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All abstracts by Steven Reddy in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) The Quest for Primary Magnetisation in Earth’s Oldest Materials
Harrison R, Taylor R, Tang F, Kuppili C, Ball M, Einsle J, Borlina C, Fu R, Weiss B, Rickard W, Saxey D & Reddy S

(2020) Thermally-Induced Shape Maturation of Quartz in Garnet
Cesare B, Parisatto M, Mancini L, Peruzzo L, Franceschi M, Tacchetto T, Reddy S, Spiess R, Nestola F & Marone F

(2017) Isotope Geochemistry Applications of Atom Probe Microscopy
Saxey D, Rickard W, Fougerouse D & Reddy S

(2017) The Behaviour of Monazite at High Temperature and High Stress in the Lower Crust
Clark C, Taylor R, Reddy S & Hand M

(2017) Nanoscale Characterization of Shock Twinning in Zircon by EBSD, TKD, TOF-SIMS, TEM, and Atom Probe
Cavosie AJ, Reddy SM, Rickard WDA, Saxey DW, Fougerouse D & Sharp T

(2017) Nanoscale Trace Element Analysis of Zircon via High Spatial Resolution SIMS in a FIB-SEM
Rickard W, Reddy S, Saxey D, Fougerouse D, Cavosie A & Peterman E

(2017) Characterisation of Nanoscale Pb Mobility and Entrapment in Zircon Using Atom Probe Microscopy
Reddy S, Peterman E, Saxey D, Rickard W, Fougerouse D & Marillo-Sialer E

(2017) Re-Os Geochronology of Sub-Micrometre Meteoritic Alloys Through Atom Probe Microscopy
Daly L, Bland PA, Tessalina S, Saxey DW, Reddy SM, Fougerouse D, Rickard WDA, Forman LV, Trimby PW, Yang L, La Fontaine A, Cairney J, Ringer SP & Schaefer BF

(2017) Application of Atom Probe Microscopy to Nanoscale Os Isotopic Studies
Tessalina S, Daly L, Bland P, Saxey D, Reddy S, Fougerouse D & Rickard W

(2017) Atom Probe Study of Carbonate-Silicate Melts Immiscibility and Implication to REE Distrubution
Vasilyev P, Fougerouse D, Reddy S, Saxey D, Rickard W, Evans K & Yaxley G

(2017) Atom Probe Analysis of Isotopically-Distinct Nanoscale Pb Reservoirs in Witwatersrand Pyrite
Fougerouse D, Reddy S, Kirkland C, Saxey D, Rickard W & Hough R

(2016) Zircon Breaking Badd: Fingerprinting Impact Histories from ZrSiO4 and Zirconia Microstructures
Timms N, Cavosie A, Erickson T, Pearce M, Reddy S, Schmieder M, Tohver E, Zanetti M & Wittmann A

(2016) Stable Isotope Labelling as a Tool to Investigate Mineral-Fluid Interaction
Kilburn M, Fiorentini M, Piazolo S, Rushmer T, Reddy S, Martin L & Jeon H

(2016) Effects of Geodynamic Setting on the Redox State of Fluids Released by Subducted Mantle Lithosphere
Evans K, Reddy S, Tomkins A & Crossley R

(2016) Preservation of Framboidal Pyrite and its Role in Trace Element Transfer in Subduction Zones
Hayes S, Evans K & Reddy S

(2016) Invisible Gold in Arsenopyrite Revealed by Correlated Atom Probe Microscopy, NanoSIMS and Maia Mapping
Fougerouse D, Reddy S, Saxey D, Rickard W, van Riessen A & Micklethwaite S

(2016) Chemical Variation and Deformation of the Upper Mantle Across an OCT
Kaczmarek M-A, Reddy S & Vonlanthen P

(2016) Deciphering Thermal Events in the Capricorn Orogen Using Titanite
Taylor R, Reddy S, Clark C & Johnson S

(2016) Monazite as a Tectonic and Shock Deformation Chronometer – Linking EBSD and U-Pb Analyses
Erickson T, Timms N, Reddy S, Cavosie A, Pearce M, Kirkland C & Tohver E

(2016) In situ Isotopic Analysis of Sulfides in High-Pressure Serpentinites
Crossley R, Evans K, Jeon H, Kilburn M, Roberts M & Reddy S

(2016) Nanoscale Analysis of Zircon Standards by Atom Probe Microscopy
Saxey D, Reddy S, Rickard W, Fougerouse D & Van Riessen A

(2016) Targeting the Timing of Zircon Deformation with Atom Probe and Correlative Microscopy
Reddy SM, Saxey DW, Rickard WDA, Fougerouse D, Taylor RJM & Johnson TE

(2015) Geochronology of ex situ Shocked Zircons: Towards Dating Impacts
Cavosie AJ, Reddy SM, Timms NE, Erickson TM & Pincus MR

(2015) LASS-ICPMS Zircon Geochronology: Comparisons with SHRIMP
Jahn I, Clark C, Reddy S, Taylor R & Kylander-Clark A

(2015) Quantitative Microstructural and Trace Element Geochemical Analysis of a Mineralogically Zoned Vein
Meadows H, Reddy S, Clark C & Taylor R

(2013) Deformation Mechanisms in Martian Shergottites
Kaczmarek M-A, Grange M, Reddy S & Nemchin A

(2013) A Comparison of Shocked Zircon and Quartz from the Reis Impact Structure, Germany
Erickson T, Reddy S, Timms N & Nemchim A

(2013) Microstructural Control on Trace Element Diffusion in Pyrrhotite from Komatiite Hosted Massive Ni Sulphides, Yilgarn Craton
Vukmanovic Z, Reddy S, Godel B, Barnes S, Fiorentini M & Barnes S-J

(2009) Zircon U-Pb Dating of Mylonitization, Macaloge Shear Zone, Mozambique
Bingen B, Henderson I & Reddy S

(2008) 40Ar/39Ar UV Laser Dating, EBSD & EMP Analysis of 1040-940 Ma Metamorphic/Deformation/Cooling Events Recorded in Sibao Orogen White Micas, South China
Wartho J-A, Li Z-X, Occhipinti S & Reddy S

(2008) Zircon U-Pb Age Discordance and Trace Element Alteration due to Deep, Post-Impact Flow; Implications for Planetary Chronology
Moser D, Davis W, Reddy S, Flemming R & Hart R

(2006) Geochemical Modification of Plastically-Deformed Zircon
Reddy S, Timms N & Kinny P

(2006) Relating quantitative microstructure to fluid chemistry in pyrite
Hough R & Reddy S

(2006) Origin and weathering of gold nuggets
Butt C, Hough R, Reddy S & Verrall M

(2006) Deformation-related modification of U and Th in zircon
Timms N, Kinny P & Reddy S

(2001) Systematic Analysis of the Temporal Significance of Porphyroblast-Foliation Relationships in Deformed Rocks
Potts GJ & Reddy SM

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