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All abstracts by Daniele Regis in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Decoupling of U-Pb Zircon and Lu-Hf Garnet Dates during High-Pressure Metamorphism in the Snowbird Tectonic Zone, Northwest Territories, Canada
Thiessen E, Gibson D, Regis D, Pehrsson S & Smit M

(2018) An Integrated Petrochronological and Thermochronological Approach for the Detrital Record
Kellett D, Weller O, Zagorevski A & Regis D

(2017) Decoupling of Zircon Characteristics at HT Conditions (>850℃)
Kunz BE, Regis D & Engi M

(2017) The Effects of Metamorphism on the Preservation of Crystallization and Detrital Ages: A Case Study from the Archean Rae Craton (Canada)
Regis D, Acosta-Gongora P, Davis W, Knox B, Pehrsson S & Martel E

(2015) Tracing Permian Metamorphism in Fragments of Continental Crust Through Rifting, Subduction and Orogenesis
Kunz BE, Manzotti P, von Niederhäusern B, Regis D, Burn M, Giuntoli F & Engi M

(2013) Analysis of Internal Dynamics in a Deep Subduction Channel
Engi M, Regis D & Rubatto D

(2011) Allanite Petrochronology in High-Pressure Rocks
Engi M, Regis D, Darling J, Cenki-Tok B & Rubatto D

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