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All abstracts by Laurent Richard in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) H2-promoted Coevolution of Minerals and C in Ancient and Modern Rocks
Menez B, Andreani M, Sherwood Lollar PB, Pisapia C, Richard L & Schmitt-Kopplin P

(2021) Environmental Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Tantalum and Niobium Around a LCT Pegmatite Deposit of the Rudny Altai, East Kazakhstan
Richard L, Shintassova M & Zhalgasbayeva A

(2019) Occurrence, Composition, and Stability of Hydrocarbons in Deep Crustal Rocks
Kunakbayeva U & Richard L

(2017) Thermodynamic Studies of Water-Rock-Hydrocarbon-Gas Interactions in Petroleum Systems
Richard L, Michel P, Uteyev R, Peters H, Gelin F & Brosse E

(2015) Generation of Condensed Carbon from Serpentinization Fluids
Milesi V, Guyot F, Brunet F, Richard L, Prinzhofer A, Benedetti M & McCollom T

(2015) Can CO2 be Sourced by Mineral Reactions in Deep Sediments?
Brosse E, Bachaud P, Ferrando N, Richard L, Guichet X, Kohler E, Michel A & Gaucher E

(2014) Insights into Hydrocarbon Formation and Preservation in Shales
Ostertag-Henning C & Richard L

(2013) Thermodynamic Analysis of Water-Rock-Hydrocarbon Interactions in Petroleum Systems
Richard L

(2013) Unconventional Generation of Hydrocarbons in Petroleum Basin: The Role of Siderite/Water Interface
Milesi V, Prinzhofer A, Guyot F, Brunet F, Richard L, Dairou J & Benedetti M

(2011) Thermodynamic Consequences of the Injection of CO2-H2S Gas Mixtures in Sulfur-Rich Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
Uteyev R, Richard L, Randi A & Pironon J

(2010) A Group Additivity Approach to Describe the Complexation of Radionuclides by Fulvic Acids in Geochemical Modeling Studies
Richard L, Sabater C, Kiprop A, Pourtier E & Nguyen-Trung C

(2009) A Thermodynamic and Mass Transfer Analysis of Organic/Inorganic Interactions during Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction in Carbonate Reservoirs
Uteyev R, Richard L, Sterpenich J, Clément A & Dessort D

(2009) Methylated Naphthalenes in Sediments and Sedimentary Systems: Revised Thermodynamic Properties Based on a Reconciliation of Geochemical and Calorimetric Data
Michel P & Richard L

(2009) Experimetal Study of the System U(VI) – Organic Compounds – H2O as a Function of pH at 25℃, 0.1MPa
Sabater C, Nguyen-Trung C, Grivé M, Pourtier E, Kiprop A, Richard L & Duro L

(2009) A New Procedure to Synthesize Fulvic and Humic Acids. Determination of their Physico-Chemical Properties Using XRD, LC-APCI-MS, and Optical Spectroscopy
Kiprop A, Ngunyen-Trung C, Pourtier E & Richard L

(2009) Experimental Study of the Ternary System Uranyl(VI) – Synthesized Fulvic Acid – H2O as a Function of pH, Using ESI-MS and Optical Spectroscopies (UV-Visible, ATR-FTIR) at 25℃, 0.1 MPa
Pourtier E, Ngunyen-Trung C, Kiprop AK & Richard L

(2007) A Thermodynamic Model of Uranium Reduction by Organic Matter in the Proterozoic Hydrothermal Systems of Oklo (Gabon)
Richard L & Traoré A

(2007) Hydrothermal Stability of Adenine Under Controlled Fugacities of N2, CO2 and H2
Franiatte M, Richard L, Elie M, Nguyen-Trung C, Perfetti E & LaRowe D

(2006) Physicochemical reactivity of a Ca-montmorillonite in a CO2-H20-NaCl medium
Montes-Hernandez GM, Pironon J, Villieras F, Ruck R & Richard L

(2005) Phase Relations in the System CHO and the Generation of Petroleum in Hydrocarbon Source Rocks
Helgeson H, Schmitt A, Richard L & Dick J

(2004) Thermodynamic and Carbon Isotopic Constraints on the Origin of Unusual Bitumens in the Uranium Deposits of Athabasca (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Richard L & Sangély L

(2002) Thermodynamic Analysis of Pyrobitumen Formation during Thermal Alteration of Crude Oil in Deep Hot Reservoir and Source Rocks
Richard L & Helgeson H

(2002) A Chemical and Thermodynamic Model of Oil Generation in the Earth
Helgeson HC & Richard L

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