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All abstracts by Dieter Rhede in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) First Report on Hawaiian Carbonatites
Rocholl A, Jochum KP, Plessen B, Rhede D, Romer RL & Wirth R

(2015) Raman Spectroscopy on Pressure-Induced Spin Transitions in Garnets
Friedrich A, Winkler B, Morgenroth W, Koch-Mueller M, Rhede D, Ruiz-Fuertes J, Perlov A & Milman V

(2015) Tetrahedrally Coordinated Boron in Synthetic High-Pressure Olenite: Towards Raman Spectroscopy as a Chemical Probe for Tourmaline
Kutzschbach M, Wunder B, Rhede D, Koch-Müller M, Ertl A, Giester G, Heinrich W & Franz G

(2013) Experimental Incorporation of U into Xenotime at 900℃, 500-1000 MPa Utilizing Alkali-Bearing Fluids
Harlov D & Rhede D

(2013) Imaging of Spatial Trace-Element Distribution in Apatite Using Various X-Ray Based and Spectral Analytical Methods
Słaby E, Lisowiec K, Michalak PP, Götze JU, Munnik F, Förster H-J & Rhede D

(2013) New Data on Anisotropy and Composition Dependence of Na/K-Interdiffusion in Alkali Feldspar
Schaeffer A-K, Petrishcheva E, Habler G, Abart R & Rhede D

(2013) The Behaviour of Submicron Inclusions during Host Deformation
Griffiths TA, Habler G, Abart R & Rhede D

(2011) Element Redistribution during Rutile Dissolution and Titanite Precipitation
Lucassen F, Franz G & Rhede D

(2007) Breakdown of Hydrous Ringwoodite to Pyroxene and Fe3+-bearing-Wadsleyite at High P and T and Oxidizing Conditions
Koch-Müller M, Rhede D, Schulz R & Wirth R

(2007) The FE-Empa – Applications for the Sub-Micron Analysis in Geosciences
Rhede D

(2007) Evaluation of Geothermometers for a Zircon-Rutile-Corundum Intergrowth
Seifert W & Rhede D

(2007) Reaction Textures of Allanite in Metagranitoids: A Sub-Micrometer Insight in REE-Mobility
Hahn A, Franz G & Rhede D

(2007) Transport, Interface and Rheological Controls on the Kinetics of Mineral Reactions
Abart R, Milke R, Petrishcheva E, Schmid D, Wirth R & Rhede D

(2004) Heavy Boron Isotope Compositions of Back-Arc Lavas from the Southern Lau-Basin (Valu Fa Ridge)
Rosner M, Rhede D & Erzinger J

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