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All abstracts by Frank Ramos in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Spatial and Temporal Variations in Mantle Source and Subduction Contributions in the Southern Cascade Arc: Insights from Mafic Magma Geochemistry
Johnson E, Shaffer J, Cole M, Ramos F & Calvert A

(2019) Lead Isotopes and Heavy Metal Concentrations in Galveston Bay, TX
Mulcan Lopez A, Brandon A, Fitzsimmons J & Ramos F

(2019) Recharge and Remobilization of a Messy Crystal Mush Pile: The Bandelier Tuff
Boro J, Wolff J, Neill O, Ramos F & Shea T

(2019) Pushing the Limits of Ra/Th Dating: Applications Using Very few or Single Crystals in Young Volcanic Systems
Ramos F, Wolff J & Buettner J

(2018) Variations in Mantle and Subduction Contributions to Mafic Magmas in the Southern Oregon Cascade Arc
Johnson E, Cole M, Shaffer J & Ramos F

(2015) Age and Petrological Complexities of Young Alkalic Magmas at Changbaishan/Mt. Baekdu Volcano
Ramos F, Heizler M, James G, Buettner J, Wei H & Scott S

(2015) Breeching the Holocene: Advances in Single Crystal 40Ar/39Ar Dating Using the ARGUS VI Mass Spectrometer
Heizler M & Ramos F

(2015) Cumulate Melting as the Origin for Chemical Gradients in Crystal-Poor Bodies of Silicic Magma
Wolff J, Ellis B, Ramos F, Starkel W, Boroughs S, Olin P & Bachmann O

(2013) Evaluating the Role Mafic Crustal Assimilation in the Generation of Western US Continental Basalts
Ramos F, Gladish E, Slater N & Paliewicz C

(2011) Magma Physical Properties Affect Isotope Variations in Volcanic Rocks: The Example of High-T Rhyolites
Wolff J, Ellis B & Ramos F

(2011) Predicting the Character of Future Eruptions: Insights from Single Crystal Analyses
Ramos F, Gill J, Wolff J, Dimond C & Tollstrup D

(2008) Styles of Interaction between Mafic Magma and Continental Crust
Wolff J, Ramos F & Rowe M

(2006) Re-evaluating the mantle structure underlying the southwestern US
Ramos F, Reid M & Sims K

(2005) Open-System Processes and Rhyolites: What Isotope Systems can We Trust, and for What?
Ramos F, Wolff J & Gill J

(2005) Hornblende Andesites/dacites in an Oceanic Arc Setting at Narcondam Volcano, Andaman Sea, S.E. Asia
Streck M, Browning-Craig H, Haldar D, Ramos F & Duncan R

(2005) In situ Sr Isotopes Measured by LA-MC-ICPMS: Utility for the Average Joe
Ramos F & Wolff J

(2002) Cu Isotopes: Tracing Metal Sources in Ore Deposits
Larson PB, Ramos FC, Maher K, Gaspar M, Chang Z & Meinert LD

(2002) Crustal Transport of Flood Basalt Magma: The Record of Crystal Isotopic Zoning
Wolff JA, Ramos FC & Tollstrup DL

(2002) Mantle Sources Generating Recent Volcanism along the Perimeter of the Colorado Plateau
Ramos FC

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