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All abstracts by Elisabetta Rampone in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Experimental Evidence of Fast REE Re-distribution in Mantle Clinopyroxene via Reactive Melt Infiltration
Borghini G, Fumagalli P, Arrigoni F, Klemme S, Rampone E & Tiepolo M

(2023) Origin and Scale of Mantle Heterogeneities: Snapshots from Field-Based Studies and Experimental Works
Borghini G, Fumagalli P & Rampone E

(2021) Peridotite and Pyroxenites from the Mantle-Wedge Underneath the Northern Andes (Mercaderes Area, Colombia)
Notini L, Rampone E, Scambelluri M, Zanetti A, Ferri F & Rodr√≠guez-Vargas A

(2019) Melt-Peridotite Reactions in a Veined Mantle: Pyroxenite-Peridotite Experiments at 2 GPa
Borghini G, Fumagalli P & Rampone E

(2019) The Role of Melt-Rock Reaction in Creating Enriched-Morb Mantle Sources
Rampone E, Borghini G, Class C, Goldstein SL, Cipriani A, Cai Y, Hofmann AW, Zanetti A, Fumagalli P & Godard M

(2013) Meter-Scale Chemical Interaction between Pyroxenite-Derived Melts and Mantle Peridotites in the Northern Apennine Ophiolites (Italy)
Borghini G, Rampone E, Zanetti A, Class C, Cipriani A, Hofmann A, Goldstein S & Godard M

(2013) Melt-Rock Reaction in Oceanic Troctolites (Ligurian Ophiolites, Italy) as Revealed by Trace Element Chemistry of Olivine
Rampone E, Borghini G, Crispini L, Godard M, Ildefonse B & Fumagalli P

(2011) Pyroxenites in Peridotites from External Liguride Ophiolites (Italy): Insights on Small Scale Heterogeneities in MORB Mantle
Borghini G, Rampone E, Zanetti A, Class C, Cipriani A, Hofmann A & Goldstein S

(2009) Subduction-Related Melts in the Alboran Mantle: The Tallante Xenoliths (B. Cordillera, SE Spain)
Rampone E, Vissers RLM, Poggio M, Scambelluri M & Zanetti A

(2009) Geobarometric Constraints to Low-P Evolution of Lithospheric Mantle
Borghini G, Fumagalli P & Rampone E

(2009) Serpentine Dehydration Recorded by Garnet Peridotites and Chlorite Harzburgites from Cima di Gagnone
Scambelluri M, Rampone E & Pettke T

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