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All abstracts by Rosalind E M Rickaby in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) The Mesozoic Seas Incarnadine: Trace Metal Availability and the Transition from Green to Red Algal Dominance
Rickaby R, Zhang Q, Snow J, Shafiee R, Eggins S & Lu Z

(2017) Coccoliths Coasting Through the Elderfield Curve
Rickaby R, Hermoso M, Lee R & McClelland H

(2017) Investigating Trace Metal Nutrient Co-limitation of Marine Phytoplankton Growth
Eggins S, Zhang Q, Snow J & Rickaby R

(2015) Coccolith Stable Isotopes in Palaeoceanography: Are Culture Data Transferable to the Natural Environment?
Hermoso M, Candelier Y, Minoletti F, Browning T, McClelland H & Rickaby R

(2015) Evidence for 3 Rapid CH4 Release Events during the Last Deglaciation
Omta AW, Lauderdale J, Follows M & Rickaby R

(2015) Calcification in Coccolithophores: A Biogeochemical Study of Polysaccharides from Past to Present
Lee R, Mavridou D, Papadakos G, McClelland H, Walker J, Nudelman F, Heureux A, Hermoso M, Day C & Rickaby R

(2015) Everything is not Spinach: A History of Evolving Carbon Affinity and Isotopic Fractionation in Marine Algal Rubisco
Rickaby R, Heureux A, Eason Hubbard M, Chan I, McClelland H, Young J, Lee R & Hermoso M

(2015) Towards a Unifying Theory for Carbon Isotopic Partitioning in Coccolithophores: Implications for Paleo-Proxies
McClelland H, Hermoso M, Bruggeman J & Rickaby R

(2014) Inherent Characteristics of Sawtooth Cycles can Explain Shifts in Glacial Periodicity
Omta AW, van Voorn G, Rickaby R, Follows M & Kooi B

(2014) On the Potential Role of Marine Calcifiers in Glacial-Interglacial Dynamics
Omta AW, van Voorn G, Rickaby R & Follows M

(2013) Calcification Rate and Carbon-Isotope Fractionation in Coccolithophore Calcite Through Laboratory Culture Experiments
Hermoso M, Minoletti F, Candelier Y, McClelland H, Aloisi G & Rickaby R

(2013) I/Ca Evidence for Upper Ocean Deoxygenation during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Lu Z, Thomas E, Zhou X, Rickaby R & Winguth A

(2013) A History of Inhibition: Thresholds and Echinoderm Mg/Ca
Rickaby R, Vickers M, Jenkyns H, Gale A, Bots P & Shaw S

(2012) From Tectonic Gateways to Diatoms: The Build-Up to Antarctic Glaciation
Egan K, Rickaby R, Hendry K & Halliday A

(2012) Tight Coupling of Life and Metals throughout Evolution
Rickaby R

(2012) Reconstructing Deep-Ocean Nutrients with Paired Cd/Ca and Cd Isotopes in Deep-Sea Corals
Horner TJ, Henderson GM, Rickaby REM & Adkins JF

(2011) Isotopic Fractionation of Cadmium into Calcite
Horner T, Rickaby R & Henderson G

(2010) ╬┤18O and Mg/Ca Temperature in Brazil Margin Foraminifera Species
Perretti A, Rickaby R & Costa K

(2010) I/Ca Ratios in Marine Carbonate as a Palaeo-Redox Proxy during Oceanic Anoxic Events
Lu Z, Jenkyns H & Rickaby R

(2009) Sponge Spicules as Recorders of Deep-Water Silicic Acid
Hendry KR, Georg RB, Rickaby REM, Robinson LF & Halliday AN

(2009) Carbonate Burial, Circulation and CO2 Release at Terminations
Rickaby R & Elderfield H

(2009) Influence of SO4 and Mg/Ca on Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
Bots P, Benning L, Shaw S & Rickaby R

(2009) Organic Matter Diagenesis, Methane Oxidation and their Relation to Ikaite Precipitation in Antarctic Sediments
Lu Z, Pancost R, Aquilina A & Rickaby R

(2009) The Role of the Subtropical Front in Long-Term Modulation of the Glacial Mode of the Climate System
Bard E & Rickaby R

(2008) Perturbing Phytoplankton: A Polar View on Anthropogenic Change
Rickaby R, Hendry K, Young J & Halloran P

(2008) (Zn/Si) Opal as a Paleoproxy: Insight into Southern Ocean Processes
Hendry K & Rickaby REM

(2008) Determination of Differential Vital Effects for Some Neogene Calcareous Nannoplankton Taxa
Hermoso M, Minoletti F, Rickaby REM & Halloran P

(2008) Calcite Growth Orientation and Trace Metal Uptake: Implications for Biomineral Proxies
Payne VE, Rickaby REM, Benning LG & Shaw S

(2007) Deglacial Rearrangement of Carbon and Nutrients in Surface and Intermediate Depth Waters
Rickaby R, Harding D, Bayon G & Hall I

(2006) Blooming Coccolithophores
Rickaby R, Stoll H, Henderiks J, Shaw S & Elderfield H

(2006) Reconstructing North Atlantic Deglacial Ocean Circulation: A High Resolution Trace Metal and Stable Isotope Record
Harding D & Rickaby R

(2006) Algal Constraints on the Cenozoic History of Atmospheric CO2
Henderiks J, Rickaby R & Elderfield H

(2006) Separating the Coccoliths from the Clays and Unlocking New Trace Metal Proxies
Halloran P & Rickaby R

(2006) How do marine carbonate Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca proxies constrain Cenozoic ocean history
Elderfield H, Rickaby R & Henderiks J

(2004) Submicron-Scale Coccolith Chemistry Revealed by NanoSIMS
Rickaby R, Belshaw N, Kilburn M, Taylor A, Grovenor C & Brownlee C

(2002) Coccolith Chemistry Considered
Rickaby R

(2000) Cultural Perspectives on Sr/Ca in Coccolithophorids
Rickaby REM, Schrag DP, Flugge A, Riebesell U & Zondervan I

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