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All abstracts by Jennifer Rapp in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Metal-Silicate-Sulfide Partitioning of U, Th, and K: Implications for the Budget of Volatile Elements in Mercury
Habermann M, Boujibar A, Righter K, Danielson L, Rapp J, Righter M, Pando K, Ross D & Andreasen R

(2016) Melting of the Primive Mercurian Mantle, Insights into the Origin of its Surface Composition
Boujibar A, Righter K, Rapp J, Ross D, Pando K, Danielson L & Fontaine E

(2015) Lunar Magma Ocean Crystallization: Constraints from Fractional Crystallization Experiments
Rapp J & Draper D

(2014) Expanding the REE Partitioning Database for Lunar Materials
Rapp J & Draper D

(2014) Investigating Lunar Crustal Melting: Implications for Genesis of Silicic Volcanism on the Moon
Gullikson A, Hagerty J, Reid M, Rapp J & Draper D

(2012) Fractional Crystallization of the Lunar Magma Ocean
Rapp J & Draper D

(2009) Experimental Constraints on HFSE Partitioning and Ti Mobility in Saline Fluids
Rapp J, Klemme S & Scherer E

(2009) High Field Strength Element Mobility in Metamorphic Fluids
Klemme S & Rapp J

(2008) Experimental Constraints on the Behaviour of High Field Strength Elements in Melts and Fluids
Klemme S & Rapp J

(2008) Experimental Studies on Rutile Solubility
Rapp J, Klemme S & Harley S

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