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All abstracts by Joachim Reitner in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Early Archean Carbonate Factories – Major Carbon Sinks on the Juvenile Earth
Xiang W, Duda J-P, Pack A, Willbold M, Bach W & Reitner J

(2022) Triple Oxygen Isotope Systematics of Early Earth’s Carbonate Record
Surma J, Albrecht N, Jäger O, Zahnow F, Marien C, Xiang W, Reitner J & Pack A

(2020) Molecular Signatures from Kerogens Preserved in 3.42 Ga Microbial Mats (Buck Reef Chert, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa)
Reinhardt M, Thiel V, Drake H, Goetz W & Reitner J

(2019) Steroid Preservation in Hypersaline Microbial Mats
Shen Y, Thiel V, Suarez-Gonzalez P, Rampen S & Reitner J

(2019) Triple Oxygen Isotope Analysis in Carbonates – New Insights from High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Surma J, Albrecht N, Jäger O, Marien CS, Xiang W, Reitner J & Pack A

(2015) Geobiology of an Exceptionally Preserved Archean Microbial Mat Facies (Strelley Pool Formation, Western Australia)
Duda J-P, Thiel V, Ionescu D, Schäfer N, Van Kranendonk M & Reitner J

(2014) High Precision Δ17O Analysis of Cherts – Implications for the Temperature and δ18O of Ancient Oceans
Sengupta S, Pack A, Robert F, Reitner J & Herwatrz D

(2011) Using TOF-SIMS to Study Biomarkers
Thiel V, Blumenberg M, Heim C, Lausmaa J, Leefmann T, Siljeström S, Reitner J & Sjovall P

(2010) Biosignature Analyses of Two Different Types of Granites by Raman Spectroscopy
Schaefer N, Schmidt B & Reitner J

(2010) A Novel in situ Detection Technique of Metabolic Enzymes in Black Sea Methane Seep Microbial Mats
Wrede C, Heller C, Reitner J & Hoppert M

(2010) Microbial Activity in Terrestrial Mud Volcanoes from the Northern Apennines
Hoppert M, Dreier A, Heller C, Kokoschka S, Krukenberg V, Reitner J, Taviani M & Wrede C

(2010) Microbial Ecology of Terrestrial Methane-Emitting Mud Volcanoes in Italy
Heller C, Blumenberg M, Reimer A, Wrede C, Hoppert M, Taviani M & Reitner J

(2009) First Results of Geo- and Biochemical Analyses of Terrestrial Methane-Emittingen Mud Volcanoes in Italy
Heller C, Blumenberg M, Dreier A, Wrede C, Zilla T, Kokoschka S, Heim C, Hoppert M, Taviani M & Reitner J

(2009) Laser Micropyrolysis-GC/MS of Biomarkers in Authigenic Carbonates
Bauermeister J, Volk H, Fuentes D, Gong S, Leefmann T, Hoffmann V-E, Reitner J & Thiel V

(2009) Traces of a Fossil Deep Biosphere in Fracture Fillings of the Äspö Diorite (Sweden)
Heim C, Lausmaa J, Sjövall P, Simon K, Reitner J & Thiel V

(2009) Biosignatures in Authigenic Carbonates from Hydrate Ridge
Leefmann T, Bauermeister J, Kronz A, Liebetrau V, Reitner J & Thiel V

(2004) Sr/Ca Ratios in Caribbean Sclerosponges as Temperature Proxy
Haase-Schramm A, Böhm F, Eisenhauer A, Garbe-Schönberg D, Reitner J & Dullo W

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