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All abstracts by Jean Riotte in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Minor Impact of Fresh Submarine Groundwater Discharge on Si Budget along Indian Coastline: Inferences from Silicon Isotopes and Ge/Si Ratio
Pullyottum Kavil S, Cardinal D, Riotte J, Chakrabarti R, Sarma V, K.R M, Prunier J & Dapoigny A

(2023) Soil Lithium Isotopic Response to Land-Use in a Dry Tropical Agrosystem (Berambadi, South India)
Mitra A, Misra S, Oliva P, Prunier J, Pradalier H, Jourdan C, Audry S, Ruiz L & Riotte J

(2021) Tracing Weathering and Anthropogenic Controls of Groundwater Geochemical Cycling from Tropical Watershed
Pullyottum Kavil S, Cardinal D, Chakrabarti R, Riotte J, Sarma V, Dapoigny A, Vaury V, Ruiz L, Baud B & Kumar BSK

(2019) Certification of the New Drinking Water Reference Material AQUA-1 (NRC-Cnrc): Preliminary Results for Major and Trace Elements Concentrations and Isotopic Ratios
Yeghicheyan D, Cloquet C, Freydier R, Dumoulin D, Tharaud M, Alleman L, Rousseau T, Seby F, Riotte J, Marquet A, Jeandel C, Causse L, Dumont J, Cordier L, Grinberg P & Mester Z

(2018) Calcium Isotopic (δ44/40Ca) Compositions of Pedogenic Carbonates from South India: Links with Paleo Weathering
Mondal S, Riotte J & Chakrabarti R

(2017) Source Apportionment of Particulate and Dissolved Carbon in the Humid Mountainous Tropical Rivers Through Stable Carbon Isotope Approach
Tripti M, Gurumurthy G, Lambs L, Riotte J & Moussa I

(2017) Geochemical Behaviour and Marine Flux of Barium in the Eastern Coast of the Arabian Sea
Gurumurthy GP, Tripti M, Riotte J & Djouraev I

(2017) Soil Evolution Through Climate Change: Insights from the EPR Dating of Western Ghâts (India) Laterites
Mathian M, Allard T, Fritsch E, Riotte J & Braun J-J

(2017) Controls on Si Isotopic Fractionations in the Forested Tropical Watershed of Mule Hole (Southern India)
Riotte J, Meunier J-D, Zambardi T, Audry S, Barboni D, Anupama K, Prasad S, Chmeleff J, Sekhar M, Poitrasson F & Braun J-J

(2015) Boron Isotopes Fractionation Demonstrate Dominant Biological Control on Dissolved Fluxes at Tropical Watershed (Mule Hole, India)
Noireaux J, Riotte J, Braun J-J, Sekhar M, Mohan Kumar MS & Gaillardet J

(2014) Use of Sr Isotopes as a Tool to Decipher the Soil Weathering Processes in a Tropical River Catchment, Southwestern India
Balakrishna K, Gurumurthy GP, Tripti M, Riotte J, Audry S, Braun JJ & Udayashankar HN

(2014) Particulate Metal Geochemistry of Nethravati Estuary, Southwest Coast of India
Gurumurthy G, Udaya Shankara H, Balakrishna K, Tripti M, Riotte J, Audry S & Braun J-J

(2014) Biogeochemistry of Dissolved and Particulate Trace Elements in a Tropical Estuary, Southwestern India
Tripti M, Balakrishna K, Gurumurthy G, Audry S, Riotte J, Braun J-J & Chadaga M

(2014) How Both Reactive Bedrock Accessory Minerals and Vegetation Affect the Behaviour of REE, U and Th during Silicate Weathering: Mule Hole Watershed, South India
Braun JJ, Riotte J, Battacharya S, Subramanian S, Violette A, Oliva P & Marechal J-C

(2012) Contemporary Saprolite Production Rates and Aggressiveness of Pore Waters: Comparison between Nsimi and Mule Hole Small Experimental Watersheds
Braun JJ, Marechal JC, Riotte J & Sekhar M

(2011) Assessing the Factors Controlling the Temporal Variations of Weathering Fluxes in a Tropical Watershed: Mule-Hole (South India)
Riotte J, Braun J-J, Maréchal JC, Violette A, Deschamps P, Ruiz L, Lagane C, Muddu S, Subramanian S, Kumar C & Audry S

(2009) Coupled Hydrogeological and Geochemical Modelling at Watershed Scale Under Sensitive Tropical Climate
Violette A, Godderis Y, Marechal J-C, Braun J-J, Riotte J & Sekhar M

(2009) Influence of Vegetation on Chemical Fluxes in a Tropical Watershed: Mule Hole, South India
Riotte J, Maréchal J-C, Akerman A, Audry S, Oliva P, Ruiz L, Fraisse F, Pokrovsky O, Lagane C, Muddu S & Braun J-J

(2009) Contemporary Versus Long-Term Weathering Rates in Tropics: Mule Hole, South India
Braun J-J, Descloitres M, Riotte J, Deschamps P, Violette A, Maréchal J-C, Sekhar M, Mohan Kumar MS, Barbiéro L & Subramanian S

(2008) Coupled Hydrological and Geochemical Modelling of a Tropical Watershed
Violette A, Goddéris Y, Maréchal J-C, Riotte J, Braun J-J, Murari V & Parathe HR

(2008) Contribution of Forest Fire Ashes to Weathering Fluxes in the Moole Hole Experimental Watershed (South India)
Akerman A, Audry S, Riotte J, Muddu S, Oliva P, Maréchal J-C, Fraysse F, Pokrovski O, Lagane C & Braun J-J

(2007) Extracting Sequentially Ra, Nd, Pa, Th and U from a Unique Natural Sample, on the Same Column
Pradoux C, Jeandel C, Venchiarutti C, Lacan F, Bourquin M, van Beek P & Riotte J

(2007) Study of Trace Elements Reactivity in Polluted Soils: Measure of Cd, Zn, Cu and Pb Lability by Using DGT and Isotopic Dilution Methods
Sivry Y, Denaix L, Fabrègue M, Riotte J, Zouiten C, Sappin-Didier V & Dupré B

(2007) Dynamic of Pedogenic Carbonates in a Climatic Gradient: The Kabini River Basin, Deccan Plateau, South India
Violette A, Riotte J, Braun J-J, Barbiéro L, Ruiz L, Oliva P, Sekhar M, Mohan Kumar MS, Subramanian S & Dupré B

(2006) Study of Labile Cd pool in contaminated soil using Stable Isotope Analysis, Radioactive Isotope Dilution and Sequential Extraction
Sivry Y, Riotte J, Munoz M, Sappin-Didier V & Dupré B

(2006) Use of Cd and Zn isotopic variations in a sedimentary core to trace anthropogenic contamination
Sivry Y, Dupré B, Sonke J, Viers J, Audry S, Schäfer J, Blanc G & Riotte J

(2005) Chemical and Physical Weathering in the Kabini River Basin, South India
Braun J, Ruiz L, Riotte J, Mohan Kumar MS, Murari V, Sekhar M, Barbiero L, Descloitres M, Bost A & Dupré B

(2005) Modelling the Global Riverine U Fluxes to the Oceans
Riotte J, Goddéris Y, Chabaux F, Munhoven G, François L & Lorenz S

(2004) Sr and U Isotopic Variations in the Water-Soil-Plant System: Example of the Strengbach Watershed
Pierret M, Chabaux F, Huybrecht F, Mergnac L & Riotte J

(2002) Groundwater Contribution to (234U/238U) a.r. of Surface Waters: Mount Cameroon Case
Riotte J & Chabaux F

(2001) Origin of the 234U-238U Fractionation in Surface Waters of Mount Cameroon
Riotte J, Chabaux F, Benedetti M, Dia A, Boulègue J & Gérard M

(2000) U Fluxes of the Himalayan Rivers: Implications for the U Oceanic Budget
Chabaux F, Riotte J, Clauer N & France-Lanord C

(2000) Erosion Processes and Fluxes in the Central Himalaya from Geochemical Constraints
France-Lanord C, Galy A, Gajurel A, Derry L, Evans M, Hurtrez J, Riotte J, Pierson-Wickmann A & Rose E

(2000) Chemical Weathering of Basaltic Lava Flows Suffering Extreme Climatic Conditions: The Water Geochemistry Record
Dia A, Benedetti M, Riotte J, Chabaux F, Boulègue J, Bulourde M, Chauvel C, Gérard M, Deruelle B & Ildefonse P

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