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All abstracts by Amy J. V. Riches in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Attrition of Minority Groups in the UK Geochemistry Workforce Across the Academic Career Ladder
Bots P, Maters E, Appiah F, Gagnon J, Bhagwat S, Riches AJV, Little SH, Chi Fru E, Ngwenya B, Lawrence A & Anand [she/her] P

(2023) Is the Geochemistry Academic Work Environment a Potential Barrier to Inclusion and Progression?
Anand [she/her] P, Lawrence A, Little SH, Bots P, Gagnon J, Appiah F, Riches AJV, Maters E, Chi Fru E, Bhagwat S & Ngwenya B

(2021) Under-Representation of Talents Among Awards in Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry
Riches AJV, Pourret O, Ader M, Anand P, Arndt S, Bots P, Dosseto A, Li Z, Marin-Carbonne J, Middleton JL & Ngwenya B

(2021) Constraining Geochemistry’s Community Demographics
Little SH, Labidi J, Riches AJV, Bots P, Anand P, Arndt S, Li Z, Maters EC, Marin-Carbonne J, Chi Fru E, Pourret O, Ngwenya B & Samankassou E

(2020) Investigating Mars’ Recent Surface Habitability via Correlative Petrology and Highly Siderophile Element Systematics in Meteorites
Mari N & Riches AJV

(2020) Revisiting Namibian Magmatism with Rhyolite-Melts and the Magma Chamber Simulator
Antoshechkina P, Riches A, Popov A & Asimow P

(2017) Diogenite Highly-Siderophile-Element Systematics Do Not Provide a Direct Record of the Vestan Mantle
Riches A, Burton K, Nowell G & Ottley C

(2012) Osmium and Oxygen Isotopes in Etendeka Picrites and their Olivines: Mantle Melts and Crustal Interaction
Dale CW, Thompson RN, Pearson DG, Riches AJV & Mattey DP

(2010) Evolution of the Siberian Platform; Constraints from Diamondiferous Xenoliths of Nyurbinskaya
Riches AJV, Liu Y, Day JMD, Spetsius ZV & Taylor LA

(2007) A Reappraisal of the Petrology and Origins of the Lherz Peridotite
Riches A, Rogers N, Charlier B & Bodinier J-L

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