen J, Erwin D, Zhang H, Henderson C & Bowring S

(2018) Direct U-Pb Age Constraints on Arctic Speleothem Formation and their Implications for Climate Change in Deep Time
Gambino C, McGee D, Ramezani J, Khadivi S, Shakun J & Wong C

(2018) High-Resolution Correlation and Bentonite Tephrochronology in the Campanian Western Interior Basin
Beveridge T, Roberts E & Ramezani J

(2016) A Permo-Triassic Ca Isotope Record from Meishan, China
Wang J, Jacobson A, Zhang H, Ramezani J, Sageman B, Hurtgen M, Bowring S & Shen S

(2011) Rapid Assembly of an “S-Type” Batholith in New Zealand: The Plutonic Equivalent of a Supereruption?
Turnbull R, Tulloch A & Ramezani J

(2010) Slow Cooling in the Lowermost Crust of a Continent-Continent Collision: Evidence from Accessory Phase U-Pb Thermochronology of Deep Crustal Xenoliths from the Mozambique Belt, Tanzania
Blondes M, Rudnick R, Ramezani J, Piccoli P & Bowring S

(2008) Rapid Generation of Felsic Magmas at ~ 370 Ma in the New Zealand Sector of the Gondwana Margin
Tulloch A & Ramezani J

(2007) High-Precision U-Pb Zircon Geochronology: Progress and Potential
Bowring S, Crowley J, Ramezani J, McLean N, Condon D & Schoene B

(2006) EARTHTIME U-Pb Tracer For Community Use
Parrish R, Bowring S, Condon D, Schoene B, Crowley J & Ramezani J

(2005) The Manicouagan Impact Melt Rock: A Proposed Standard for the Intercalibration of U-Pb and <+>40<$>Ar/<+>39<$>Ar Isotopic Systems
Ramezani J, Bowring S, Pringle M, Winslow F & Rasbury T

(2005) New ID-TIMS U-Pb Zircon Ages for the Carboniferous-Permian Boundary Sections of the Southern Urals˜Russia, Kazaskhstan
Schmitz M, Davydov V, Snyder W, Ramezani J & Bowring S

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