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All abstracts by Mary Reid in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Magmatism Associated with Slab Foundering and Asthenosphere Upwelling beneath Central Anatolia
Reid M, Cosca M, Maloney P & Schleiffarth WK

(2018) Geochemical and Seismic Insights into Melting Under Central Anatolia
Reid M, Scheiffarth K, Michael C, Jonathan D & Janne B-T

(2015) Thermochemical Diversity of Zircon Crystallizing from the Youngest Toba Tuff, Indonesia
Reid M, Gaither T & Vazquez J

(2014) Investigating Lunar Crustal Melting: Implications for Genesis of Silicic Volcanism on the Moon
Gullikson A, Hagerty J, Reid M, Rapp J & Draper D

(2014) Protracted Crystallization of Bishop Tuff Zircon Revealed by Serial Section U-Pb Dates
Reid M & Schmitt A

(2014) Crystal Cannibalization: Youngest Toba Tuff Remnants Remobilized Through Post-Caldera Lava Domes
Barbee O, Vazquez J, Reid M & Chesner C

(2014) Basalts of the Western Colorado Plateau Margin: Magma Composition and Mantle Processes
England H, Reid M & Blichert-Toft J

(2013) Deep Crustal Melting Revealed by Pb Isotopes and Seismology in the Western US
Bouchet R, Blichert-Toft J, Levander A, Reid M & Albarède F

(2013) The Disparate Crystal Records of the Youngest Toba Tuff, Indonesia
Reid M & Vazquez J

(2011) Melting Conditions Associated with the Colorado Plateau, USA
Reid M, Bouchet R & Blichert-Toft J

(2009) Hf and Th Isotope Considerations for the Origin of Continental Basalts
Reid M & Blichert-Toft J

(2007) In Step with Time: In situ Geochronology Meets Microscale Records of Geologic Processes
Reid M

(2006) Re-evaluating the mantle structure underlying the southwestern US
Ramos F, Reid M & Sims K

(2005) A Mixed Message from U-Series Crystal Ages
Reid M & Cooper K

(2005) On the Enigmatic Basalts of the Eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho
Reid M, Graham D, Cooper L & Lassak T

(2005) Chronologies of Magmatic Evolution from Compositional Zoning in Allanite
Vazquez J & Reid M

(2005) U-Series Crystal Ages in Mt St Helens Lavas, 2000 Ybp-2004 AD
Cooper K, Reid M, Donnelly C & Reagan M

(2005) Dating Compositional Zoning in the Youngest Toba Tuff Magma
Vazquez J & Reid M

(2005) New Isotopic Measurements of Zircon and Feldspar Constrain the Magmatic Evolution at Long Valley Caldera
Simon J, Reid M & Young E

(2005) Pb Isotope Heterogeneity between Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions, Eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho
Cooper L, Reid M & Bryce J

(2004) Dating the Accessory Phase Record of Dynamic Rhyolite Evolution
Reid M & Vazquez J

(2002) Constraining the Timing of Magmatic Evolution in the Youngest Toba Tuff Rhyolite Through Dating of Zoning in Allanite
Vazquez JA & Reid MR

(2002) Crystal Ages as Tracers of Rhyolite Differentiation and Storage
Reid M

(2002) Effects of Rapid Crystallization on 226Ra-230Th Ages
Goldstein S, Cooper K, Reid M, Murrell M & Sims K

(2002) The Bishop Tuff: A Direct Descendant of Glass Mountain Rhyolite? Probably not
Simon J & Reid M

(2001) A Reassessment of 230Th-226Ra Dating of Minerals Based on in situ Ion Microprobe Analyses: Mount St. Helens
Cooper KM, Reid MR & Volpe AM

(2001) “Plumbing” Zircon Inheritance in Young Rhyolites
Reid MR, Azquez JAV & Coath CD

(2000) U-Th Disequilibrium Studies of Historic Potassic Alkali Basalts in NE China
Zou H, Reid M, Liu Y & Yao Y

(2000) Mathematical Modeling of Trace Element Fractionation during Incongruent Dynamic Melting
Zou H & Reid M

(2000) Magma-Chronology: High Silica Rhyolite
Reid MR & Coath CD

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